HT Medical Center: Top Rated Testosterone Therapy Clinic

Testosterone Therapy Clinic

HT Medical Center is proud to be rated as one of the top testosterone replacement therapy clinics in the US. What makes our clinic so highly regarded and so well received by patients and the medical community? We offer our clients everything that they will need to be successful on a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program. Our customer service is unparalleled and that is something that does not go unnoticed.

When patients work with our professionals, they get undivided attention from our clinical advisors during phone consults. Our first telephone consultation is absolutely free. The purpose of this initial call is to find out about what we have to offer, if a patient can pre-qualify to begin testing, what is involved in testing, to find out why we are considered one of the best testosterone clinics and to get any and all questions about TRT answered. Our goal is to make all prospective patients feel completely comfortable with their decision to move forward to the next step of beginning TRT.

We are also one of the top rated testosterone therapy clinics in the US because of what we offer in general. We have a proven successful track record in helping patients to feel their absolute healthiest and strongest at any age after 30 in the safest way. With only licensed, trained and highly skilled doctors reviewing test results, diagnosing low T, prescribing only the top quality and best medications on the market and medically supervising all patients, we get our clients results. These are results that change their lives in the best possible ways. These are all the things that put us on top.

But there is more…

What Makes A Great Testosterone Therapy Clinic

In general, let us share what makes a great testosterone therapy clinic … well … great. Below is a list of what every low testosterone clinic should offer – and not only for the safety and well being of every single client, but to follow what the law mandates low T clinics should provide.

What makes a great testosterone therapy clinic? What should it offer?

Here are the top 10 answers:

  • A first free initial phone consultation with an expert clinical advisor to answer all questions regarding TRT, what to expect and to share symptoms and goals for therapy.
  • A full testing process involving blood work, a physical examination and a medical history.
  • Clinical advisors who set up a scheduled appointment with a qualified clinic or laboratory within the patient’s hometown for this testing to take place.
  • Fully trained and licensed doctors in endocrinology or a related medical field.
  • Doctors who closely analyze and scrutinize test results in order to determine if testosterone levels are a problem and if a person qualifies as being in otherwise good enough health to partake in TRT.
  • Doctors who diagnose low T and write a prescription for the correct medications and dosages that a person will need in order to create effective change.
  • The use of only top quality, 100 percent pure, bio-identical injectable medications, including Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate.
  • Full medical supervision during the entire process of taking injections throughout the course of therapy.
  • Clinical advisors who are readily available for patient questions or concerns throughout therapy.
  • Clinical advisors who give patients an education on healthy lifestyle living for overall better health and quick results with TRT.

Guidelines To Finding A Reputable Testosterone Therapy Clinic

It is important to understand what to look for in a reputable testosterone clinic. This is why we find it important to offer guidelines to finding a reputable place such as HT Medical Center to get safe and effective results with testosterone replacement therapy.

Guidelines To Finding A Reputable Testosterone Therapy Clinic

  • Look only within the United States when searching for testosterone therapy clinic.
  • Get a recommendation or a referral from a past client of TRT or from another medical professional.
  • If a referral is not possible, you can still do your own due diligence and research online to make sure the clinic you are using is reputable.
  • Make sure the clinic only uses licensed physicians.
  • Make sure the clinic mandates testing, consisting of blood work, a medical history and physical examination.
  • Make sure the clinic only works with those over 30.
  • Make sure that the clinic does not act as a weight loss program. Make sure they will not allow patients to purchase injections solely for weight loss, to enhance sexual desire and abilities or to help with athletic performance. TRT is only for those with a diagnosis of low T.
  • Make sure the medications that are used by the clinic are top quality, such as Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Propionate.
  • Clients must be diagnosed with low T and get a prescription before receiving injectable medications. This diagnosis and prescription can only come from one of the clinic’s licensed doctors.
  • Medications should be shipped directly to the patient’s home or office from the clinic.
  • Medical supervision must be provided throughout the entire therapeutic process.
  • Clinical advisors must be available for phone calls during normal business hours for patients who are in need.
  • Clinical advisors should teach patients how to prepare and self administer injections. They should also offer online videos that share graphic instructions for medication preparation and delivery.
  • Advisors will teach healthy lifestyle habits such as eating properly, exercising, getting enough sleep, keeping stress levels low, keeping alcoholic consumption to a responsible minimum and never smoking.

It is important to feel comfortable with the clinic that you choose and with the advisors who will be helping you throughout the process of TRT. Gaining a rapport within the first initial consultation is imperative. Testosterone replacement therapy is a life altering kind of treatment that will change the course of the rest of your life. This is why choosing the right testosterone clinic is vital.

Since all people are different, one person may find a connection with one clinic in another person with another clinic. Overall, in order to stay on the right side of the law and experience the most effective and safest TRT journey for the best results, one should only use a highly reputable, well known and top rated testosterone clinic such as HT Medical Center.