Pros and Cons of HGH Injections

Pros and Cons of HGH Injections

There has been a great debate over the pros and cons of HGH injections in the medical world of using bio identical growth hormones to replace what the body has naturally lost, once this has been confirmed by a blood test in a medical lab. Medical scientists do agree on the variety of ways growth hormone maintains the body systems, however, there are a few holdouts on the benefits of growth hormone injections. For general practitioners who may be on the fence about the value of treatment, this can be largely attributed to a lack of time to study the large body of research. It comes down to a simple theory: the body needs human growth hormones (not just for linear growth, but for maintenance of vital organs and bodily functions); production of growth hormone starts to decline after puberty and then more consistently with each passing year (there are other forces behind the decline such as improper sleeping habits, not eating properly, and lack of exercise); bio identical hormone replacement therapy gives the body back the balance of hormones that it had when it was fully functioning at its best.

Positive Effects Of HGH Injections

One of the positive effects of HGH injections is the impact it has on sleeping patterns. Human growth hormone promotes more consistent sleeping habits and encourages longer periods of sleep without waking up. What makes this vital to good health is the fact that it is during the slow wave sleep, or deepest periods of sleep, the body is at work producing the largest amounts of bio available growth hormone then than during any other period of the day. This is why getting a good night’s sleep has such an impact on the morning. The body wakes up feeling restored, because it has been. Every day that that continues, when the body has been given a chance to recharge overnight, every night, the body’s defenses become stronger in all areas: the immune system functions as it should, the bones and muscles stay strong, and daily stresses and aggravations are able to be swatted away quickly. With the positive effects of HGH injections, specifically with the added bonus of being able to get the necessary amounts of sleep, every day is a day to start fresh instead of carrying the backlog of tiredness, aches, and negative feelings into each successive day. The more these negative feelings and ailments carry over into each new day, the sicker the body gets.

Side Effects Of HGH Injections

All prescription medications carry some sort of side effects, especially since they are synthetic and to some degree the body will reject them as foreign substances. Because human growth hormone is bio identical (created from plants to be an exact duplicate of the bioavailable growth hormone molecule) is considered natural. There are virtually no side effects with proper use of the medication. However, in some cases there can be, side effects of HGH injections with the exception of a few cases of irritation around the injection site (which can be eliminated by rotating sites of injection) the majority of any side effects of human growth hormone tend to happen when the dosage amount is too high, and this can be reversed and corrected immediately with the doctors adjustment of the dosage. Even tests conducted on HGH has shown that it takes too high a dose to cause any side effects. When tested at one hundred times the normal dose the side effects can then become serious. It is for this reason that no reputable HRT clinic, including HT Medical Center, will prescribe human growth hormone to anyone looking to take it for non-medicinal purposes, specifically for people looking to use it for some form of athletic or sporting enhancement, like bodybuilders and professional sports players. HT Medical Center only prescribes hormone replacement therapy two people with a verifiable hormone deficiency. It is in that type of use (over use) that side effects of HGH injections occur.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Growth Hormone Injections?

People ask, what are the pros and cons of growth hormone injections? The list is definitely lopsided, tilted in favor of the pros:

  • Heart rate becomes healthier
  • Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are regulated
  • The bone density is strengthened
  • Muscle mass increases
  • Excess body fat disappears
  • Mood improves
  • Memory becomes sharper
  • The mind becomes clear and more able to focus
  • Energy levels increased dramatically
  • Interest in sex increases, sexual stamina improves
  • Skin regains its elasticity, appearing firmer with less wrinkles
  • Hair looks healthier, fuller (even regrowth is noticed)
  • Mystery body aches and pains disappear
  • Joints feel stronger and movement is more fluid.

As for the negative aspects, there really aren’t that many. Side effects caused by growth hormone injections are little to nothing. Occasional redness at the injection site, which can be eliminated with constant rotation of injection sites to prevent skin sensitivity. The proven majority of side effects with human growth hormone tend to happen in cases of overuse, or the dosage being too high. When treatment is monitored by a physician, the situation is easily rectified with the physician’s adjustment of the dose. Aside from that, the worst is a daily needle injection. What are the pros and cons of growth hormone injections? Pros? Good health. Cons? A pinch on the skin.

What Kind Of HGH Injections Is Better To Take?

People often questioned, what kind of HGH is better to take? As long as the medication is manufactured by one of the major companies in the field that follow to the letter the strict guidelines set by the federal government, and the exact process of creating the exact one hundred and ninety-one amino acid sequence, there is no such distinction as one company’s brand being better than another. Because the creation of human growth hormone is so exact, there is no margin for any type of change in the recipe or the process. The large, and delicate HGH molecule will change, and not be real HGH, if there is any change or bend in the sequence. It’s fragile makeup is the reason why it is not able to be processed into pill or tablet form, as it would be damaged even in that process (also, too, it’s protein makeup would cause it to be destroyed by stomach enzymes if swallowed). The process of synthesizing human growth hormone is not only exact, but it is costly; very few companies are able to produce human growth hormone. HT Medical Center is proud to work with some of the finest growth hormone manufacturers, including Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly and company, Pfizer, and Merck-Serono. Each of these pharmaceutical laboratories have long-standing reputations in the field of endocrinology and growth hormone therapies. The underlying truth is that what kind of HGH is better to take is the one that is prescribed.

