What is HGH Therapy?

HGH Therapy Benefits and treatment

What is HGH therapy? The perfect HGH therapy is a combination of the highest quality medications prescribed by a medically supervising licensed physician and healthy lifestyle living habits. Growth hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland in healthy people, but decreases in its production as the years pass. Treatment may become necessary by using HGH by recombinant DNA technology – as opposed to years ago when it was extracted from the human pituitary gland for use in medications. HGH therapy benefits include in part, the stimulation of cell reproduction, organ growth stimulation, strengthening of the immune system, mental acuity, sexual interest, high energy levels and more. GH must be tested within the body to see if therapy is necessary due to depletion. The GH controls the production of insulin-like Growth Factor 1, which is called IGF-1 and this is what gets tested through blood work. It affects the body’s composition in all ways. As growth hormones decrease, so do IGF-1 amounts, so once these levels are low enough to cause issues, this is when patients can get prescribed HGH treatment.

Benefits of HGH Therapy

The benefits of HGH therapy are being talked about by professionals and patients in need all across the country as being so remarkable, that more and more people are turning to HGH therapy to change their lives. Over the years, human growth hormone therapy has become a very unique healing opportunity for both men women who were having GH deficiencies. Many studies have been revealing that legal growth hormone therapy can bring about incredible changes to metabolic and psychological irregularities that come from hormonal imbalances due to aging or from living years without taking care of the body as it should be treated. These issues can be completely eliminated by therapy. What is HGH therapy? Treatment consists of replacing lost GH in the body with injections of bioidentical HGH. Clinical trials have concluded that therapy can lead to the following: 

  • Amplified energy levels
  • Enhanced sexual interest and better erections
  • Elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • Lesser excess body fat
  • Leaner muscle
  • Improved emotional well being and stability with less irritability
  • Improved memory, focus and concentration
  • Stronger bones for better bone density and less risk of developing osteoporosis
  • Reduction in wrinkles as elastin and collagen formation are stimulated and increased
  • More attractive looking skin in appearance, tone and elasticity
  • Stronger cardiac output that helps to lower blood pressure
  • More deep and restful sleep
  • Strength in growth of hair and nails
  • Maintaining of healthy lipid levels for lower cholesterol
  • Sharper vision
  • Improved immunity to ward off sickness
  • Night sweats and hot flashes become more controlled or eliminated

When speaking about the pros and cons of HGH therapy these numerous favorable effects of treatment have been and are still being well research and documented all the time. Pros are undeniable and cons are limited to only those who do not follow their doctor’s orders according to their prescriptions or who do not work with legit HGH clinics and doctors.

How Much Does HGH Therapy Cost?

How much does HGH therapy cost? When a patient is interested in knowing the price of an HGH treatment program, the answer is not a secret; it is just not set in stone to be able to post it on a website with accuracy. HGH therapy price will vary among each person due to several things such as which medications are used, the dosage for HGH therapy that the patient needs and how long a person is using them. Most clients who begin and experience treatment are very aware of the remarkable benefits it brings and they realize that the price is worth every penny. Can a person put a price on gaining quality of life? One tiny vial of HGH medication can bring benefits that a person never could have even expected. Being aware of these advantages will help him or her to overcome any amount that HGH therapy costs and use their money to save their lives. Often we get asked, is HGH therapy covered by insurance? This can definitely help to offset the cost, but the answer will depend upon a couple factors. (1) What insurance company is being used and do they specifically cover HGH treatment and (2) The claims department will want proof that there is a medical need for HGH therapy as declared by a medical doctor. They want to know that medically speaking, a person is suffering with the effects from the depletion of hormones and not wanting the medications for other purposes. The next time one finds themselves worrying about the cost of HGH therapy, they should push that out of their minds and replace those thoughts with the extraordinary benefits they will be receiving from treatment with HGH from a qualified clinic such as HT Medical Center.

Pros and Cons of HGH Therapy

Life can be greatly intensified with amazing adventures and joy when one knows the pros and cons of HGH therapy. First of all, it can easily and truthfully be said that negative side effects from treatment are rare if they occur at all. If they do surface, it is usually because a person has not followed the HGH treatment plan protocol and steered off the path directed by the prescribing doctor. That is why reputable companies give ongoing medical supervision – to make sure that does not happen. The pros are plentiful and cover almost every aspect of a person’s health including the health of the mind and of the body. HGH injections pros are that they can increase:

  • Energy
  • Sleep
  • Sexual libido
  • Hair growth
  • Attractive looking skin
  • Vision
  • Bone density
  • Muscle mass
  • Mood
  • Cardiac functioning
  • Immunity
  • Memory
  • Healing

HGH therapy for women and for men decreases:

  • Blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Cellulite
  • Wrinkles
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Depression and other mental health issues
  • Signs of overall aging

HGH therapy has been changing lives for decades. The reasons listed above make that apparent.

