Reference Chart For Average Testosterone Levels In Women

Testosterone levels in women

It makes it much clearer to understand what average testosterone levels in women should be when you can see them in a chart form.

Average Testosterone Levels in Women:

  • Over age 30: Total testosterone: 15 – 70 ng/dL
  • Over age 40: Total testosterone: 12.75 – 63.75 ng/dL
  • Over age 50: Total testosterone: 10.8 – 54.19 ng/dL
  • Over age 60: Total testosterone: 9.21 – 46.06 ng/dL

The numbers listed above are an average and should be used as a general reference only. There are many different testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) clinics in the US and they may each have a slightly different range of what they consider to be appropriate for women by age.

Testosterone, although considered to be primarily a male sex hormone is very important to be present in a small amount in women. Without enough, women will show signs and have symptoms that can be rather unpleasant. Here are some of these symptoms.

A low testosterone level in women can cause sexual symptoms such as:

Loss of sexual libido Vaginal dryness
Lack of interest in sexual activity altogether Inability to fantasize
Inability to reach orgasm  

Below normal testosterone levels in women can cause symptoms that can be physical such as:

Hot flashes Loss of bone mineral density
Night sweats Osteoporosis
Inability to sleep Heart issues
Lack of energy High cholesterol
Lack of vitality Diabetes
Low stamina High triglyceride levels
Low endurance A weak immunity
Slow recovery time after workout Getting sick often
Slow or difficult healing of wounds or injuries Weight gain
Lack of organ growth Muscle loss
  Slow metabolism

Women low testosterone levels can cause symptoms that are emotional and can include:

Irritability Agitation
Mood swings Emotional instability
Anxiety Depression

Low testosterone levels in women can cause mental symptoms including:

Forgetfulness Inability to focus
Loss of memory Inability to concentrate

With these problems can come a loss of relationships, loss of social activities, loss of jobs and more. A person can also lose their self esteem, self confidence and self worth leading to depression. Overall, this can lead to the loss of excitement for life. The bottom line is that it is very important to keep normal testosterone levels in women balanced.

Levels can be measured by getting blood tested. A licensed doctor can read the tests to see if low T is what is causing the woman’s problems. If so, testosterone replacement therapy can be what changes her life. TRT can give her back a reason to exist again and to actually enjoy life.

High, Normal And Low Testosterone Levels In Women

What are considered to be average testosterone levels in women to strive to reach either by natural lifestyle habits or by also adding testosterone replacement therapy?

  • Average high testosterone levels in women are considered to be anything above 70 nl/dL
  • Average normal testosterone levels in women are considered to be anything between 9.21 nl/dL to 70 nl/dL
  • Average low testosterone levels in women are considered to be anything below 9.21 nl/dL

This of course also has to do with age, body composition, health issues and the overall condition of one’s health. The doctors at HT Medical Center are specially trained and licensed to practice TRT and they will make individualized treatment plans for each client based upon her needs. The physician will choose the right medication (for women this is usually a cream and not injections) and the right dosage that will create safe and effective change quickly without any negative side effects.

If negative side effects do occur, the patient is urged to immediately call her clinical advisor to report the issue(s) and to have the doctor adjust the dosage. Doctors will be medically supervising therapy the entire time a person is within our care.