Testosterone Levels: What Are They And How To Check Your Levels

Testosterone Levels

Testosterone levels are how high or low the amount of this hormone is within your body. Levels are extremely important to keep in normal range throughout the years. They will start high and healthy and slowly begin decreasing sometime after the age of 30. This is when symptoms can happen and begin to impede upon quality of life.

So, how do you know if you have low testosterone levels (or low T) that is causing your health issues? How do you check your levels? The only accurate way is through blood testing.

Blood testing is the only way to get an accurate read on T levels in the bloodstream and to determine if they are low enough to possibly qualify for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Other factors that come into play to determine if TRT is right for you are the results from a physical examination, your medical history and any current medical conditions with which you may be dealing.

TRT is only for those over 30, who are otherwise healthy adults. They cannot be athletes or those looking for a weight loss program or a way to increase their sexual drive or ability to perform. Qualified patients will be dealing with weakness, lethargy, low energy, low sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, depression, forgetfulness, loss of memory, balding or other issues dealing with aging.

There is no way around the aging progression, but one does not have to suffer with ailments caused by getting older. TRT has been extremely successful when it is done with the right clinic such as HT Medical Center with:

  • Licensed physicians
  • Skilled clinical advisors
  • Proper testing
  • Top quality medications (Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate, Testosterone Propionate)
  • An education on healthy lifestyle habits
  • Medical supervision

Blood testing is the only way to get an accurate reading on T levels in the bloodstream.

All of these elements need to be in place in order to get safe, legal and effective treatment that will make a very noticeable difference in your life. Never work with a clinic that avoids answering your questions, does not require testing, uses questionable injections, offers any oral medications, does not require a diagnosis of low T by a licensed physician and does not give prescribed injections.

It is very easy – only work with reputable testosterone replacement therapy clinics.

Testosterone Levels: What Levels Do You Have?

Different clinics will have different ranges of testosterone that they will say are normal, low and high. It really depends upon the kind of clientele that they normally see. It is most accurate to know testosterone levels by age and that is how most clinics do it.

Here is a chart to clearly show what testosterone levels should look like by age:

What are normal testosterone levels by age?

  • Men over 30 years old: Total: 219 ng/dL – 1009 ng/dL
  • Men 40 to 50 years old: Total: 201 ng/dL – 993 ng/dL
  • Men 50 to 60 years old: Total: 170 ng/dL – 918 ng/dL
  • Men over 60 years old: Total: 156 ng/dL – 700 ng/dL

What are high testosterone levels by age?

  • Men over 30 years old: Anything over 1009 ng/dL
  • Men 40 to 50 years old: Anything over 993 ng/dL
  • Men 50 to 60 years old: Anything over 918 ng/dL
  • Men over 60 years old: Anything over 700 ng/dL

What are low testosterone levels by age?

  • Men over 30 years old: Anything under 219 ng/dL
  • Men 40 to 50 years old: Anything under 201 ng/dL
  • Men 50 to 60 years old: Anything under 170 ng/dL
  • Men over 60 years old: Anything under 156 ng/dL

Let’s look at it another way. Doctors will usually look at a chart that quickly allows them to see what range a patient’s testosterone levels fall into:

Low, Normal and High Testosterone Levels in Men by Age

Age Normal T Levels Low T Levels High T Levels
Men over 30 Between 219 ng/dL  and 1,009 ng/dL Below 219 ng/dL  Above 1,009 ng/dL
Men over 40 Between 201 ng/dL  and 993 ng/dL Below 201 ng/dL  Above 993 ng/dL
Men over 50 Between 170 ng/dL  and 918 ng/dL Below 170 ng/dL  Above 918 ng/dL
Men over 60 Between 156 ng/dL  and 700 ng/dL Below 156 ng/dL  Above 700 ng/dL

When you check your levels with “HT Medical Center” you will be sure to get a safe and accurate reading. Our clinical advisors will set you up with an appointment at a local clinic in your home city. There, trained experts will take a small amount of your blood to test your testosterone levels. How do they do this?

  • They will put a band around your arm in order to temporarily stop the blood flow in that part to increase the size of the veins
  • The area of testing will be cleaned with an alcohol gauze pad
  • They will insert a sterile needle into a vein and take a small amount of blood
  • They will remove the needle and this is when the band around the arm is removed
  • Pressure will be applied to the area and a bandage will cover it

These results will be sent back to the clinic. There, they will be carefully analyzed by our licensed doctors in order to get a diagnosis of low T. This is when formal testosterone replacement therapy can start and benefits can begin.