Testosterone Kits for Sale in the US

Testosterone Kits for Sale

There is more than enough information on the internet for people to try and self-diagnose low testosterone and search for websites offering testosterone kits for sale.

Stop right there!

Do not click the word “buy” on any website that will sell you a testosterone kit before you read the information provided here.

Testosterone is a controlled substance. It is a medication used to treat a condition called low testosterone. It is impossible to diagnose Low T without first running a series of blood tests that measure a variety of different hormone and other blood levels in the body.

You see, the symptoms associated with Low T are also the same as those of growth hormone deficiency and other medical issues. Self-diagnosis and treatment could lead you down the wrong path, and increasing testosterone levels too high in the body can cause infertility, testicular shrinkage, depression, prostate growth, male breast enlargement, and other serious concerns.

When looking to get testosterone kits for sale, US residents need to go about the process safely and legally. That means contacting a legitimate hormone replacement clinic for diagnosis and treatment options.

Buying testosterone online without a doctor’s prescription can lead to the receipt of a dangerous and counterfeited product that can cause serious bodily and health harm. An illegal purchase of testosterone may also result in prosecution.

What Does a Testosterone Kit Contain?

Men who require testosterone replacement therapy for the treatment of Low T will receive a complete testosterone kit that contains all of the supplies they need. Some companies send only the testosterone medication, and, if the price seems too good to be true, this may be why. The buyer is then left to his own devices to search for the syringes, needles, Sharps container, and alcohol swabs necessary to proceed with the testosterone injections.

Complete testosterone kits for sale, such as the ones provided by HT Medical Center, contain the following supplies:

Vial of testosterone – either cypionate or enanthate
Needles for withdrawing testosterone into syringe
Needles for injecting testosterone into the body
Alcohol wipes
Sharps container
Optional supplies you might find in your kit based on doctor’s prescription:
Anastrazole – aromatase blocker to prevent estrogen conversion
HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin for Leydig cell stimulation during treatment
Clomiphene – for testosterone production stimulation after treatment

Your clinical advisor should always go over all aspects of the testosterone kit with you before purchase and upon receipt so that you know what you are getting and why and how it is to be used.

Where to Get Real Testosterone Kits

Purchasing testosterone kits for sale in the US online is certainly tempting. The thought of not wasting time in a doctor’s office is pleasing, especially for busy men or those who do not want to run the risk of other people seeing where they are going and that they need treatment for Low T.

We get it, privacy is important. That is why HT Medical Center offers confidential consultation by telephone to men, as well as women who believe that some form of hormonal decline or imbalance is getting in the way of daily life or affecting their health.

While the diagnostic requirements of blood testing and physical examination are the same for everyone, whether at a local clinic or with a national hormone center such as ours, the way of going about the process is different.

  1. We will arrange for a blood test appointment at a local lab
  2. You can visit any doctor of your choosing for the exam – even a walk-in clinic
  3. All forms and health questionnaires are here on our website for private and easy completion
  4. All consultations are by phone – no office visits required
  5. Medications, including all supplies, are sent directly to you from a licensed US pharmacy – no standing in line with others at the neighborhood drugstore

For additional information about testosterone kits for sale that provide you with everything you need to put an end to Low T, contact HT Medical Center today for a complimentary, confidential consultation with a hormone specialist.