Definition: What Is Human Growth Hormone

What Is Human Growth Hormone

What is HGH? HGH is short for human growth hormone, which is also known as Somatropin.

It is a man made 191 amino acid sequence that is shaped in a very specific size and form. The molecule is a peptide hormone that can be created very carefully in very controlled laboratories.

HGH is an exact replica of what the human body already produces; called growth hormone (GH). The body naturally produces GH as a single polypeptide chain that is stored, synthesized and secreted by the pituitary gland. This gland is located at the base of the brain in the hypothalamus.

What is HGH hormone?

HGH hormone is a man made, growth hormone substance that is identical to the body’s natural GH. In its vial, it is extremely sensitive to light, temperature and movement. Once it is created, vials of the medication must remain in a safe place and handled with care. There are specific instructions that are given to patients who are prescribed these medications. Patients are given individualized treatment plans with their prescriptions for HGH.

What Is Growth Hormone Responsible For Doing

Growth hormone is responsible for keeping the mind and the body healthy and strong. It gives people energy, vigor, vitality, a strong sex drive, great memory, a healthy physique, fast metabolism, bone growth, good concentration and a good ability to sleep. It helps keep cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels in check and helps to keep the heart healthy and strong.

GH helps the cells and tissues of the body to regenerate and replenish and it helps the immune system to stay strong for faster healing. It helps keep a person strong, it keeps depression and anxiety away and plays a part in good emotional stability.

What’s HGH?

We shared that HGH is human growth hormone that is created by man to replicate the growth hormone that the body naturally makes. When the body’s natural growth hormone depletes due to aging, a doctor can prescribe HGH (the man made form of the very same hormone) via injection to add to the system and keep negative symptoms from becoming bothersome.

The body needs growth hormone to stimulate growth, development, cell regeneration and cell reproduction and restoration. When the body lacks the right amount of GH, this is when problems can occur.

HGH injections can keep issues from happening and help a person to feel energized, happy and healthy well into their Golden years. The effectiveness of HGH has been proven time and time again from medical studies. These studies have been published in some of the world’s most prominent medical journals.

What Is HGH Used For: What Are The Benefits Of HGH

What Is HGH used for? HGH that is prescribed by HT Medical Center is used to replace the GH that has depleted in a patient as they grow older. It is prescribed by injection only and supplements, enhancers or boosters will never be suggested, as they do not work. Medications must be injected subcutaneously in order to reach the blood stream where they will take effect quickly.

When the very vital hormone GH depletes, patients will begin to see and feel the signs of aging. This can happen any time after the age of 30.

Symptoms can be very mild and not bothersome, but they can also be extremely severe and limit a person’s life. Both men and women need this hormone to be balanced at just the right levels within their blood streams in order to have their bodies and minds function at optimal performance. This is possible with the kind of therapy that is called hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

HRT is simply taking human growth hormone medication via injection according the prescription that gets written. There are steps to take to get a prescription for HGH; however. Not just anyone can purchase this medication.

HGH is not sold over the counter and requires testing to get a prescription for it. Medical supervision is required once a person is taking it. It must be prescribed by a licensed doctor of endocrinology (or a related medical field) and be monitored carefully while the patient is on a tailor made treatment plan.

The benefits are very apparent once a patient is on a solid HRT program with a clinic like HT Medical Center. Patients here are very well cared for and advisors are always available via telephone. Within the first week, clients will begin to feel more energetic and vibrant.

Then all the other benefits such as:

  • vigor
  • weight loss
  • a heightened sexual libido and performance
  • muscle gain
  • a younger looking appearance
  • less depression
  • less anxiety
  • better concentration and memory
  • stronger bones
  • a stronger immune system

and more will follow.