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HGH for Men: The Benefits that Come with Age

Males are as susceptible to changing hormone levels as females – with HGH and testosterone being the two most commonly discussed. Human growth hormone deficiency can impact a man physically, emotionally, and mentally. Low HGH levels can lead to reduced productivity, poor health, impaired physical performance, and early aging. The use of HGH for men over thirty can have life-changing benefits. The older you get, the lower your HGH levels become, by age thirty, most people have started to undergo a gradual decline in growth hormone production. The decrease is so slow that it often takes a decade or two before any changes are noticeable. Our hormone doctors prescribe HGH for older men who no longer feel in control of their “game.” What does that mean? The answer can fall into one or more categories, such as:
  • Not being able to keep up physical activity to the level of one’s earlier years
  • Undergoing physical aging of the skin, hair, and body tone
  • Losing mental acuity resulting in impaired productivity
  • Experiencing frequent or longer-lasting illness
  • Trouble in the bedroom – low sex drive or erectile dysfunction
  • Feeling depressed or dealing with other changes in emotional state
These are just some of the reasons getting HGH for men for sale may be beneficial for you if you are over thirty years of age.
HGH for men is beneficial when growth hormone deficiency begins to impact any areas of your life.

Why Do Men Need HGH?

Although the pituitary gland decreases growth hormone production as you age, your body still needs this vital chemical. Without enough HGH, you may suffer from a sluggish metabolism, impaired brain functions, shrinking internal organs, weakened immunity, and many other issues. HGH treatment for men is essential to maintain healthy cellular regeneration that is crucial for protecting the structural integrity of the following:
  • Muscles
  • Hair
  • Bones
  • Nails
  • Skin
  • Internal organs
Each of these areas may suffer when growth hormone production declines. The best HGH for men dealing with growth hormone deficiency is HGH injections. It is the only true form of bioidentical HGH available for sale. HT Medical Center cautions against the use of “homeopathic” types of HGH as they are a waste of money. Besides, you need that valuable time to give your body the HGH it requires for proper functioning. Doctor-prescribed HGH for men provides the growth hormones men need for optimum heart health, metabolism, brain support, and immunity.
Men need HGH to maintain heart, brain, metabolic, cellular, and immune health.

Benefits of HGH for Men at Every Age

In a man’s teens, HGH helps fuel pubertal growth. During the next decade, HGH provides the necessary focus, drive, and energy to start one’s career and family life. By the time a male enters his thirties, his life begins to level off, and growth hormone production is on the decline. It is not until later, in the 40s, 50s, and even 60s for some men that changes may begin to occur. Those most at risk for growth hormone deficiency symptoms are men who lead relatively sedentary lifestyles. Getting enough sleep and adequate exercise and nutrition can help protect HGH production. The use of HGH for men over 40 who start to experience early signs of aging is critical to a healthy future. If growth hormone deficiency begins to impact you this early in life, imagine the effect it will have in another ten or twenty years. The benefits of HGH for men over 50 are essential to understand. At this time, a male may begin to suffer from erectile problems, forgetfulness, and decreased drive. Being in your 50s is not old by today’s standards. Many people continue working well into their seventies. You want to maintain your focus and edge so that younger adults do not pass you by on your way up the corporate ladder. Finally, the importance of HGH for men over 60 can never be downplayed. Even if you are retired, you still have an active future ahead of you. Perhaps you have always wanted to travel the world. That is difficult to do if you suffer from stiffness, joint pains, and poor health due to GH deficiency. No matter your reason for wanting to stay fit, active, and healthy, human growth hormone is the chemical messenger your body needs at any age.
HGH is the chemical messenger your body needs at any age to help you stay fit, active, and healthy.

Why Older Men Need HGH

We have already touched on many of the reasons why you need HGH for men as you age. Often called the body’s “master hormone,” the influence of HGH can be felt by every cell. Here are some of the many HGH benefits for men that are essential to your well-being as you age:
  • Cell regeneration to maintain:
    • Strong bones to protect against fractures and osteoporosis
    • Proper muscle tone for strength and to support the bones
    • Internal organ size for healthy organ functions
    • Collagen and elastin production to maintain skin integrity and appearance
    • Hair and nail growth
  • Metabolic support for protecting against obesity and type 2 diabetes:
    • Processing of food into fuel for energy
    • Lipolysis – fat burning
    • Glucose uptake
    • Insulin sensitivity
  • Immune system support:
    • Production of B cells and T cells to fight infectious microorganisms
    • Reducing frequency of infections, viruses, and illnesses
    • Shortening illness recovery time
    • Speeding healing from cuts and injuries
  • Brain support to help protect against dementia:
    • Sharper focus
    • Faster memory recall
    • Improved learning capabilities
    • Better cognitive functions
    • Increased drive
    • Happier mood
    • Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Libido support also helps improve fertility:
    • Better sex drive
    • Return of morning erections
    • Stronger, longer-lasting erections
    • Improved pleasure and orgasm intensity
    • Stimulates testosterone production crucial for spermatogenesis
  • Heart health support to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and atherosclerosis:
    • Lower LDL and total cholesterol
    • Normalization of blood pressure
    • Improved cardiac capacity and output
    • Better circulation
These are only some of the many ways that HGH is beneficial for men as they age.

How to Get HGH for Men

Getting HGH therapy for men begins with picking up your telephone and calling HT Medical Center for a confidential consultation at no charge. You can find out if you may be a candidate for HGH therapy without ever leaving your home. If it is possible that changing hormone levels may be impacting your life, you will then visit a local laboratory early one morning right after opening to have a sample of your blood collected for analysis. Fasting is essential before this blood test to get an accurate reading. A physical examination with a local doctor is also necessary to endure you are a viable candidate for HGH therapy. We also want to make certain that no medical conditions are standing in the way of you receiving the treatment you need. For more information about how to get HGH for men, complete the form on this page or call us at (954) 587-4410 today.
Our simplified diagnostic process begins with a free consultation with a medical advisor at our hormone clinic.