What Are The Best HGH Products That Work

HGH Products

There are many HGH products on the market in the United States and abroad, but only certain ones should be used for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a safe and legal experience. For instance, the licensed doctors at HT Medical Center will only prescribe injectable medications that are top quality and name brand. These have been proven to work through medical studies that have been published in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world.

These injectable top HGH products are:

  • Omnitrope manufactured by Sandoz
  • Saizen created by Merck Serono
  • Genotropin from Pfizer
  • Humatrope produced by Eli Lilly
  • Norditropin from Novo Nordisk

Each is made of a 191 amino acid sequence and is 100 percent pure. These man made formulas are identical replicas of what the body already naturally produces. That is why if prescribed at the correct dosage, the body will not reject them. In other words, taking the right amount of an HGH medication through injections will not create negative side effects, but only balance hormones for pleasant results.

What HGH Products Should Patients Stay Away From

There are also plenty of other human growth hormone products on the market that make great claims of youthfulness and good health, but do not work. These are called:

  • Enhancers
  • Boosters
  • Supplements

These forms are taken orally in the form of pills, powders, pellets, drops and sprays. It is important to understand their makeup and how they work.

These products contain very little actual HGH. When they are swallowed, they are sent to the stomach which is made up of very strong acids. These acids metabolize these “medications” very quickly and there is nothing available to work. So, in essence, these are a great waste of money, time and energy. They can bring people’s hopes up that they will work to eliminate symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency and then they disappoint.

The reason a person would take an HGH product like this is because there is no prescription required for it and the cost is usually not very high. There is no age you need to be and you can take it anytime for any reason. Why? The reason is because they are not potent, useful or true human growth hormone medications.

The only way to get great, true and healthy results for hormone replacement therapy is to use the best HGH products. These are injectable medications that are prescribed by a licensed doctor and medically supervised during a treatment protocol.

How Can A Patient Get A Prescription For Legal HGH Products

In order to get the best HGH products that work, a person must get injectable medications by prescription. Below is a chart that explains how a patient can get a prescription for legal HGH products:

How To Get Real HGH Products: How To Get Injectable HGH
  • Call HT Medical Center for free and speak to a clinical advisor who will give you all the information you will need in order to understand HRT, how it works and who will qualify for treatment.
  • This is the time to ask all of your questions about this kind of therapy and to share your symptoms and goals for therapy.
  • You should gain rapport with your advisor rather quickly. They are trained to understand the problems that those with low GH levels go through. They are kind and compassionate along with being very skilled and knowledgeable about all aspects of HRT and all injectable HGH products.
  • If one decides to continue forward with treatment, they will then need to get tested to see if they are dealing with a GH deficiency. This is the only way they can become a patient of HRT. They must also be over 30 and not a professional athlete.
  • The advisor will set up an appointment for the patient in a local clinic in their home city in order to get blood testing and a physical exam completed by a qualified practitioner.
  • The testing should be quick and easy. When completed, the results will go back to the doctors at HT Medical Center and they will be analyzed with accuracy.
  • This is when a diagnosis will be made of low GH if the blood work shows that growth hormone levels are low.
  • After a diagnosis is made, the doctor can prescribe the correct medications and dosages for the patient. This prescription will stay with the clinic because the best HGH products (injectable HGH) and all supplies will be shipped directly and discreetly to the client from the online clinic.
  • At this point, there is no reason a patient should have to leave their home to partake in therapy. They will self administer their HGH products from home, use the phone to communicate with their advisor and get medical supervision from a licensed doctor in the same way.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Real HGH Products

When a patient is diagnosed with low GH levels, they will get a legal prescription for real HGH products from our doctors. Then they will soon begin to experience remarkable benefits from using the injections correctly, according to their individualized, tailor made treatment plan.

Here is comprehensive list of the benefits that they will receive:

Minimized depression A better ability to heal from wounds
and injuries
Less anxiety Stronger mental acuity
Less moodiness Better concentration
Less irritability Better memory
Less agitation Better focus
Elimination of that foggy feeling Healthier cholesterol levels
Less fatigue Healthier triglyceride levels
Boosting energy A decrease in the risk for heart
related issues like heart attack,
an unhealthy heart beat and stroke
Greater stamina Less risk of developing diabetes
Greater endurance Stronger sexual desire
More vigor The elimination of erectile
Greater vitality Less vaginal dryness
A more overall positive attitude Stronger and longer lasting erections
Better sleeping patterns A faster metabolism
Stronger bone density Loss of excess body fat (especially
around the abdominal area)
Less risk for osteoporosis Gains of lean muscle mass
A stronger immune system Sharper vision
Less instances of colds, the flu or
other sicknesses
Less body pain
Less muscle pain Less joint aches
Better nail growth Healthier hair growth
Not as much balding Stronger skin elasticity
Less noticeable wrinkles Less noticeable crow’s feet
Skin becomes tighter and will sag
Organ growth