Low testosterone treatment

Low testosterone treatment Treatment for low testosterone can have a significant impact on the sex lives of men and women suffering with this issue. However, beyond the bedroom, testosterone is also tied to:
  • Heart Health
  • Bone Health
  • Metabolism
  • Emotional Health
  • Longevity
It is normal for a man’s testosterone level to be anywhere from 300 to 900 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL), however, it is important to measure both the total serum testosterone and the free testosterone in any blood test. While the total amount might fall within this recommended range, it is the free testosterone which is the most important. This is the amount of the hormone which is available in the body at any given time. If this number is low, then you will likely be experiencing negative symptoms of low testosterone.

Procedure for low testosterone treatment

Getting a blood test and a physical exam is the first step in the procedure for low testosterone treatment. Even though your testosterone levels might fall within the range mentioned above, the doctors at HT Medical Center recognize that each person is an individual. In order to evaluate the unique issues you might be facing, an extensive medical history questionnaire is required. This complete package of information provides a comprehensive picture of the hormonal health of each of our clients. The optimum low testosterone treatment procedure will focus on providing relief from their negative symptoms and restoring good health, sexual fulfillment, and an uplifted outlook and moods.

Free consultation

The best low testosterone treatment is one that is made up of medications and dosages needed by each specific patient. Consultations with HT Medical Center are always free. It is important to be sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered prior to beginning a course of hormone replacement therapy with testosterone or any other hormone. The testosterone therapy doctors and medical advisors at our clinics have extensive experience with both compounded and name brand treatment options. Many of them are also patients and can relate first-hand changes they’ve seen in their lives. Finding the best treatment for low testosterone has never been easier.

Creating the treatment plan

Based on the review of the blood tests, physical exam and medical history, our doctor will create a treatment plan containing testosterone injections or testosterone cream. Usually, cream is prescribed for women who have much lower needs than their male counterpart. For men, doctor prescribed testosterone injections may be name brand Depo® Testosterone or a generic equivalent. At times, men need a specific dosage which can be compounded by our specialty pharmacy. Each of these prescriptions will have a different low testosterone treatment cost. The price of your therapy program will depend upon many different factors. Discuss this question in detail with your medical advisor for a quote based on your exact circumstances.

Patient care after the treatment of low testosterone

During the treatment of low testosterone, our doctors and your own medical advisors will follow up on your progress. After taking the medication for a time period, you may be asked to have additional blood tests. It may be recommended that you continue care with your general practitioner for any conditions which were uncovered during our testing process.

Benefits and Risks of Low Testosterone Treatment

The best low testosterone treatment is the one where you feel your best in the shortest period of time. This program of therapy comes with its own set of benefits and risks. Consider these carefully before making any decisions. If you have questions about how this may apply in your particular case, be sure to discuss them with your medical advisor.
Benefits Risks
Increase in energy and stamina Acne or breakouts
Improved sex drive and performance Sleep apnea
Weight loss and muscle gain Blood clots or stroke
Healthier heart functions Breast tenderness or enlargement
Improved metabolic functions Moodiness
Stronger and denser bones Upset bowels
Greater longevity Redness at injection site
Aids in blood sugar control
While the side effects or risks mentioned above are rare, they are worth mentioning and should be watched for. If any of these occur, contact our office or a qualified medical professional at once. The benefits of being treated for low testosterone are nothing short of life altering. With abundant energy and a positive outlook on life, both men and women find a restored quality of living they haven’t experienced in ages, sometimes even in decades.