What Are The Steps To Get A Tev-Tropin Prescription?

Tev-Tropin Prescription

All patients who wish to get a Tev-Tropin prescription must follow specific steps to qualify to legally, safely and effectively use this medication. Once a person becomes a patient of TRT with us, they will also receive an individualized treatment plan outlining exactly what they specifically need to do to use the injections properly for their needs.

Here is an outline of the three steps of how to get Tev-Tropin prescription:

  • Step 1.

Create a list of questions that you have about HRT, what is necessary to qualify for treatment, how to get a prescription for Tev-Tropin and anything else that you want to know about the process or how to begin it.

Call the HRT clinic of your choice for a first free consultation with an expert clinical advisor.

All prospective patients must be over 30 years old in order to speak with an expert clinical advisor about how they can become part of a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program. This first consultation consists of:

  • Discussing your symptoms
  • Discussing your goals for therapy
  • Asking questions about HRT
  • Asking questions about the steps to get Tev-Tropin prescription
  • Inquiring about what is involved in the testing process
  • Your clinical advisor explaining a full therapy program to you
  • You deciding if HRT is right for you or not

There is a lot discussed in this first consultation between patient and clinical advisor. It is one of the most important steps because this is when you will decide if you will proceed with the steps to get a prescription for Tev-Tropin or another HRT medication. You advisor will be courteous, kind, compassionate, understanding and knowledgeable. You are advised to be as open as possible during this phone conversation. It is the time for you to learn about yourself and HRT.

  • Step 2.

Testing: You will need to participate in:

  • A blood test (we will make your appointment for you at a local clinic in your hometown or as close as possible)
  • A physical exam (see your own physician and fill out an informed consent form to have them send us your results)
  • A self reported medical history form (found online on our website)

By this point, you will be sent to a local LabCorp clinic (the closest one to your home). This is where you will receive a blood test to check your hormone levels. Your clinical advisor will set this appointment up for you for your convenience. It is your responsibility to show up for the appointment and get your blood test taken. The clinic will send your results directly to us.

You will be asked to see your own doctor for a physical exam. The results from that exam will be sent to the clinic for review by the doctors here (along with your blood work). You will fill out an informed consent form which allows your doctor’s office to send your medical information to us.

You will find a medical history form on our website to fill out to the best of your ability. It is most important to be as honest as possible with the information that you share, as that is the way we can help you the best. It will inquire about your current and past medical history and your familial medical history.

After our doctors receive all of your medical information, they will analyze it. They are looking to determine at this point if you have a hormone deficiency or not. They also need to know that you are an otherwise healthy adult who is not dealing with any major issues or illnesses that can be the cause of your symptoms. If everything checks out well, you will move onto the next step of the process of getting a Tev-Tropin prescription.

  • Step 3:
    • You will receive a diagnosis of a hormone deficiency
    • You will receive a prescription for Tev-Tropin from the doctor
    • You will receive an individually created, tailor made treatment plan for your needs

This is the time when you must fully commit to your hormone replacement therapy program. When you start to take your injections, you must do so responsibly and by following your Tev-Tropin prescription and treatment plan exactly as they are written. You cannot take your injections when you want to or on your own schedule. For a safe and effective HRT program to work well, you must follow instructions exactly as they are given to you.

Our doctors take their time in diagnosing you, prescribing Tev-Tropin for you at just the right dosage and creating the perfect treatment plan for you. The treatment plan will give you the best frequency of usage and other important things you must do during therapy. If you want the best results from your Tev-Tropin prescription to increase and balance your growth hormones safely and effectively, you must follow your doctor’s directives for the entire therapy process.

If you believe that a prescription for Tev-Tropin can help you with your low hormone deficiency, contact us to find out how to receive one. You will first get tested to make sure that your symptoms are being caused by a growth hormone deficiency and if you have one, we are the ones to call.

You can fill out our online CONTACT FORM for the easiest way to get in touch with us. Get your questions ready for your first phone consultation and keep them handy so that you can find out everything you want and need to know about HRT and about getting a prescription for Tev-Tropin.