How Do You Use Testosterone Cypionate Injections

How to Use Testosterone Cypionate

It is extremely important to follow the directions of how to use Testosterone Cypionate injections before delivering them into the body. One of the most important things to know is that they should only be used intramuscularly. They should never be delivered into a vein directly.

When learning about how to administer testosterone, your doctor should clarify that there are three different primary places on the body to inject your medication:

  1. The muscle of the deltoid in the upper and outer arm
  2. The muscle in the thigh that runs along the outside of the leg – not the muscle that runs down the middle or inner thigh
  3. The buttocks

There are also certain steps to follow in order to get the right amount of medication into the syringe and to inject the medication in a safe and sterile manner. We will lay out step by step how to go about using this very potent and effective medication according to your doctor’s prescription.

Dosages of medication and where you inject it is very important. Getting the proper dosage can make the difference between getting no results or experiencing remarkable change. That is why is it so important to get the correct testing done to see what kind of testosterone deficiency you have and then to learn how to use Testosterone Cypionate correctly.

What Are The Steps For How To Prepare Testosterone Cypionate Injections

Learning how to take Testosterone Cypionate 200 is just as important as knowing how often to take Testosterone Cypionate or how long to take Testosterone Cypionate. All this information should be clearly given to you by your clinical advisor when your doctor decides what is best for you based on your needs. Knowing exactly what to do with your injections is imperative for a safe and effective testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) experience.

Here are the specific steps for how to take a Testosterone Cypionate injection and each step is vital. Do not skip steps to try and rush the process. This will only lead to poor results or negative side effects. When you follow you doctor’s prescription and inject your medications properly, the results should create amazing transformation.

  • Step one of how to take Testosterone Cypionate:
  • Wash your hands and get all of your supplies together. Lay them out in front of you on a clean and sterile surface.

    You will have:

    • A vial of Testosterone Cypionate
    • A vial of bacteriostatic water
    • Alcohol pads
    • Two needles
    • One syringe
    • A bandage
    • A sharps container
  • Step two of the process of using a Testosterone Cypionate injection:
  • Pull the top off of the vial of Testosterone Cypionate exposing the rubber stopper. Open and alcohol pad.

    Rub the top of the rubber stopper with the alcohol pad in one sweep across the top. Throw away the alcohol pad.

    Pull the stopper off of the vial of bacteriostatic water in the same way, exposing the rubber stopper. You will then open the second alcohol pad and clean the top of the vial in the same way.

    Put the vials to the side.

  • Step three in how to use Testosterone Cypionate injections:
  • Open one of the syringes and take it out of its package. Open one of the needles as well. The needle is sterile, so do not touch it to any surface and contaminate it.

    Attach the needle to the syringe by twisting it tightly on. Keep the needle’s cap on it for now.

  • Step four:
  • You are now ready to remove the cap from the needle and pull the syringe plunger to the designated amount of liquid that you will be using. In other words, pull the syringe back to allow air to fill it up to the same amount of solution you have been prescribed.

    Why do this? It helps to avoid the creation of negative pressure in the syringe.

  • Step five:
  • Push the needle straight down through the rubber stopper into the vial of Testosterone Cypionate. Turn the vial upside down and pull up the plunger on the syringe to very slowly draw in the amount of medication that was prescribed for you by your doctor.

    When your dosage is in the syringe, pull the needle out of the vial with two hands in case there is negative pressure.

  • Step six:
  • By using your pointer finger and your thumb, tap any bubbles that may be in the syringe to the top. Double check that you have enough medication in the syringe. When bubbles are created in the syringe they take up space and you may not have gotten enough medication. If you need to add more, follow the same procedure as outlined above.

  • Step seven:
  • Put the cap back onto the needle and twist the needle off. You are going to replace it with a new one. Discard of all needles in a sharps container.

    Open the second needle from the packaging and with the cap in place, twist it onto the syringe.

  • Step eight:
  • Once the needle is securely attached to the syringe, take the cap off of it and eject a bit of extra air that is captured in the syringe. Do this by pushing the plunger up slowly.

    You will be leaving just a small bubble of air at the tip of the syringe after putting it upside down and tapping it to move the bubbles to the top.

Your device is now ready to inject your Testosterone Cypionate medication. You will now learn how to use Testosterone Cypionate injection. In other words, we are going to share with you how to deliver the medication into the body.

What Are The Steps For How To Inject Testosterone Cypionate

Here are the very simple steps on how to inject Testosterone Cypionate into the outer thigh muscle:

  • Step one:
  • Wash your hands and get all of your supplies together. Lay them out in front of you on a clean and sterile surface.

    You will have:

    • Your needle and syringe together and full with your prepared medication
    • Alcohol pads
    • A bandage
    • Your sharps container
  • Step two:
  • Decide where you will inject your needle. If you choose the skin of the outer thigh, you will open an alcohol pad and rub the skin in that area in a circular motion.

    Move the pad outward to push any possible bacteria away from the area that you will inject your needle.

  • Step three:
  • Unwrap your bandage and stick it to your hand. You are doing this so that you have easy access to it after the needle is pulled out of the skin.

    You want to cover the injection site as quickly as possible.

  • Step four:
  • Uncap your needle and squeeze the area of skin with your fingers. Slowly press the needle into the skin as far as it will go.

    Some people like to do it quickly and say that this method is not any more painful than doing it at a slow and steady pace.

  • Step five:
  • Once the needle is all the way into the muscle, press the plunger of the syringe very slowly until all the medication is released from the needle and syringe and into the body.

    Pull the needle out and immediately cover the area with the bandage that was placed on your hand.

You are finished. Throw away your needle and syringe in the sharps container. You will use a new one for each injection.