Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

Benefits of HGH Therapy

It is an actuality that all people will grow older and it has been proven as a fact that the benefits of growth hormone therapy can help to ease the process of getting on in years. Why do people have to suffer with how aging can make them feel poor mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually? If it is true that “youth is wasted on the young,” why should it also be true that youth be squandered on the older? Why should people growing older in years have do deal with feeling frail, lethargic, afraid to be active for fear of breaking a bone, depressed and weak? Why can’t the golden years be just what the name implies? If a hormonal deficiency brings a person out from the state of happiness and disrupts the ability to remain active and zestful, HRT can help. Age does dictate having bountiful hormones to keep the body strong and vibrant, so when hormones decrease, replacing them can bring back those same youthful feelings many may remember. Aging symptoms can be reversed. What are the specific benefits of human growth hormone? Continue reading on to find a detailed inventory of HGH benefits. Overall changes with HRT can affect the entire mind and body composition. The body can change with a fat mass reduction and a lean body mass increase, including increase in strength that can be extremely noticeable within only 26 weeks of HGH treatment according to findings from the New England Journal of Medicine. Clients will see a decrease in unwanted weight in the belly, thighs and hips first. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism recorded that this decrease in central abdominal fat can be greatly associated with one’s risk in developing cardiovascular disease. The hormones in the system called GH (growth hormones) lead the order of the chemicals within the body that can be returned by bio-identical formulas so that people can rid of age related issues and help prepare them for living a lengthier, healthier and more dynamic life.

Anti Aging Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

As Mother Nature creeps in and ages the human body more and more every year, people can gain a lot from the anti aging benefits of growth hormone therapy. GH is only one of the six key hormones in the body. It is quite plentiful in its natural production during youth, but drops substantially with age. No longer will it help to retain the properties of repairing cells and tissues as a person gets older and without replacing it, a person can suffer with terrible ailments from mild to severe. These are the things that can rapidly be reversed in a person under medical supervision during HRT:

  • Increased cardiac functioning with less cardiovascular disease and stroke
  • Reversal of osteoporosis due to poor bone density
  • Improved endurance and stamina for greater exercise capacity and physical performance
  • A decrease of abnormal fat distribution and loss of unwanted excess pounds
  • An increase in psychosocial defects such as a heightened sense of emotional well being
  • Increased desire for social interaction and less depression
  • Decrease in insomnia, poor disturbed sleeping and better restoration of deep R.E.M. sleep
  • Skin rejuvenation with a smoother looking appearance and less wrinkles
  • Thicker hair and faster nail growth
  • Improved long functioning
  • An increased mental capacity with less confusion and sharper acuity for memory and focus
  • An strengthening of the immune system for help in healing and to ward off sickness
  • The decrease of vital organ shrinkage
  • Sharper vision
  • Better sexual performance, potency and desire

It is essential to restate that HGH levels will undeniably decline in everyone as they age. All humans need to understand the negative factors that low HGH can play in their overall health and longevity of life. As cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels increase from the lowering of HGH, people can widen their increased risk of cardiac related disease. This is can be due to a thickening of the vascular walls and how much cardiac output decreases. People do not exercise as much when they get winded more quickly. Early demise from heart disease has been reported on many occasions due to these reasons and ultimately by low HGH levels. What are the benefits of growth hormone therapy? One very important benefit is how HGH can save lives by increasing levels of GH working within the body that help to reverse these cardiovascular risk factors for early expiration from the world.

Risks and Benefits of Growth Hormone Therapy

As an educated consumer interested in HRT, a person should understand the risks and benefits of growth hormone therapy. Multiple studies over the years have supported the many conclusions that controlled low dosages of HGH are associated with negligible side effects, if any at all. It is of primary importance that one who is undergoing HRT has medical supervision at all times by a licensed specialist in the field. Overdosing on HGH medication can lead to many negative side effects that can be quite disturbing and dangerous. That is why it is considered illegal to use these kinds of medications sands a doctor’s prescription. Manufactured bio-identical HGH medications are controlled substances and by law can only be doled out by a prescription after full and comprehensive testing is concluded. The suppositions after testing must note a GH deficiency within the body. Hormone optimization to exactly where person’s levels need to be is how to receive the most benefits out of GH therapy. Doctors highly skilled and licensed in the field of HRT and endocrinology can read IGF-1 levels from blood work. The blood samples taken will be testing to determine deficiencies in GH levels so that physicians can prescribe the exact injections and dosages to transform a person’s life by balancing their GH levels. The benefits of growth hormone therapy in adults can literally turn one’s life around 180 degrees by giving them quality and zest for all that the lifecycle has to offer. One of the chief secrets to creating optimal hormonal homeostasis in patients who are struggling with low GH levels is through bio-identical HRT through injections. These medications are literally genetically reengineering the human body in positive ways. They help to elongate the lifespan of many individuals well into their golden years and beyond. Sources have stated that HRT can easily add as many as 1 to 2 decades (or more) to a person’s life and with doctor supervision, it can be done very safely.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Human Growth Hormone?

