Long Term Effects of HGH Injections

Long Term Effects of HGH Injections

Any adult who is being tested for growth hormone (GH) deficiency has a number of questions on his or her mind. It is fairly obvious that benefits will top that list, but so will wondering about the long term effects of HGH injections. Will these be all positive, or will there be adverse or negative side effects that can occur? To begin with, a person who is already getting tested for this condition will be receiving routine and specific blood analysis that will determine if low chemical levels of any kind are playing a role in the symptoms that are being noticed at this time. Red and white blood counts provide information about anemia and infection. The broad spectrum analysis that is done provides the doctor with a comprehensive look as to what is occurring in the body. This results in the proper type of therapy being prescribed in the dosage that is required by the individual. Treatment determined in this way can help avoid any negative long term effects of HGH injections. Many times, people are cautious of taking any type of medication for too long a period of time. We know that acetaminophen is dangerous for the liver when used in abundance. Many cold and cough products are now behind the pharmacist’s counter due to abuse by those looking for cheap and dangerous highs. Some medications are only meant for short term use, although that is not the case with doctor prescribed bioidentical human growth hormone replacement. Most people will be prescribed an initial six-month period of treatment. This will be followed up with a review of results, and determination if additional therapy should be ordered at this time.

What are the Long Term Effects of HGH Injections?

Before beginning any type of treatment, it is advisable to do some research and understand what to expect. What are the long term effects of HGH injections that can be achieved, and how long until there are any noticeable benefits? Imagine the body from head to toe – this is where results will appear. One of the most visible changes that will be noticed can be seen covering the entire body. The skin is the largest organ and requires an average of 30,000 to 40,000 new cells each day to replace the ones that continually die off. One of the functions of growth hormone is to stimulate cell regeneration. What that means for the skin is that if a deficiency of this crucial chemical is present, there will not be enough new cells produced to replace those that have flaked away. This, in turn, decreases the amount of collagen that is formed. The skin will begin to get thinner, wrinkles will form, and sagging and age spots will begin to appear. The appearance of cellulite is increased. Now imagine all the other areas that also rely upon new cells – muscles, bones, internal organs, hair, and nails are just a few that benefit when treatment for GH deficiency begins. It is natural to question what are the long term effects of HGH injections since this therapy will last for at least six months, and in some cases longer than that. A human being is a truly unique piece of machinery unlike any other on this planet. Our ability to think, communicate, create, and enjoy set us apart from other creatures. As amazing as many animals are, none has developed societies as advanced as what humans have made. Just as buildings, cars, computers, homes, and other things must be maintained for lasting durability; the same applies to each of us. Our internal systems are high maintenance – they require a certain level of care to function properly.

Long Term Treatment of Growth Hormone Deficiency in Adults

Ensuring that the human body can maintain a high level of functioning throughout one’s lifetime is the goal of long term treatment of growth hormone deficiency in adults. Everyone probably knows at least one person who has not held up well to the test of time. Perhaps that individual has been suffering from debilitating joint pain and stiffness that has robbed them of the ability to participate in activities they once enjoyed. Others may be suffering from serious cardiac conditions or diabetes. How many people have complained about memory problems and concerns that may be associated with dementia or Alzheimer’s? Many adults worry about developing osteoporosis as they age, which will then increase the risk of fractures. This may be one of the most important concerns as one simple fall can turn an active individual into one who must rely upon others for the rest of their life. The odds for those who have broken a hip are sobering. 1 in 5 will not survive past 12 months after their accident. 2 of the remaining 4 will never return to the quality of life they had before the fall. The importance of long term treatment of growth hormone deficiency in adults can clearly be seen in all these examples. The brain is full of GH receptor cells. These are found in abundance in the areas associated with learning and memory. When a decrease is present, the receptors will not receive an adequate supply of this crucial chemical and breakdown will then occur. New information that is presented will not be properly processed and stored. That is why it takes increased focus and repetition to store anything that is new. Unfortunately, focus is also decreased when low growth hormone production is occurring. Recalling that information that had also been previously stored away in the brain also becomes increasingly difficult. 1 out of every 3 senior citizens will die from Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia. HGH replacement allows the receptor cells to receive the proper amount of this vital chemical in order to function properly. Concentration levels improve; focus becomes clear; new information is processed and stored for easy access, and old knowledge, facts, and memories can be brought forward whenever needed. Research is even being conducted at facilities across the US to determine the benefits of this therapy for those who have suffered from traumatic brain injury, and results are promising.

