HGH Therapy And Sex Drive

HGH therapy and sex drive

Can HGH help sex drive? Yes. One of the main symptoms of a growth hormone deficiency that patients will bring up to their doctors is a having a low sexual drive or a low sexual libido. Human growth hormone (HGH) therapy has been proven to help sex drive. There are countless numbers of studies that have been published in medical journals that tout the effectiveness of properly prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for a bursting sexual drive.

  • How does HGH up sex drive?

One of the main responsibilities of growth hormone is to keep the heart’s cells and tissues active and strong. GH helps with heart health by keeping the heart pumping heavily oxygenated blood to all bodily organs. This includes the sexual organs.

In return, when an adequate amount of blood and oxygen reach all parts of the body, this process helps to improve a person’s vitality, stamina and strength – all leading to better sexual desire and ability to perform. This helps reduce erectile dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Sexual activity becomes more enjoyable when a man can keep an erection for a longer period of time and a woman has a decrease in vaginal dryness.

  • What is the connection between SeroVital HGH and sex drive?

SeroVital is a supplement. It is a combination of ingredients that include amino acids specifically used to stimulate the pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain) to increase HGH production. When more growth hormone is being produced in the body, this is said to increase sex drive.

SeroVital can be purchased over the counter and is usually taken in a capsule form by mouth four times per day. It is unknown as to how effective SeroVital is as compared to the highly effective, prescribed HGH injections to improve sex drive and overall health.

  • HGH low sex drive: How Can HGH Injections Help?

As human growth hormone injections are properly taken, this helps to increase and balance the low levels of GH currently in the system. In return, this helps the heart to pump an appropriate amount of oxygen filled blood to all of the organs of the body. This will help with overall vigor, vitality and strength. This process can directly affect the functioning of both male and female sexual organs while increasing sexual libido and sex drive.

There is more… HGH injections can help the body to drop weight, gain muscle and feel healthier. HGH injections can also help the mind to be more emotionally stable with less stress and a higher self esteem. All these benefits can have a great impact on sexual desire and sexual performance. In most cases, when a person feels better about themselves and their physique, he or she will have a better sex life.

The Connection Between HGH And Sex Drive

HGH and sex drive have a definite connection. When a person participates in hormone replacement therapy to naturally increase and balance their low levels of growth hormone in the body, this usually results in a better sexual drive and ability to perform. In return, when a person has a full sex life, they are usually healthier and happier. This is due to the ability of sexual activity to reduce stress and make people look more youthful, according to experts in the field.

The improvement of sexual drive by the use of HGH injections for both men and women can result in the following:

Females Males
An increase in sexual desire The ability to achieve an erection (help with the elimination of erectile dysfunction)
An increase in the ability to achieve orgasms more frequently The ability to maintain an erection for a longer period of time
The ability to produce a good amount of vaginal lubricant to help with comfortable sexual intercourse The ability to produce a good amount of fertile semen

When a healthy sexual drive is achieved by taking appropriately prescribed and medically supervised human growth hormone injections, both men and women can benefit. When a strong sex drive is maintained, overall happiness usually increases and relationships tend to flourish and grow stronger. A healthy sexual life can help to bring couples closer together and keeps marriages strong and ongoing.

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