What Is the Cost of Estrogen Therapy?

Cost of Estrogen Therapy

Estrogen therapy costs are as varied as the many available types of treatment. Some of the variables in the cost of estrogen therapy include the purpose of treatment and prescribed dosage.

Insurance is another factor in determining the cost of hormone treatment. A woman with insurance may pay only a small copay of $5 to $50 a month depending on the type and brand of estrogen.

Without insurance, average costs of estrogen replacement range between $10 and $500.

Some estrogen medications come in a generic form which can help save money.

Options for estrogen replacement therapy cost depend on why a person is seeking treatment.

For example, a woman whose only symptoms of menopause have to do with vaginal and urinary concerns will receive some form of vaginal estrogen.

Here is what to expect from the cost of estrogen therapy for vaginal options:

  • The vaginal rings Femring and Estring are at the highest end of the price scale
  • Vaginal tablets Vagifem and Estrace cream are the lowest in cost
  • Premarin Cream is two to three times the cost of Estrace

Topical treatments such as Estroge, Divigel, Estrasorb, and Evamist are moderately low in price, as are many of the skin patches.

Why Are There Different Costs of Estrogen Therapy?

Medication costs fluctuate as drug manufacturers and pharmacies adjust their prices. Websites such as GoodRx publish the recent cost of estrogen replacement therapy in local areas. Coupons, discounts, and other offers may help lower overall cost.

The fact that there are so many different treatment options for people needing estrogen therapy makes it hard to provide an accurate price on this page. Dosages of prescribed treatment can also affect the final estrogen therapy cost.

The cost of estrogen injections will also be different from other options due to the once a month treatment. There is also more to the overall price besides just paying for the medication. You will need a physical examination and blood tests which will also add to the total cost of treatment.

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