HGH Injections Cost: Average Monthly Expense

HGH Injections Cost

The perceived high cost of human growth hormone therapy often turns people away too soon. For some, this occurs long before they do enough research to find out that HGH is affordable. Yes, the HGH injections cost is not cheap, but nor does it have to break the bank.

A person can expect to pay in the hundreds of dollars each month for HGH therapy. Some may even opt for brands that can cost thousands of dollars. Is that necessary to achieve superior results? No, the question is whether you prefer to buy a Ferrari instead of a Honda. Both are excellent products that will get you from point A to point B – one just conjures up flashier images.

The same concept applies to HGH injections. You can pay more than twice as much for Genotropin then you would for Omnitrope. However, the results will be the same.

Why, then, do some people pay the higher HGH hormone injection cost for Genotropin or some of the other more expensive brands?

It is the same reason why they buy designer clothes – they want the most recognized brand names. That is why HT Medical Center makes it possible for people with varied budgets to get HGH therapy. We provide something for everyone – those looking to save money as well as those who want the utmost convenience when cost is not a factor.

What Factors Determine HGH Injections Cost?

Numerous factors go into determining the cost of HGH injections. Any change along the way of just one of these factors can influence the price of treatment.

Evaluating HGH blood levels is the first step, and requires blood testing of IGF-1 and other hormone levels. A physical examination will also assess overall health and provide information used in the dosage determination.

Hormone specialists calculate the dosage of human growth hormone necessary to bring the body back to a state of balance. The prescribed amount of HGH is a pivotal part of determining HGH injections cost.

Here are the factors that determine the price of HGH injection treatment:

  • Prescribed HGH dosage
  • Frequency of treatment
  • Duration of treatment
  • Brand of HGH
  • Style of HGH injections

When looking to purchase low-cost HGH injections, always stay with the industry standard vials. HGH vials contain lyophilized, or freeze-dried HGH powder ready to combine with the provided bacteriostatic solution.

You will always pay more for convenience, and HGH injector pens and single-dose prefilled syringes cost the most.

Why Do HGH Injections Cost More Than HGH Supplements?

You will also find advertised an entirely different set of prices for HGH supplements. Do not confuse these products with real HGH injections. They are not the same.

When asking how much HGH injections cost, you are talking about real, pharmaceutical grade human growth hormones.

If you are looking at much lower prices, often less than $100 a month, this is not real HGH.

How do you know if a product contains real human growth hormones?

Here are the telltale signs that a product is not real HGH:

  • It can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription
  • It comes in a form other than an injection such as pills, drops, sprays, lotions, patches
  • The label says it boosts or stimulates production of HGH in the body, or that it is an HGH releaser
  • You can buy it over the counter at a store or directly off internet websites

HGH supplements do not directly increase HGH levels as they are not human growth hormones. Their stated purpose (often in small print) is to stimulate the body’s production of HGH. While this is an excellent concept for someone not yet dealing with severe growth hormone deficiency, these products have undergone testing that shows they do not work.

What will work as an HGH booster is sermorelin injections that go straight into the bloodstream to the pituitary gland. Since the cost of sermorelin is also considerably less than HGH, it is an excellent alternative for some people. Just remember, if you have numerous symptoms of growth hormone deficiency, you may require HGH therapy.

How much do HGH injections cost if purchased overseas?

Online companies overseas may offer lower prices than in the US, but the quality is often questionable. We often hear about counterfeited HGH coming from foreign countries. Some companies ship expired, diluted, and substituted medications. It is not worth the health risk to save a few dollars.

HT Medical Center can help you lower your human growth hormone injections cost by eliminating specialist office visits. We conduct all consultations by telephone and provide superior brands of HGH injections at affordable prices. Contact us today for a free consultation.