Testosterone Replacement Therapy Treatment For Women

Testosterone for women

Although the hormone testosterone is considered to be the main driving force behind a man’s health, women also need it in order for their health to be optimal as well. When a woman experiences low T as confirmed by the correct testing, there is treatment available for her. It is called testosterone replacement therapy treatment for women.

A woman’s ovaries produce small amounts of testosterone to help to keep them healthy in emotional, mental, physical and sexual ways, just like the hormone does for men when it is produced in their testes. Levels will start to deplete usually after the age of 30. This is when symptoms can begin occurring and reducing quality of life for a woman. However, there is a safe and effective treatment that is offered by many clinics to help replace and balance testosterone levels. One of the best centers in the USA for this kind of treatment is HT Medical Center.

With testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), males will get injections, but females will be prescribed a cream. The reason for this is because doctors can control smaller doses this way. There is no injection for women at this time that is safe or legal.

What Does Testosterone Do For Women?

Testosterone for women has many benefits. It helps women to:

Have a stronger sexual drive
Have better sexual satisfaction
Increase the ability to have orgasms
Reduce debilitating hot flashes
Have sexual fantasies
Reduce many of the unpleasant symptoms of menopause
Decrease depressive symptoms
Decrease anxiety
Decrease irritability
Lose weight
Improve memory
Help with concentration
Help with ability to better focus
Increase bone mineral density
Improve quality of skin elasticity
Improve skin texture (softer and more subtle skin)
Reduce wrinkles
Improve energy and strength
Improve endurance
Improve stamina
Improve heart health
Assist with better sleeping patterns

When testosterone levels in females drop due to the natural process of aging, a woman can feel terrible issues happening that can greatly impact her life. This is a great time to look into hormone replacement therapy and TRT.

The right blood testing can determine what hormone levels are low. Once a woman calls HT Medical Center for help, she will receive a free initial consultation to discuss her problems. She will learn about the different programs offered at the clinic and she will learn why testosterone is so important for women.

We have just listed many of the reasons women need this important hormone above. Reasons include how it improves sexual desire, sexual libido, sexual enjoyment and strength and frequency of orgasms. It helps with weight loss, better skin texture and elasticity. It improves strength, energy, sleeping patterns, endurance, stamina, heart health, the severity of hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms and helps with mental cognition including lessening forgetfulness, memory loss and increasing focus and concentration.

During the first consultation is the time for the patient to ask all of her questions to the clinical advisor who is an expert in this field. Advisors are completely transparent and will be as open and honest as possible with every client. It is our goal to not only help a woman to feel comfortable with the idea of going through TRT if it is necessary, but to also teach her about the process and to help her through the program itself.

So, we know that how to start TRT for women at “HT Medical Center” is to make that first call to our advisors. A discussion will occur regarding what is involved with therapy and the next step will be: testing.

Testing is one of the most important parts of the therapeutic process because it is the only way to find out if TRT is possible for the client. It will be how doctors discover if the person is dealing with low T or not. In addition, it is a legal requirement of all TRT clinics. Testing consists of:

  • Blood sampling
  • A physical exam
  • A medical history

Advisors will help clients by setting up this appointment in a local clinic in the patient’s home city anywhere in the US. The client has to attend this face to face appointment outside of their home only one time. All other aspects of therapy will done from the person’s residence where they feel safe, comfortable and where it is most convenient for them.

Advisors will be there to help with all parts of testosterone treatment for women. This includes technical assistance as well as moral support for the woman as she goes through therapy.