What Does HGH Do For Men

What does HGH do for men? HGH or human growth hormone is a bio-identical, 191 amino acid sequence that is man made specifically to replace the missing growth hormone (GH) in the body that is necessary for a man’s overall optimal health and well-being.

What Does HGH Do For Men

As a man grows older, he will start losing his GH and testosterone as the natural progression of life takes place. In other words, with age, hormones deplete naturally.

Luckily, a man does not have to suffer with the elements that go along with the aging process. As long as growth hormones are balanced within the body properly with a licensed doctor’s prescription for the correct HGH medication and dosage, a man can enjoy great health and happiness well into his golden years.

HGH injections can:

increase low energy levels strengthen skin elasticity, help to
minimize the appearance of wrinkles
and sagging skin
increased stamina and endurance improve the immune system
eliminate erectile dysfunction help with healing
increase sperm count help keep sickness away
increase the strength and duration of
body, joint and muscle aches and pains
improve memory lower high cholesterol levels
improve concentration and focus lower high triglyceride levels
help with weight loss help to keep the heart healthy
help with gaining lean muscle mass help hair to grow and improve the
thickness and texture of hair
help with recovery from workouts help organs to grow
minimize the risk for heart attack, stroke
or diabetes
minimize depression
strengthen bone mineral density minimize anxiety
help to keep bones from breaking or
eliminate that foggy feeling
help to avoid osteoporosis help decrease irritability, agitation, and
mood swings
help to improve sleep help to stabilize emotions
regenerate cells and tissues reduce balding and thinning hair

HGH injections as prescribed by a licensed doctor can work wonders for a man who is suffering with low GH levels. It can increase his self esteem as he becomes more confident in his overall appearance, his sexual functioning and the way he produces work on the job. HRT can help save intimate relationships, social relationships and can give life back to someone who was suffering due to hormonal depletion.

What Does HGH Do For Women

What does HGH do for women? Just as men lose their growth hormones with age, so do women. It is vital to keep a balanced level of this vital hormone in women in order to keep a youthful appearance and to feel strong and healthy.

What Does HGH Do For Women

A comprehensive list of benefits has been shared above. All of these same benefits apply for women as well, respectively. Women can also enjoy the benefits of less vaginal dryness and increased sexual libido. Since women are more susceptible to osteoporosis and brittle bones, HGH injections certainly help to strengthen bone mineral density and lower the risk of developing this disease.

Women should learn about the side effects of HGH for the simple purpose of being educated. Negative side effects are extraordinarily rare when dealing with a reputable and honest clinic such as HT Medical Center. However, again, understanding what they are is important just in case something does happen out of the ordinary.

Just to be clear, men should educate themselves as well to the following possible side effects of injectable HGH:

nausea stomach cramps
vomiting rash
hives moodiness
acne paranoia
headaches depression
dizziness anxiety
swelling of hands, feet, legs, ankles, face
or mouth
changes in skin color swelling of breast tissue in both men
and women
blurred vision persistent erections in men
shortness of breath a decrease in the size of testicles in men
slurred speech painful urination
inability to speak dark colored urine or stool
fruity smelling breath blood in urine or stool
bleeding gums numbness
dry mouth a tingly feeling
inability to sleep  

Once again, these side effects are extremely rare when working with a clinic that has only licensed doctors who diagnose, prescribe and provide medical supervision. These doctors also create individualized treatment plans that advisors make sure to keep on top of with their clients.

If any problems should arise, a client is advised to immediately call the clinic to discuss any issues. The clinic should also only use the best, top quality medications such as Genotropin, Saizen, Omnitrope, Humatrope or Norditropin. When these are prescribed at the correct dosage, the body should accept them freely and symptoms of low GH should disappear.

How To Start HGH Therapy

To begin HGH therapy, both men and women are invited to make that first free phone call to HT Medical Center. All patients must begin with an initial consultation and this call and time with an expert advisor is free of charge. This is where prospective patients will discuss their symptoms, what they expect to gain from therapy and they can ask all their questions regarding what to expect during an HRT protocol.

When working with HT Medical Center, patients will find that our clinical advisors are exceptionally skilled and compassionate towards the needs of those dealing with GH deficiencies. In most instances, immediate rapport is established between the prospective client and the advisor.

From this first step of an initial consultation, both the patient and the advisor will decide whether or not the client will continue on to the second phase of an HRT program. The second phase involves testing.