How to Get Real HGH Injections

How to Get Real HGH Injections

Before giving the answer to how to get real HGH injections, it is especially helpful to know what constitutes ‘real’ HGH. Synthesized human growth hormone, or somatropin, is a 191 amino acid peptide chain molecule in a very exact sequence. Any change in the order or the count means it will not be real HGH. Drugs with names similar to somatropin are not human growth hormone, even if the implication is that they are. One example is the drug somatrem, which is marketed to be HGH, even though it is stated to be a 192 amino acid chain. It has a similar name to somatropin, and only one amino acid off from the somatropin; this means it is HGH, right? Wrong! Any change—any change at all—to the molecular structure of HGH changes the drug. (Somatrem, specifically, has been reported to have rather harsh side effects). Alas, the drugs being marketed online as real human growth hormone may not be real human growth hormone, nor do they contain any real HGH. True human growth hormone must be processed into an injectable solution because of its fragile composition (this means cream, spray, and tablet forms of growth hormone are ineffective substitutes for injections because they are inadequate methods of getting it into the system). “Blue tops” or “generic” HGH injections are manufactured overseas and illegal here in the US, because they do not have to adhere to any code of standards regarding any part of their manufacturing processes, including transparency of ingredients. Real HGH injections for sale online are part of a ‘package’ deal that covers the necessary protocols of blood testing and prescriptions for the acquisition of the medication, patient-specified dosing instructions, and supervision of the treatment plan, plus instructions and instructional material (in written and video form) covering the storage and handling of the medicine, and usage of the injection device that is chosen.

Where To Buy Real Injectable HGH

Signs of aging can show up as early as the mid-20s, beginning with something as minor as prematurely gray hair. While some people consider this a genetic hand-me-down and hide it with hair dye, it can be attributed to adult onset growth hormone deficiency, which can begin the aging process at an earlier age for some people. The growth hormone that is so vital to keeping the body in good shape begins to decline naturally and gradually after puberty, but many other triggers can speed up the process, beginning with unhealthy sleep habits and an unwillingness to exercise. Injectable HGH can restore the body back to its optimal momentum, but the question is where to buy real injectable HGH? There are many internet horror stories of people being scammed out of their money in their attempts to purchase HGH when they unwittingly make an illegal purchase not knowing the legal protocol to follow (resulting in the shipment being seized by the authorities), or cases of people taking medication that ruined rather than helped their health, sometimes even permanently. The best advice to follow is that if a medical condition needs to be treated, it should be done so by (or under the guidance of) a medical specialist. Personal health is too important to endanger it by self-diagnosing and self-treating. There is no truly valid reason to justify this; not cost, not lack of time, or even not a general dislike of doctors. Gambling with personal health is a game with too-high stakes; losing the gamble has the potential to ruin the rest of a life. The best place to buy real HGH injections is through a medical facility staffed with physicians who know growth hormones, with the proper licensing and medicinal background with experience in rejuvenation therapies. Real HGH is a natural medication, plant-derived and indistinguishable from naturally bioavailable GH; the only risks involved are in overuse of the drug. A treatment plan that is medically supervised can catch the earliest signs of over-medicating immediately, when there is time to adjust the dosage and reverse any negative side effects that may have occurred.

Where Can I Buy Real HGH Injections?

Many people query, where can I buy real HGH injections? A facility that has experience with hormone replacement therapy is best. Your own doctor, the one that you may have been seeing since your were a child, is legally authorized to prescribe treatment, but to be able to stay current on the medical information that he or she is bombarded with regularly, is not in a position to afford extra time studying the specialty arenas. The majority of primary care physicians questioned about HGH treatments in a recent study admitted that they would refer patients with possible hormone deficiencies to endocrinologists. While going that route can be effective, it can be time-consuming in multiple doctor visits—this also leaves no room for discretion and privacy if you have to keep explaining the need to go to the doctor’s office or clinic. When privacy is a worry, online shopping comes to mind. Can you buy real HGH injections online? The answer to that is both yes and no. No, it is not possible to go to the biggest online store and order it; nor can you go to the website of a general nutrition or homeopathic store to buy HGH. Human growth hormone medication is regulated by the federal government, and there are legal steps to follow to be able to begin treatment with the drug:

  • It can only be purchased with a valid prescription.
  • The prescription must be assessed by thorough analysis of each individual’s chemical makeup, including a blood evaluation that displays a growth hormone deficiency.
  • Growth hormone somatropin cannot be purchase from overseas pharmaceutical companies; these companies are not regulated by any legal guidelines, and their drug safety and efficacy cannot be verified.

These rules eliminate just about 99% of the businesses selling HGH or HGH products from being valid sources for medication. Since they are not medical establishments anyway, it is wise to avoid them. Medical issues require authorized medical attention. What is left online after those companies are eliminated? The best place to buy real HGH injections: genuine hormone therapy treatment centers, like the nationally known HT Medical Center. So, yes, it is possible to purchase growth hormone online, when it is part of a treatment plan that makes sure all of the legal avenues are followed. If you are serious about treating your growth hormone deficiency the most effective, legal and safest way, call us and ask, where can I buy real HGH injections?

How Can You Buy Real HGH Injections Online?