How to Get HGH Therapy for Men

Allow a reputable clinic to test for a true HGH deficiency caused by the aging process and that is how to get HGH therapy for men – or for women – legally and safely. A few of the most popular reasons HGH clinics see men is for their desire to attain boosts in energy, sexual performance endurance, stamina and improved strength, better sports performance and recovery from injury. Once IGF-1 levels are correctly tested by the most qualified professionals and a deficiency is detected, men can get a prescription for exactly what they need to make a difference in their lives. Many times a man will start developing low HGH levels due to their poor lifestyle living (of course along with aging). He may more inclined to having a lot of stress at work or maybe in his personal life. Sexual malfunctioning in a romantic relationship can lead to trouble and low self esteem. Why? Men often pride and measure their self worth, in part according good sexual stamina and performance. Men usually have a desire to have bigger muscles and to be and stronger as well. When HGH levels decrease and these issues arise, confidence levels decrease and depression can set in deeply at times. This is when a very reputable clinic such as HT Medical Center can help.

HGH Therapy For Women

More than ever, females are looking for help with HGH therapy for women due to their depletion in growth hormones being produced in their bodies. This can lead to a plethora of issues that are very common to all and can truly hamper quality of living. HGH, which is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland and the ovaries in women acts on the target cells of the body to produce specific effects; some that are unique to women only and others common to all. One of these effects is the feeling of hot flashes, especially during menopause. The release of growth hormones stimulates sexual drive and fantasies in women and when levels become low – so does libido. Studies have shown that HGH allows the secretion of proinsulins in the liver. This promotes bone and cartilage development which helps slow or eliminate the process of osteoporosis which women can be very prone to developing as they deal with bone loss as they age. This bodily function also burns glucose and excess fat (particularly around the belly, buttocks and hips) and uses it for energy. For both genders, GH also needs to be in normal range to help improve cardiac and lung functioning and supplementation is needed if ranges are below “normal” for each individual.

HGH Therapy Benefits

A healthy mind and body consists of very similar things for most people and HGH therapy benefits can be seen occurring for people of all walks of life and from all parts of the country. They all help people to live long, happy and healthy lives with lots to look forward to with energy and spunk. As HGH therapy becomes more popular as each day passes, people are becoming more familiar with many of the remarkable advantages that they can reap from safe and effective treatment when medically needed. As the pituitary gland produces and releases less and less amounts of GH, people find that their muscles fade, their skin sags, they get easily fatigued, their sexual lives dwindle and their immune systems decrease. The good news is that there are many amazing benefits of HGH therapy that reduce or eliminate the aliments felt and change the attitudes of people who may have thought that life was just not worth it anymore. If a person is looking for an increase in energy and vitality, HGH therapy can provide that along with stronger bones for overall bodily power, healthier skin, nails and growing hair. How does hair grow and skin become tighter? HGH can help promote the strength of connective tissue which can decrease sagging and wrinkles by helping the skin become tighter. HGH helps with cell and connective tissue regeneration. Want to lose weight? HGH therapy can help rid of unwanted belly fat and replace it with energy and lean muscle mass. Improve memory by reaping in the benefits of the release of amino acids that help the brain function better. Overall organ growth will ensue with HRT, too.

Growth Hormone Therapy

It is very important to recognize that although benefits of growth hormone therapy can be achieved with medications alone, even more maximum benefits can come from good healthy habits. These include exercising regularly, keeping to a sensible diet, ceasing all smoking, drinking only moderate amounts of alcohol, getting at least 8 hours of deep sleep per night and keeping stress levels low. In combination, true change can occur in the body and the psyche for a happier and healthier life. For decades, HGH therapy has been giving people back their determination and motivation to succeed in their life’s endeavors and to have healthy relationships and hobbies. When a person feels healthy in all ways, they can radiate these feelings and include others inside their worlds of happiness. GH therapy has helped people to get to a place such as this with top quality medications and the eradication of some serious aging issues.

Dosage for HGH Therapy

Knowing what dosage for HGH therapy is needed can help with the symptoms that interfere in a person’s life as they grow older. However, that dosage amount will be for a doctor to decide after careful consideration of blood tests, physical exam results and knowing a person’s medical history. Having balanced levels of growth hormone is a crucial component of the body’s ability to keep a high metabolism, generate new cell growth, keep energetic and overall to help a person feel young and vibrant; mind and body. We know that HGH decreases with age and can leave one not feeling so lively and excited about life. The good news is that HGH supplements in the form of injections can safely reverse symptoms and give a person a great reason to get up in the morning. As all people are different, so will be the dosages that the doctor will prescribe for them. As a whole; however, it has been said by professionals that HGH should not be administered in large doses, as this could cause the opposite effects desired. Large dosages can increase the pituitary gland and actually speed up the aging process, according to many studies. The way clients usually take HGH medication should be at a high frequency in low doses. According to research, this is the way the body responds best to treatment.

Cost of HGH Therapy

What is the cost of HGH therapy? Many factors will determine the price tag of this kind of remarkable treatment that has saved lives and given people a new outlook on the future. If a patient was to combine doctor’s visits, lab testing, medications costs (depending upon which medications they use, how much and for how long), medical supervision and constant contact with advisors during an approximately 6 months course of treatment, what would the cost be? Then add the money spent on gas for the car, the money lost on time off of work for appointments and the inconvenience of travel time to and from physician’s offices. How much does HGH therapy cost? This will depend upon all these factors; however, if one gets treatment online with a fair, safe and reputable clinic like HT Medical Center, that will take a lot of the cost away! Finding out cost of therapy will have to be done on an individual basis with a doctor who knows a patient’s conditions, symptoms, medical history, their IGF-1 levels, the doctor’s prescribed HGH treatment and medication requirements.