HGH Therapy for Women

HGH Therapy for Women

Although there are many similarities between the way men and women age, there are still a number of differences between the two (some simply in the degree of severity), most notably in the changes that occur when a woman is going through menopause. Low levels of HGH due to hormonal imbalances during this period of change can cause severe interruption in basic day to day function, due to even some of the most minor challenges of menopause such as sleepless nights and memory loss. It is a known fact that a poor night’s sleep or generally poor sleeping habits affect mental acuity and moods. HGH therapy for women keeps energy up and at a consistent level – no more chronic fatigue, no more need for naps – during the day, allowing for deeper, more restful sleep at night, and the use of bio-identical hormone injections help ease the symptoms of hormonal deficiency or imbalance. Studies have even suggested that a hormone replenishment regimen can stimulate the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle of sleep. REM deprivation causes mild psychological disturbances like anxiety and irritability, and can even increase the appetite. Users of HGH therapy for women have reported sleeping fuller and waking up refreshed and mentally alert. Enhanced mental alertness and energy boost a clearer perception and overall feeling of well-being. If that won’t put one in a good mood, what will?

Human Growth Hormone Therapy for Women

Common complaints among women once they have reached the age of forty usually have to do with weight gain. “I can’t seem to lose this weight!” or “Every year, I gain a pound!” are very common sentiments. Sound familiar?  Human growth hormone therapy for women speeds up the body’s metabolism, allowing for the ability to efficiently regulate fat and energy reserves. Abdominal fat, associated with the risk of heart attack, is reduced. As the metabolism increases, the fat stores in other areas of the body are depleted. In women, the most notable area of weight loss has been in the belly, waist, butt and thighs. Say goodbye to the “pear shape” that is the bane of many women! Studies have shown that HGH therapy for women aids in weight loss (notably in the midsection area), an increase in lean muscle mass and bone density, and can even help lower cholesterol levels without any change in diet and exercise. Of course, in a common chain reaction, feeling better encourages taking care of one’s self better. An increase of activity normally follows an increase of energy. HGH therapy not only gives an increase of energy, but allows the body to sustain it. Workout harder and longer, feel the burn and not the pain afterwards. Find out what it means when the endorphins kick in! Those lovely endorphins, endorsed by so many twenty-somethings who smile during exercise, act as natural pain-killers and enhance the feeling of well-being and joy. Consistent positive feeling begets consistent positive behavior and action. Reclaim the energy of ten to twenty years ago and remember once again that each day is a gift, a new promise of life!

HGH Replacement Therapy for Women

Enhanced mental alertness, weight loss, manageable sleep patterns and evenness of moods are some of the many benefits associated with HGH replacement therapy for women. Improved skin tone and color (less sagging around the eyes and other women-related body parts), more luxurious and shinier hair are also attributable to this therapeutic program. Another benefit is that HGH therapy aids in the rejuvenation of body organs and bones. What this means is that cellular regeneration occurs faster; injuries and basic joint pains heal faster, and the amount of time the body needs to recover from mild illnesses and even surgery is shortened. The increase of metabolism in the cells keep up the body’s ability to produce the white blood cells, which are necessary in the fight against illness and infections. Day to day aches and pains ease and in some cases disappear completely. The need for over-the-counter pain medications and aspirin is reduced dramatically. The attitude of just ‘making it through the day’ is changed to the ‘Bring it on!’ attitude of a happily active participant in life. All of this makes HGH therapy for women the easiest and most efficient way to feel better and look better all around. HT Medical Center, the leading HRT professionals, make it even easier. Call the toll-free number listed at the top of the page, speak to one of the clinical advisors on hand. Make today the first day of the rest of your young life!

Cost of HGH Therapy for Women

What is it worth to wake up every morning feeling refreshed? To start the day with a smile and a can-do attitude? To have that same can-do attitude after a long day at the office? The price paid in feeling old and depressed or frail is well known. Add to that the cost of the purchases made to alleviate signs and symptoms of aging: vitamins, herbs, gym memberships, makeup, plastic surgery, weight-reduction surgery, specialty hair products and hair re-growth formulas, aspirin and over-the-counter pain medications, muscle creams, the list goes on. HGH therapy for women is proven to reduce fatigue and increases the burning of fat, remedying all these symptoms. How great is it that one program can eliminate the need for so many other regimens, saving both time invested in the continuous search to ‘feel better’ and the money spent on unnecessary products, some of which are made up of only false claims? One regimen that can boost energy, increase skin tone and muscle mass, amp up immunity to common ailments, revitalize skin and hair, aid in the fight against depression, and enhance the sex drive replaces and reduces the use of so many other ‘feel-good/look good’ remedies. The actual cost of HGH therapy for women is individually determined by a licensed provider who, after a blood test and physical exam, will prescribe a dosage treatment specifically tailored to each patient. HT Medical Center’s experienced clinical staff are on-call and can answer all questions regarding HGH therapy for women. Call the number at the top of the page for more information!

What are the Benefits of HGH Therapy for Women?

A deficiency in the body’s own natural growth hormone is at the root of many common age-related ailments such as low energy, insomnia, muscle and joint aches, weight gain, low sex drive, chronic fatigue, age spots, thinner and duller skin and hair to name a few. In a vicious circle, each one of these individual challenges affects all of the others. Fatigue and a lack of energy affect basic daily activities. Something as simple as taking the stairs becomes a challenge, energy weakening at every step. By the time the top is reached, the body is drained and the mind becomes a little cranky. Being drained and cranky affects interaction with those around you, co-workers, friends, family, and spouses. Elevated levels of stress are increased, interfering with sleep, and waking up in the morning becomes a chore. And the day, such as it was the day before, begins again. HGH therapy for women interrupts that ugly cycle; each of these so-called ‘symptoms of aging’ are addressed, improved, and turned around, and a happier, healthier circle of life begins. Clients who enjoy the benefits of HGH therapy for women are losing weight, sleeping better and have more energy, saying they feel ten to twenty years younger. The rejuvenation of cellular metabolism improves skin tone, lessening the accumulation of and erasing age spots and wrinkles. Fine lines of wrinkles disappear and even the deeper lines in the face are reduced. Elasticity in the skin is restored and puffiness is reduced. A youthful glow in skin and healthy bounce and shine in hair returns. As energy levels increase, a good mood increases and daily stresses are alleviated. Waking up well-rested ensures a good morning, then good day, good year and good life!