HT Medical Center has the answer to all of your questions like, how can you buy real HGH injections online? Our intake procedure for prospective patients is done online and over the phone; this allows you to make your inquiries on your own time and allows for a measure of discretion. The only time you will have to set foot in a doctor’s office is to get the legally mandated blood evaluation test and physical examination. Even this will not cause too much of an inconvenience because our clinics are located across the country; wherever you live, we have a clinic nearby. After you’ve completed the medical history form and spoken with one of our specialists, we will give you instructions on obtaining the blood work. The results of your labs and medical history information will be given a thorough study by our physician who will create a prescription plan that is tailored to treat your medical deficiency according to your own body chemistry. The doctor will decide the medication strength, dosage, and determine how long you should be on the medication for maximum effectiveness. You will have input on the branded medication of real HGH injections for sale online chosen as well as options on the injection device. Everyone has different opinions and feelings about giving themselves medication injections. For some people the classic vial and syringe method is acceptable; others may be a bit more squeamish or uncomfortable with self-injection and would prefer a device that hides the needle from sight. There are auto-mechanical options that insert the needle and inject the medicine simultaneously with the push of a button; some devices are disposable, and some are refillable. Some do not require that the medication be refrigerated, and some allow for no-mess reconstitution. Some of the devices are more conveniently portable than others. One patented device is even needle-free and pushes the medication through a tiny hole in the skin. Whatever your preference, there is a device to suit your lifestyle and comfort level. Full prescription information is sent from the doctor directly to the pharmacy, and the medication will be shipped to your home or office address, whichever one you provided. This is how to get real HGH injections. Your physician will monitor the progress of your treatment until it is done. Again, your convenience is fully supported because physician communication will be handled via telephone or email.

How Can I Buy Real Injectable HGH?

I’m not feeling like myself lately. It seems that the older I get the worse I feel. How can I buy real injectable HGH? The use of HGH injections can include many benefits, like:

  • Energy enough to make it through both day and night
  • Increased interest in sex, and ability to perform sexually
  • Healthier looking hair
  • Normalize cholesterol levels
  • Stronger muscles with a leaner, sinewy look to them
  • Stronger bones
  • A positive mental attitude
  • Greater mental acuity
  • Reduction in stress and agitation
  • Better heart health
  • Reversal of osteoporosis
  • Better sleeping
  • Improved joints, easy movements with less pain.

The many benefits of HGH alone should tell you that HGH is a real medication, and any real medication requires a prescription. How can I buy real injectable HGH? Going to a doctor is the best bet. Going to an expert physician at a hormone replacement therapy clinic is an even better bet. The majority of doctors are unable to be up on all of the latest information and procedures regarding growth hormone therapy treatment and because of this some are even reluctant to prescribe it. If they were to prescribe growth hormone medication for you, you would need to make multiple visits back and forth to the doctor’s office for everything including the necessary blood tests and physical exams, instructions on self-injection, as well as regular follow-up appointments during treatment. When you see that HT Medical Center is where to buy real injectable HGH, the time-saving process, convenience of treatment, knowledgeable clinical advisors, and the feeling of comfort derived from knowing you’ve made a solid decision all add to the life-changing benefits received from actual treatment! Ask us about the many thousands of patients we’ve successfully treated across the country. Ask us how many of them were so happy with their treatment that they recommended family, friends, and colleagues to us! Our pride is in our patient satisfaction.

Where Do I Buy Real HGH Growth Hormone Injections?

Step one, how can I buy real injectable HGH? Done. Fill out the contact information on this HT Medical Center website and one of our experts will contact you, discussing your symptoms, and recommending a clinic near you where you can go for the mandatory blood evaluation physical exam. After that you will speak to one of our physicians and discussed the possibility of your receiving treatment through us. The doctor will discuss the different brands we have available for sale, including Norditropin, Humatrope, Omnitrope, and Saizen, as well as the differing devices each brand has for injection methods. Next question: where do I buy real HGH growth hormone injections? Right here. Once you’ve decided which brand and device works best for you, the doctor will write the prescription and send it right off to the pharmacy. Your medication will be shipped directly to the home or office address you supply (it must be a physical address and cannot be a PO Box). The physician will instruct you everything you need to know about the care, handling, and storage of the medication and how to administer your own injections. If, when the medication arrives, you are still uncertain or uncomfortable about giving yourself a shot, call HT Medical Center and our expert advisors will guide you through it.

How to Get Prescription for Real HGH Injections

In a nutshell, here’s how to get a prescription for real HGH injections:

  • Get an appointment to see your doctor
  • Make an appointment to get a blood lab and physical exam
  • Make another appointment to go back and see the doctor to discuss results and medication options, if needed
  • Go to pharmacy and wait for prescription
  • Make another appointment to go back to the doctor’s office for instructions for use. While there, make future appointments for follow-up exams


  • Call our medical facility
  • Schedule an appointment to get the necessary blood test and physical exam
  • Wait for a call from our physician who will discuss treatment options, write the prescription and send it to the pharmacy
  • Go home and wait for medication to arrive.

It’s easy to see that the HT Medical Center way makes how to get a prescription for real HGH injections easy, without multiple trips to the doctor’s office. Knowing too, that the medicines we offer are the best available, and that we have years of expertise, based on hands-on experience and continued research and development in the field, along with keeping abreast of all new findings and studies involving hormone replacement therapy.