Short Term and Long Term Effects of Growth Hormone Injections

There are a number of short term and long term effects of growth hormone injections that many are eager to experience. The short term benefits are the ones that will occur rapidly upon beginning HGH treatment. That does not, however, mean they will come to a rapid end. In fact, these results will continue to last for quite some time, if not forever. Perhaps the one that has the most profound influence is the energy surge that will occur. Most people dealing with a decline in GH production report that they do not sleep well at night, suffer from fatigue during the day, run out of steam before their work is completed, and some even report falling asleep behind the wheel of a car. How much of this is attributed to growth hormone deficiency, and how much is due to sleep apnea? For those unfamiliar with sleep apnea, being overweight is a major contributor to the severity of this condition. Those with low GH levels will find that weight gain is a problem that they see in their own life. This is due to the fact that the body’s ability to metabolize protein, lipids, and carbohydrates relies upon an adequate supply of this vital chemical. If secretion is down, metabolism will slow down, and fat storage will increase. Sleep deprivation can impair the brain as much as alcohol, and is responsible for more than 100,000 crashes, over 1500 fatalities, and over 40,000 injuries each year. It is clear that the short term and long term effects of growth hormone injections are vital to protecting not only the quality of life, but life itself. A person needs a solid eight hours of sleep each night in order to allow for the production of adequate levels of GH. Anything less and not enough of this chemical will be secreted. Those dealing with a decrease in this crucial substance will also find it difficult to fall and stay asleep. The body will suffer the next day by decreasing the level of energy available for use. HGH therapy provides the necessary replacement that will stimulate the metabolism to convert all food taken in for immediate fuel. In addition, that which was previously stored at fat will begin to be burned up as additional fuel. Energy levels will increase, fat will start to melt away, and sleep will improve. For most people with sleep apnea, their symptoms will also subside as their weight loss continues.

Benefits and Side Effects of Long Term Use of HGH Injections

Understanding the benefits and side effects of long term use of HGH injections are vital to receiving a positive outcome from this personalized treatment that is doctor prescribed and supervised. We have already examined how energy, sleep, brain functions, bone density and strength, and skin, hair, and nails all receive astounding results from human growth hormone therapy. The good news does not stop there. As we examine everything that seems to occur when a person ages, immune functions are another area of major concern. Older people tend to catch colds and viruses more often than their younger counterparts, and the recovery time is usually longer. This can also be attributed to GH deficiency, which, when corrected, can reduce the incidence of illness and shorten the recuperation period. When discussing the benefits and side effects of long term use of HGH injections, some people worry that there may be negative effects from this treatment. There are risks of developing diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, joint and muscle pains, and high cholesterol. These risks usually occur when a dosage higher than what is needed by the body is administered. This can be reduced by ensuring that the diagnosing doctor specializes in hormone replacement therapy. This is the best way to ensure that the right amount of medication is prescribed. The other point to remember is only to purchase HGH injections from a reputable source, such as a licensed US pharmacy, and not from overseas. Only a specialist can properly determine the correct dosage of this medication to prescribe. If any of the aforementioned symptoms do appear, the physician will lower the dosage so that care can continue without negative effects.

Positive Effects of HGH Injections for Men

What man does not want his virility to last his entire lifetime? Perhaps that is why the positive effects of HGH injections for men are heralded in locker rooms, boardrooms, on golf courses, and on tennis or basketball courts across the US. In high school, guys bragged about size. In college, it might have been conquests. Later on in one’s twenties it was about frequency and duration. For many males, entering into their forties brings a profound realization that the standard of performance is not the same as it was at an earlier age. There may even be issues of erectile dysfunction, lack of desire, difficulty with arousal, decreased performance, and even reduced pleasure. This can happen at any time in a man’s life, but the forties, fifties, and sixties can hold increased anxiety for these concerns. Can this be a contributing factor to a mid-life crisis that is often discussed? Absolutely! Life does not have to be this way. Thanks to the positive effects of HGH injections for men, Viagra does not have to be ordered. There is no reason why a vigorous and active sexual relationship has to come to an end. It can last well into one’s eighties, nineties, or beyond. Of course, there are many other reasons to begin human growth hormone therapy if a deficiency is diagnosed. Lean muscle mass will increase at the same time belly fat decreases. This provides for a well-toned physique and overall structural strengthening. Hair that had previously fallen out may begin to regrow and thicken. Work productivity increases thanks to a combination of increased energy and improved focus and cognitive functions. It is no wonder that many men are turning to this therapy to better their lives.