How To Get More Information About Pros And Cons Of HGH Injections

Is there a way how to get more information about pros and cons of HGH injections? Of course there is. The Internet is a wealth of information regarding the many studies that have been done on human growth hormone. Prospective patients can look into the medication itself. Synthesized human growth hormone, or somatropin, is made from plants using recombinant DNA technology and formed into an exact copy of natural growth hormones (this is where the term bio identical comes in). It is not a synthetic substance, and the body reacts to it as if it was created there and uses it to serve the same functions as bioavailable hormones with no interruption in the process. This is the advantage that bio identical hormones have over synthetic hormones. Estrogen is a good example. When synthetic estrogen was used for menopausal women they began experiencing side effects and their health problems were getting worse. Their bodies did not recognize the synthetic hormone and treated it as if it were a foreign substance, or toxin, and began to fight it. This does not happen with true bio-identical HGH. Clinical advisors at HT Medical Center, when asked how to get more information about pros and cons of HGH injections can refer patients to the thousands of positive testimonies from patients who are enjoying the many benefits the feeling of overall health brings.

What Are The Potential Pros & Cons Of Taking HGH Injections?

In wondering what are the potential pros and cons of taking HGH injections and possibly worried about the negative aspects, try a little experiment: watch TV in the middle of the afternoon and take note of all the advertisements for medications geared towards older adults, paying special attention to the seemingly long lists of side effects of each spoken over the images in the commercial at a very fast rate to get all of them in. This is the disadvantage of synthetic drugs; they are foreign substances being introduced into the body and the body struggles to accept them. Human growth hormone is a natural medication. There is such a thing as too much being bad. This is the case with growth hormone—it is also even the case with water, one of the most natural substances in the world can be dangerous if consumed too much. When taken properly, as in within the boundaries of a doctor’s prescription, growth hormones do not cause negative side effects. With so many health benefits received system-wide from a hormone replacement program, and so few side effects, the worst symptoms that will have to be dealt with are the symptoms of suffering with a growth hormone deficiency before treatment. What are the potential pros and cons of taking HGH injections? The funny thing is, both the pros and the cons together are still better than the ailments of aging caused by a growth hormone deficiency

Benefits Of Using HGH Injections With Testosterone

Some HRT doctors may prescribe a “stacked” treatment of growth hormone and testosterone combined. Although often considered a man’s hormone, testosterone is vital to women as well, although it is produced a larger quantity in men. The symptoms of menopause in women and andropause in men such as hot flashes and night sweats, irritability, impaired sex drive and/or function have to do with a decrease in testosterone. It may seem as if testosterone and growth hormone perform the same functions; they do share many of the same functions, but since it human growth hormone is considered the messenger hormone it amplifies the potential power of testosterone. It is because of their shared qualities that they work so very well in tandem together. Testosterone also has anti-inflammatory qualities. If one is deficient in growth hormone, this does not necessarily mean he or she will be deficient in testosterone. The doctor will determine if there is deficiency in one, or in both.

The Pros And Cons Of Using HGH Growth Hormone Injections For Adults

In listing the pros and cons of using HGH growth hormone injections for adults, it becomes clear that not treating HGH deficiency seems almost ludicrous. Why stay saddled with a problem when the means are there to correct it? Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD) carries with it a myriad of problems from obviously annoying to stealthily harmful. The obvious changes in appearance when people get older are troublesome. Nobody wants to look older, because there is a stigma against looking older; it is associated with being old—as in, slow, unhealthy, inactive, with less mental vibrancy, and even less attractive. However there are more serious problems at work underneath those that are visible. Memory issues, high cholesterol, plaque buildup, extra fatty deposits, the loss of bone density are all issues that start off small that can go unnoticed for years, and when they finally become noticed they have become larger issues in the forms of serious health threats, like Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. None of these problems happen overnight; they start off insidiously small and grow. Fortunately, when they are caused by AGHD, they can be reversed and corrected. A HT Medical Center clinician can discuss in depth the pros and cons of using HGH growth hormone injections for adults over the phone when they are called for the first consultation. Please note the HT Medical Center will not treat children with growth hormone deficiencies; there are pediatric specialists for them. HT Medical Center will also not prescribed human growth hormone to adults whose blood tests do not display the need for hormone replacement, or for any adult who wishes to utilize the medication for other purposes, such as athletic sporting enhancements.

Benefits And Side Effects Of HGH Injections For Growth Hormone Deficiency

There are many ways to argue the benefits and side effects of HGH injections for growth hormone deficiency. But no matter how one looks at it, the sheer amount of benefits to the body mind and spirit of a person are always greater than any negative aspect one can think of. Bio identical growth hormone is natural and not synthetic. It is non-addictive. It only causes side effects in cases of overuse, which—providing treatment is done the correct way and monitored by a physician—can be corrected easily. HGH can help prevent osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular disease. It can ease the effects of depression and minimize triggers like stress and agitation. It increases the body’s ability for effective exercise. Gone is the slouchy appearance when the bones are strengthened and the individual can stand taller. It prevents obesity by regulating how the body stores fat and synthesizes foods into energy. Metabolism is increased. The mind is sharper and more focused. Romantic relationships become stronger with the reintroduction of sexual interest and intimacy. It removes the stigma of getting older and replaces it with a sense of pride in advanced age, and the knowledge that comes with it. There is no more regret over a feeling of lost youth, because the youth never fully understand what they have. It is the feeling of youthful health and vitality combined with the appreciation of it that make for a fuller life. The benefits and side effects of HGH injections for growth hormone deficiency argument becomes a non-issue when it is fully understood all the many ways reversing a growth hormone deficiency can improve the quality of anyone’s life.