What are the benefits of taking human growth hormone? Supplementing lost GH production with HRT any time after age thirty is becoming more and more mainstream these days. HGH clinics such as HT Medical Center are always searching for the latest and greatest research concerning medications, dosages, safety and other techniques and therapies to help people prevent negative aging symptoms and concerns or to eliminate them once they have hit. More people are becoming educated and understanding that aging symptoms occur from the inside of an adult. That means that hormones from inside the body control aging symptoms; nothing else. Unfortunately, too many people lose their money by using over the counter lotions, creams, pills and other methods that promise to make a person appear and feel more youthful, but do not work. It is becoming common knowledge that HRT via HGH injections truly has the ability to restore and rejuvenate the mind and the body through cell and tissue rejuvenation. It can even make the lifespan of a person decades longer. Professionals from the V. A. Medical Center and Department of Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center stated, "It is possible that chronic physiologic GH and/or IGF-I replacement therapy might reverse (or prevent) some of these ‘inevitable’ sequelae of aging." In layman’s terms, many benefits of HGH therapy are that they can help reverse or alleviate many abnormal bodily problems or diseases that are already related to or resulting from a pre-existing diseases. For example, if one is dealing with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or a high triglyceride count, this could be a huge risk factor for coronary heart failure or stroke that can be fatal. One of the key metabolic benefits of growth hormone therapy is that it is capable of lowering these counts and prevent the worst from happening. It can prevent or eliminate diabetes and strengthen one’s immune system overall for better health. HGH treatment does not only add years to a person’s life, but it will work to enhance the quality of those years.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Men

The benefits of human growth hormone therapy for men may be all encompassing including enhancing the physical aspects of the body, the emotional facets of the mind and the important sexual aspects to any healthy relationship. Both in the USA and in countries across the ocean, well known, published and reputable doctors are advocating for HRT for those with authentic HGH deficiencies. In respect to losing excess fat and gaining lean muscle and strength, exacerbating sexual prowess, healing, flexibility and resistance, hair growth and skin elasticity, increased energy, stamina, concentration, focus, emotions and memory, doctors who conducted HGH research at the Medical College of Wisconsin and Palm Springs Life Extension Institute had incredible results as far as proving the positive efficacy of HGH injections. A study there showed improvements in the aging symptoms of the subjects within one to three months from the beginning of therapy. As far as healing from injury, physicians from St. Joseph Hospital Medical Center in Phoenix AZ stated, "Daily administration of human growth hormone in the first week after trauma would enhance the metabolic status resulting in reduced morbidity and earlier discharge from the hospital." Research out of Copenhagen and Denmark published in the European Journal of Endocrinology stated, "Replacement therapy with growth hormone has shown beneficial/normalizing effect on parameters such as cardiac and renal function, thyroid hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, sweat secretion, total and regional fuel metabolism and psychological well being." The benefits and side effects of growth hormone treatment were also spoken well about in by doctors from the St. Thomas Hospital in London England. The study concluded that, "All adults with growth hormone deficiency should now be considered for growth hormone replacement therapy.” Physicians from the University Hospital in Goteborg Sweden found that, "There is no evidence suggestion that growth hormone replacement therapy causes any unfavorable long term side effects." Any man experiencing low HGH levels as determined by professional testing after age 30 can change his life with HGH treatment with medical supervision.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Women

The benefits of human growth hormone therapy for women does not differ that much from the benefits for men. Although women have different body chemistry and different hormonal needs, they tend to also have different physical, emotional and sexual needs too. Most people know about HGH therapy as far as how it helps with anti aging and all that goes along with it. More so for women than for men, females look towards treatment for prevention of older looking skin and wrinkles that will make them look worn out. They also desire weight loss as their metabolism slows and they begin packing on pounds. In fact, the statistics show that the prevalence and use of HGH medications through medically supervised treatment among women who want to drop weight has become more common in past several years. As an extremely safe alternative to traditional ways of losing weight, such as diet and exercise that often do not work, HGH injections can help shed the stubborn weight as naturally as possible with its bio-identical formula. The world is not a forgiving place for women these days and in today’s 2 income families. Unfortunately for women, most of the pressure falls on their shoulders. What does this mean? They must work during the day and then take care of the home and family simultaneously. They do the shopping, the cleaning and the caretaking. They tend to have poor diets due to lack of time and working out gets put on the back burner. These are pure ways to raise HGH levels and women tend to fail at it due to circumstance. With a prescription in hand from a qualified doctor of HRT, a woman can take convenient HGH injections to help speed up their metabolism and hence lose weight along with feeling and looking younger and healthier too. However, it is central to remember that unless a genuine HGH deficiency is found during testing that is causing weight gain and other ailments, a prescription cannot be written. If a woman is dealing with a true hormone deficiency, injections plus a well thought out time management program to fit in living a healthy life with diet, exercise and decrease in stress, will help bring about incredible energy and enjoyment of all aspects of her life.