Understand The Benefits Of HGH Before And After

HGH before and after

The following chart will show how a person feels when they have a growth hormone deficiency and how they feel after they participate in a doctor prescribed HRT program with HT Medical Center. In other words, after reading the following, you will understand the benefits of HGH before and after therapy.

Before HGH After HGH
Lethargy Bursting energy
No sex drive Great sexual libido
Erectile dysfunction Stronger and longer lasting erections
Low sperm count High sperm count
Infertility The ability to procreate
Weak done density Stronger bones and less breaks and fractures
Weak immunity Easily able to fight sickness and to heal quickly
Danger of developing osteoporosis Less risk for developing osteoporosis
Loss of memory Better memory
Lack of concentration and focus Better ability to concentrate and focus
Weak skin elasticity Tighter skin and less wrinkles and sagging skin
High cholesterol levels Cholesterol levels in normal range
High triglyceride levels Triglyceride levels in normal range
Risk for heart related issues Less danger of stroke or heart attack
High blood sugar Less danger for developing diabetes
Disturbed and poor sleep Great, restful, deep sleep at night
Thinning hair and balding Stronger and thicker growing hair
Weak nails Strong nails that grow
Haggard looking skin Smoother looking skin
Poor regeneration of cells and tissues Greater and faster restoration of cells and tissues
Depression A lift of depression with hope for the future
Anxiety and stress A more calm feeling
Irritability and mood swings A more stable emotional state
A foggy head A clear head with stronger mental acuity
Unsightly weight gain Weight loss and a more attractive physique
Loss of muscle mass More added lean muscle
Slower metabolism Faster metabolism
Organ shrinkage Organ growth
Low self confidence and self esteem High self worth and a more positive attitude

HGH Results: Before And After Results of HGH Therapy

The HGH results before and after that are listed above have been proven to be true and real. Many medical trials and studies have been performed out of major universities and medical institutions that publish these facts in medical journals. This kind of research cannot be debated. HRT with the correct HGH injections can make a difference.

For instance, one study done by Rudman and published in the New England Journal of Medicine shared that the participants in the study had a decrease in their adipose fat tissue at a rate of 14.4 percent. They also gained muscle mass at a rate of 8.8 percent. They had an increase of 1.6 percent in their bone density and the thickness of their skin increased by 7.1 percent.

These were subjects that were over 60. They were definitely fighting the symptoms of low GH levels due to aging and HGH medications for a period of six months helped substantially as shown in the numbers. The differences before and after HGH treatment cannot be denied.

Another study was completed and published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. It proved that six months of receiving HGH injections improved body composition, including an increase in lean muscle mass and an increase in bone mineral density. The study was a randomized, placebo controlled, double blind study of HRT in adults with a growth hormone deficiency. The subjects were given standardized psychometric tests before and after HGH was given for the study.

See HGH Before And After Pictures

Seeing actual HGH before and after pictures is often helpful to show that HGH injections really do work and can help to inspire you to participate in such a sought after kind of treatment. People have lost weight in great amounts due to taking their prescribed injections and also by removing bad habits from their lifestyle and replacing them with good ones.

The photo below shows how much weight can be lost around the abdominal area to fit into pants of a much smaller size. This can only occur after committing to an HRT program fully and following your prescription along with eating, exercising and sleeping well.

For an example, eating well is healthy all around. Removing refined sugars and too much saturated fatty foods from the diet will help one to lose weight. Replace these foods with healthy fruits and vegetables instead. Berries are exceptionally healthy and rich in anti-oxidants. In addition, garlic has been called a superfood due to its incredible nutritious elements. Red peppers are also full of nutrition that helps to keep the body healthy and strong.

Continue to find superfoods to replace candies, cakes, sodas and any foods that contain refined sugars that have no nutritious value at all. You will find that you will not only lose weight by removing these terrible food choices, but that you will also suffer with less depression, anxiety and mood swings.

Partaking in strenuous exercising enough days per week will also help to speed up the process of getting your body into shape. Working out by weight training can help to build muscle faster. For an example: Doing a smaller number of repetitions with heavier weights can help with muscle gain. It works larger muscle groups and helps to build strength and endurance faster too. More than showing HGH before and after pics of unhealthy people versus healthy people and foods, we wanted to enlighten you with what to strive for. We all know what unhealthy looks like. Now it is time to make that change and improve your life by combining hormone replacement therapy with healthy lifestyle habits.