How To Use Tev-Tropin Injections: A Step By Step Guide

How to Use Tev-Tropin Injections

Before you can even begin the Tev-Tropin administration process, you need to follow these outlined steps below. We have developed a how to use Tev-Tropin injections guide to fully explain everything you need to know about how to use Tev-Tropin injections.

We will explain how to:

  • Take inventory of your medication and supplies when they  are shipped to you
  • Reconstitute (mix) your injections
  • Prepare your injection site and deliver your medication

Step One: Take Inventory Of Your Medication And Supplies

Take inventory of your medication and supplies when you receive them via shipment. Lay them out on a clean, sterile surface. Included in your HGH kit, you should have:

  • Vials of medication (vials come in 5 mg and 10 mg dosages)
  • Bacteriostatic water and other solution as a diluent and for storage
  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Alcohol pads
  • Cotton balls or gauze pads
  • Bandages
  • Sharps container

Pay close attention to your medication vials. You need to look very closely at the labels to make sure that you have the right amount of medication that was prescribed to you. Since the medication comes in 5 mg and 10 mg vials, make sure that you have the right one that was prescribed for you. In addition, make sure you have the correct solution to reconstitute the medication.

Check the expiration date on the vials and lastly, if you notice that any vials have been previously opened or tampered with, do not use them. These are easy steps to follow for the first part ofTev-Tropin how to use.

Step Two: Reconstitute (Mix) Your Medication

Reconstitution:  Clinics may differ slightly in the way they have patients reconstitute their medications.

  • Hold the vials between your hands until you heat them to room temperature. Another option is keeping them in the dark for about 30 minutes.
  • Open both vials (the medication should be a sterile, white, lyophilized powder and the other vial should be the completely clear liquid diluent that should not contain any particles). Some experts say it is best to allow a bit of oxygen to get into the vial of liquid before beginning.
  • Wipe both rubber stoppers with alcohol pads from one side to the other to remove any possible bacteria from the surfaces.
  • Open a sterile needle and syringe.
  • Pull the liquid out of the vial with a needle and syringe. Gently push the liquid into the powder by allowing it to drip down the side of the vial that you hold at a 45 degree angle. Do not push the liquid into the powder vial directly.
  • Once all of the diluent is in the powder, throw away the empty vial and the needle and syringe in your sharps container.
  • Place the vial with the medication into the refrigerator where it will mix by itself. Some clinics have their patients roll the vial between their fingers to mix. Do not shake the vial.

Once the medication is in the refrigerator, it can be kept for approximately 20 to 25 days and then discarded.

Step Three: Prepare Your Injection Site And Deliver Your Medication

The Tev-Tropin administration process is simple. Just follow the steps outlined below for delivery of Tev-Tropin through subcutaneous injection:

  • Using warm soap and water thoroughly wash your hands and use a freshly washed towel to dry them.
  • Decide where you will inject your medication. The most popular spot is on the stomach, approximately one or two inches from the belly button. Remember to alternate spots for each injection to avoid irritation by using the same area twice in a row.
  • Clean the area with an alcohol pad by moving the pad in a circular motion from the inside to the outside of the area. This will push bacteria away.
  • Place the needle into the rubber stopper on the vial of reconstituted solution. Pull back on the syringe and take the exact amount of medication that was prescribed for you into the syringe.
  • Pinch your injection site with your fingers. With the other hand put the needle into the skin at a 45 degree angle. Patients are often advised to hold the needle like a pencil.
  • Pull back on the plunger (making sure no blood comes out) and then push the plunger in removing all of the solution from the syringe into your body.
  • When the syringe is completely empty (getting your dosage accurate is essential), pull it out and cover the area with a cotton ball or a gauze pad and a bandage.

All used materials should be thrown away in your sharps container and you have completed the entire process. You can get more information on our Tev-Tropin guide how to use the medication by contacting us either via phone or via our online contact form.

We have extremely helpful, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable experts who will answer all of your questions and ease any concerns you may have about how to use Tev-Tropin injections. Our advisors will even stay on the phone with our patients to assist them with their shots.