Steps For How To Prepare HGH Shots Safely For Injection

How and where to inject hgh

When a patient first learns how to inject HGH safely and in a sterile manner it is important to get the correct information. HT Medical Center explains everything to each patient specifically before they begin taking their injections. We even offer online videos that graphically demonstrate how to prepare and inject medications by a trained professional.

Right now we will discuss step by step:

  • How to prepare or reconstitute HGH injections
  • How to use HGH injections
  • How do you take HGH injections (where to inject them)
  • What dosage should you take of HGH injections

Here is a step by step chart of exactly how to prepare HGH injections for usage:

Steps For How To Prepare (Reconstitute) HGH Injections
  • Remove the cap (plastic) from the top of the vial that contains the bacteriostatic water which is 0.9% sodium chloride
  • With an alcohol pad or swab, clean the rubber top
  • With the insulin syringe, you will put the needle into the vial and pull out 1 ml of the sterile bacteriostatic water that is in the vial
  • Once the bacteriostatic water is in the syringe, the needle needs to be pushed through the vial’s rubber cap that holds the lyophilized powder. Turn the vial onto an angle and let the solution slide down the side wall. Do not push the solution in directly with force
  • Leave the vial in your refrigerator for 15 to 30 minutes. This will give the lyophilized powder and the bacteriostatic water enough time to dissolve completely their own. If you are in a hurry, you can skip the refrigeration and gently roll the vial between your hands. Never shake the formula.

Human growth hormone, also called somatropin is an extremely fragile molecule. When one is handling this formula, they must make sure to do it very gently as it can easily and quickly become destroyed. It needs to be protected from temperature (heat) and movement (vigorous shaking).

  1. It cannot be shaken to harshly
  2. It cannot be frozen or left out of the refrigerator for more than just a few minutes

Let us now talk about how to take HGH injections.

Steps For How To Use HGH Injections Safely And Properly

After the solution of the powder and bacteriostatic water is mixed properly, it is time to learn how to use HGH injections.

How To Use HGH Injections And Where To Inject
  • After the solution is removed from the refrigerator and is dissolved completely, it needs to be mixed ever so gently. Do this by rolling the vial slowly between your hands
  • Because the vials have negative air pressure in them, they are under vacuum. This means that the liquid will be difficult to pull out. Inject a full syringe of air into the vial from the top and make sure that you do not create bubbles
  • Pull out the amount of HGH you will be injecting (according to your treatment plan)
  • Take a piece of skin (on the stomach for instance) and pinch it between two fingers
  • Insert the needle fully into the skin and do so at a 30 to 45 degree angle
  • Inject your dose
  • Always be sure to discard of all dirty needles in a safe place or in a sharps container

Here is a tip on how to inject HGH in the least painful way. The stomach area above the belly button is usually less painful than the area below the belly button. Remember to use a different spot each time an injection is given. You do not want to irritate one single area and you can avoid this by using different areas for the delivery of your medication.

What Dosage Of HGH Injections Is Right For You

Only a licensed doctor can tell you what dosage of HGH medication is right for you. It is never advised for a person to administer HGH injections to themselves without working with a licensed professional doctor.

These experts are the ones who will diagnose a patient with low growth hormone levels and not only prescribe the right medication, but the right dosage as well with an education on exactly how to inject HGH. They will know what is best for a patient based on their test results which consist of their blood work and their physical exam. Their medical history and any current medical conditions can have a bearing on what their dosage is too.

It is never considered safe to self diagnose or to self administer HGH injections without the medical supervision of a licensed doctor of endocrinology (or a doctor in a closely related field of medicine). If you cannot get a prescription for HGH, it might be because you do not have a deficiency. Therefore, you should not be taking these injections. It can be dangerous and have serious side effects.

If you are under 30, a professional athlete, looking to lose weight or just want to look more youthful, you cannot legally use HGH shots. That is, if you were not diagnosed as having low GH and given a legal prescription by a licensed practitioner.