Ways To Naturally And Safely Increase Testosterone

Increase Testosterone

There are plenty of ways to naturally and safely increase testosterone levels when they are getting too low. These ways include increasing one’s vitamin D levels, strength training, losing weight, partaking in high intensity exercise, consuming plenty of zinc, greatly limiting or completely eliminating sugar intake, reducing stress, eating healthy fats and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). These are all different ways to help the body produce its own testosterone, but they must become habits that are practiced daily.

Creating a routine for a healthy lifestyle is important if one wants to increase low T and feel stronger and healthier. Sometimes it is necessary to become a part of a TRT program in order to get testosterone levels where they need to be, but healthy habits should still be practiced to help quicken the process, to help keep testosterone levels up as long into the future as possible and to maintain overall good health for the entire mind and body.

8 Healthy Habits To Naturally Increase Low T

Here are what the professionals say are the top eight ways to keep healthy while increasing testosterone levels at the same time:

  1. increasing one’s vitamin D levels
  2. strength training
  3. losing weight
  4. partaking in high intensity exercise
  5. consuming plenty of zinc
  6. limiting or completely eliminating sugar intake
  7. reducing stress
  8. eating healthy fats
  9. testosterone replacement therapy
  • Increase Vitamin D Levels

An adequate intake of Vitamin D has been proven in research studies to increase levels of testosterone, while at the same time, increasing sexual libido. This is considered to be a hormone that helps with the creation of the sperm cell nucleus. This means that the vitamin can maintain good quality and quantity of sperm count and semen. Vitamin D can be gotten from the sun, but it is also important to remember that only limited time in direct sunlight is healthy and one needs to protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun.

In recent years, the experts started to recommend that a healthy amount of vitamin D intake is 50-70 ng/ml. This was raised from years back.

Safe sun exposure is best to get enough of this vitamin, but an oral vitamin D3 supplement is another option at approximately 8,000 IU’s per day. Specialists say that this is the amount that will raise levels to 40 ng/ml. This is the minimum amount needed to prevent disease.

  • Strength Training

Very intense strength training has been known to increase testosterone levels. What this means is that while exercising, the person should lower the number or repetitions being lifted, lift slowly and increase the amount of weight that is being lifted. It is also important to do exercises (such as squats and dead lifts) that will work on a several muscles at the same time.

  • Losing Weight

Being at a healthy weight is extremely important for overall health, but it also will help to raise testosterone levels. During a presentation at the Endocrine Society’s 2012 meeting, it was stated that men who were overweight, had lower levels of testosterone. When they shed the excess fat, their low T levels increased.

  • High Intensity Exercise

High intensity workouts have proven to increase testosterone levels. This means working out extremely rigorously for a short period of time, rather than longer less intense exercising (such as aerobics). Remember that both kinds of exercise are healthy, but the former will be the type that increases low T.

  • Consume Plenty of Zinc

Getting enough of the mineral zinc in one’s diet is so important for increasing testosterone levels. This mineral can be gotten through diet or oral supplements. Of course, HT Medical Center always suggests diet over supplements, but just getting enough is important. Research has shown that restricting zinc decreases testosterone while supplementing it to get the minimal recommended amount, increases it.

Zinc can be found in foods such as meats, fish, raw cheese and milk, beans and yogurt. It is also suggested not to overcook foods, as this depletes the nutrients. If a zinc supplement is used, the recommended dose from the experts is under 40 mg per day.

  • Decrease or Completely Eliminate Sugar Intake

Decreasing the amount of refined sugars that one eats is imperative for increasing testosterone levels. These kinds of sugars (such as fructose in soda, fruit juices and processed foods) should be eliminated from one’s diet, or at the very least greatly restricted.  The experts say that this kind of sugar should be limited to less than 25 grams per day.

  • Reduce Your Amount of Daily Stress

Stress is never healthy for the mind or for the body. Stress will release a hormone called cortisol which has been said to inhibit the effects of testosterone. This will suppress sexual desire, the ability to get or maintain and erection (erectile dysfunction) and reduce sperm count. To avoid this from occurring, one should learn stress reduction techniques and time management skills. These can include meditation, deep breathing, yoga, exercise and learning relaxation strategies that can be unique to each individual.

  • Consume Healthy Fats Daily

Healthy fats are usually considered to be omega 3 fatty acids. These can be found in foods like fish. In addition, all three kinds of fats, monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats (found in nuts) and a small amount of saturated fats are important to help create testosterone.

Experts have found that when a person has a diet that consists of less than 40 percent of energy that comes from fat, this will decrease their testosterone levels. They also say that adults should have a diet that consists of approximately an average of 60 percent fat. These fats; however, must come from the right sources and not from refined sugar, carbs or grains. Some examples of good fats come from avocados, coconuts, coconut oil, olive oil, olives and raw nuts (almonds and pecans).

  • Testosterone replacement therapy

Along with all the above mentioned healthy lifestyle habits, testosterone replacement therapy can quickly, safely and effectively increase low T. This is when it is done with a reputable, honest and professional clinic such as HT Medical Center. When the most specialized licensed doctors, expert clinical advisors, top quality medications, the right testing and medical supervision take place, a person can find themselves healthier than they have been in years with testosterone levels in “normal” range for their age and other factors.