Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Many of us know and have learnt about how hormones are the chemical messengers in the body regulating many vital functions. There are different hormones that work on different areas of the body to keep things running smooth and efficient. Besides wanting to look young, people also have cases of gender identity being confusing and wanting to be the opposite of their gender. In these cases also hormone replacement therapy is vital. For others it’s about ageing and the discomfort that comes with growing older. People want to look young with wrinkle free skin and vitality that is there during their younger years. They turn to hormone replacement for these reasons as well. Another reason to opt for it is during menopause. Many women experience extreme mood swings and lack of interest as their body goes through a phase called menopause. It is when the ovaries stop producing eggs and this affects levels of estrogen and progesterone in the body. By using supplements of these hormones women can overcome the problems that accompany this huge change in their lives.

It is also see that, Hormone replacement therapy is used when people are born with intersex issues. Then early on by using this therapy they can be confirmed as a single gender later on. There are also cases of people who are trans-sexual or transgender who wish to change their sex. One of the initial steps in the process is hormone replacement therapy by which the secondary characteristics of the desired gender are developed. However the primary ones that occurred naturally during puberty will remain, it has to be removed surgically through a process of sexual reassignment or reconstruction of the chest. The process of hormone therapy does not change any individual into male or female. It is a more assistive process which helps a person to accept their body better as it is more in tune with their psychological state of gender. Hormone replacement therapy can be a life changing process and often counseling is necessary initially and later on to help people cope with the new changes they are experiencing through it.

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In order to receive this therapy, people have to be of a certain age. IT may be administered at a young age for babies with intersex issues by the parents through a joint decision; however for people who are past puberty or at adulthood, it is a process that involves numerous differences that they will need to be ready to embrace. Thus preparing someone for the process and enlightening them about exactly what repercussions it entails is one of the most important aspects of hormone replacement therapy. It must be done in a clinical setting by a well qualified professional rather than self administering the drugs. The patient should also have a therapist who has spent ample time with them authorizing the process along with an informed consent form duly signed to start the process. Others who do not want to wait as long may being to self administer doses to themselves, but this can be harmful in the long run without proper supervision and care.

Hormone replacement therapy is administered in various ways. The most common way is through injections.  Testosterone esters are mainly used in the U.S. for this therapy. There are two varieties and individuals may have different levels of tolerance for the drugs and hence it is important to do proper testing before beginning the hormone replacement therapy. There are also shorter acting and longer acting variations of testosterone in the market which must be mixed in the right proportions to achieve the right results in individuals. Multiple simultaneous injections may often be necessary during the process of masculinization and tolerance levels of the drugs are also vital to the therapy being a success. Shorter intervals between dosages administered are recommended in many cases for individuals. In body building as well the dosage of testosterone administered varies drastically from that used in trans-gender cases.  Additionally testosterone, patches, creams and gels are also available in the market. Patches work by slowly diffusing through the skin and have to be replaced regularly. Trans-dermal means of testosterone supplements can cause others to acquire it when in contact and is not as common. Pellets placed under the skin and orally consumable tablets are also means of hormone replacement therapy.