Benefits of HGH Injections for Women

Okay, why should men have all the fun? The benefits of HGH injections for women may be even more exciting. Who wouldn’t want to throw away their bottle of hair dye in return for their original color coming back? This may be possible after six months of human growth hormone treatment. That dreaded cellulite destroying the smooth appearance of thighs will also decrease in appearance. Remember – we already discussed how collagen increase was going to improve the tone, texture, and appearance of skin from head to toe. Belly fat will melt away without the need for added diet or exercise. Of course, watching what one consumes will certainly help the process along at a faster rate. Perhaps the best benefits of HGH injections for women are reported by those who are dealing with life’s changes. Menopause can be a stressful time for many females. Hormonal changes can affect sexual desire and intimacy, memory, energy levels, sleep, mood, outlook, performance, and family life. Hot flashes, night sweats, depression, vaginal dryness, and more can interfere with the ability to enjoy the day to day events and functions scheduled or planned. HGH therapy has been proven beneficial in all these areas, as well. Not only is the appearance improved to the point where a woman will look and feel 10 to 20 years younger, but performance will also increase across the board in both work and home productivity. All of this can be accomplished without having to turn to risky estrogen replacement for help.

Long Term Effects of Taking Testosterone and HGH Injections Together

Growth hormone is not the only chemical that can decrease in production over time. Testosterone levels also tend to decline over years, for both men and women. Many people will never notice any serious changes as this occurs, but for those who do, there is help available. Are there any long term effects of taking testosterone and HGH injections together for those who are diagnosed with both types of deficiency? There are cases when a doctor will determine that both forms of treatment are required to restore the necessary balance needed in order for a person to be at their physical best. There are no adverse effects to using both of these therapies at the same time. The key to getting the best results is following the protocol prescribed by a doctor. HGH human growth hormone replacement will boost the benefits of treatment for Low T. Many of their properties are the same, although GH does have a wider range of physical implications. No person can determine on their own what type of therapy they will need. Blood testing is required to determine which type or types of bioidentical chemical replacement are needed. The long term effects of taking testosterone and HGH injections together can be life-transforming. A person who is diagnosed to be deficient in both of these crucial substances may have a very low quality of life. This can throw them into a state of depression that is hard to emerge from without some type of drastic change. What is needed here is doctor-prescribed treatment to restore the necessary balance that time has taken away from the individual. Restoring this balance returns quality of life. Stacking these medications can provide prolonged benefits.

How Long do the Effects of HGH Injections Last?

Throughout the course of bioidentical hormone replacement, individual benefits will continuously appear. How long do the effects of HGH injections last once treatment begins? Each of the positive changes that appear will continue to strengthen as the months pass. The usual course of initial therapy is six months, depending upon the level of deficiency that is diagnosed. After that time, a review of the person’s overall health and wellness is discussed, and lifestyle adjustments are examined. There are those who use the results they have achieved to make positive improvements in their own life. Those who have altered their dietary habits for the better, increased their level of activity and exercise, reduced their stress, and are getting eight solid hours of sleep each night may now be producing enough growth hormone on their own to wean off of these treatments. Their results will continue as long as they maintain these positive changes. For those who ask how long do the effects of HGH injections last without improvements such as these, stopping therapy may return one to the state they were in previously. We understand that there are people who do not like any type of exercise. Some may love food too much to give up their pasta, cheesecake, and French fries. That is alright. No one has to live by a certain set of guidelines. For these people, the ability to stay on a course of HGH treatment is possible. This will allow them to maintain and continue the benefits they desire. Those who are living a healthier lifestyle may also desire a low dosage maintenance program. The clinical advisors help each person determine the best course of action for their own life and individual needs.

Long Term Effects 0f Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Therapy

The long term effects of recombinant human growth hormone therapy that each person will receive are as personal as the way in which the deficiency is affecting his or her body and life. What is known is that most people will not be able to increase the production of this chemical on their own even if drastic lifestyle changes are made. Increasing the level of GH through the use of this bioidentical treatment is necessary to get the process started. Only time can tell how each individual will react to their HGH replacement. What is clear is that the benefits achieved will make a tremendous impact on how one can live each day with stamina, energy, and vitality. Stronger bones and muscles, improved cognitive functions, firmer skin, thicker hair, weight loss, better immunity, and a healthier sex life are all part of the long term effects of recombinant human growth hormone therapy. HT Medical Center is one of the country’s foremost hormone replacement clinics. Experienced doctors and advisors are available to help men and women over thirty get to the root of their concerns and receive the finest treatment possible. Safe restoration of vitality and wellness can be achieved in an affordable manner.