Testosterone Shots

Testosterone shots

When a patient is diagnosed with low testosterone levels (or low T) by a licensed physician and is given a prescription for medication to increase these levels of hormone in the body, they will usually get them in the form of testosterone shots. These injections will be done with a thin needle and syringe. They will be delivered into a muscle of the body and never directly into a vein.

  • What are testosterone shots?

The medication within the testosterone shots when purchased from HT Medical Center is 100 percent pure and bio-identical to what the body naturally produces. The doctor who writes your prescription will tell you exactly how much medication you will need to inject per shot. This will be very accurate.

Your testosterone shots dosage can be prescribed once the doctor analyzes your test results from your blood work. They will also closely review information from your face to face examination and medical history. This information will be gathered in a local clinic in your home city and then sent back to our center for its analysis.

Injections will be shipped to your home where you will self administer them in comfort and privacy. You will have full directions as to how to prepare and inject the medications, but we are also always here to help you with how to give a testosterone shot when you need us.

  • What do testosterone shots cost?

Everything involving testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will be included in one single price. This cost will include all of our expertise, testing, a diagnosis, a treatment plan and a prescription, all testosterone shots including medications, needles and syringes and medical supervision with constant opportunity to speak with our expert clinical advisors. Price will depend upon a few things:

  • What medication will be used?
  • How much medication will be prescribed?
  • How long will a patient be on our TRT plan?

There are some other factors that make up the cost of testosterone therapy and these can all be discussed upon your first initial consultation with us (that is free of charge).

  • Many people want to know testosterone shots do they work?

There is a ton of clinical research from medical trial studies through large universities and medical institutions that demonstrate that testosterone shots do work. They relieve the symptoms of low T due to the natural aging process and give a person back his or her quality of life.

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Shots

Below is a chart that will give you a comprehensive look at most of the testosterone shot benefits that occur when your testosterone shots are taken as directed. In order to get these positive testosterone shots results, you will need to be responsible and commit fully to your doctor prescribed TRT treatment plan and prescription.

You will need to stay in contact with your clinical advisor, call us if anything does not feel right and accept our full medical supervision. These are the results of TRT that will change your life:

Testosterone Shot Benefits

Greater muscle mass

Weight loss (loss of excess fat around belly area)

Greater endurance

Greater stamina

More energy

More vigor and vitality

A stronger immune system

The ability to fight infection and sickness better

Better healing ability

Stronger bone mineral density

Less bone fractures or breakage

Less risk for developing osteoporosis

Lower cholesterol levels

Lower triglyceride levels

Less risk for heart attack or stroke

Less danger of developing diabetes

Better sleeping patterns

Less sleep disturbances

Better restoration of the body’s cells and tissues

Deeper, longer lasting and restful slumber

Better memory

Better concentration

Better focus

Less of that mental foggy feeling

Less depression

Less anxiety

Less irritability

Less agitation and anger outbursts

An overall better emotional well being

Better emotional stability

Tighter skin (stronger skin elasticity)

Less wrinkles

Less noticeable crow’s feet

Less noticeable cellulite

Less sagging skin

Smoother and healthier looking skin

More hair growth and less balding

Stronger growing nails

Stronger sexual libido

More sexual desire

Stronger and longer lasting erections

Elimination of erectile dysfunction

Stronger and longer lasting orgasms

Less vaginal dryness

Better memory

Stronger overall mental acuity

How Do You Give A Testosterone Shot: Step By Step

There are certain steps that one should follow when they are administering their testosterone injections. Some people want to know are testosterone shots dangerous? The general answer to that is that if the correct prescribed amount of medication is delivered in a sterile and correct way, there should be no problem.

Here is a chart that explains how to give a testosterone shot:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Lay out all of your supplies in front of you and take inventory. You should have:
    • a needle
    • a syringe
    • a medication vial
    • a vial of bacteriostatic water
    • alcohol pads
    • a sharps container
    • a bandage
  • Take the top off of the vial of testosterone medication.
  • Open an alcohol pad and wipe the top of the medication bottle on its rubber stopper from one side to the other. Throw away the alcohol pad.
  • Take the top off of the vial of bacteriostatic water.
  • Open another alcohol pad and wipe the top of the medication bottle on its rubber stopper from one side to the other. Throw away the alcohol pad.
  • Take your syringe out of its packaging.
  • Take your needle out of its packaging.
  • Keep the cap on the needle and twist it onto the syringe. Twist until the needle is on tightly.
  • Pull back on the plunger on the syringe. You will be drawing in air. The goal is to draw in the same amount of air that you will use in medication. The point is to avoid the negative pressure that can occur in the vial.
  • Turn the vial of medication upside down. Stick your needle straight down into the rubber stopper of the testosterone medication vial.

Draw up the amount of medication that is on your prescription.

  • You will then put the testosterone medication into the vial of bacteriostatic water, but there is a certain way to do this.

Tilt your vial of sterile water a little and slowly press the medication down the side of the bottle. This will allow it to mix gently.

  • When you have enough medication (the amount on your prescription), pull out the needle from the vial.
  • Tap the syringe using your pointer finger and thumb to move any bubbles that you see to the top.
  • Make sure that you have enough medication in the syringe. If you do not, draw out some more using the same procedure as outlined above. It is important to have enough medication in the syringe to inject. If you do not have enough medication in the syringe, you may not get the results you are looking to get.
  • This first needle will be twisted off, capped and thrown away.
  • A new needle will be taken out of the packaging with its cap in place and twisted onto the syringe containing the medication (just like you did earlier).
  • After the needle is tightly on the syringe, the cap will come off and you will press the plunger slowly in to remove any extra air that is trapped inside. You will leave just a small air bubble at the top (this is a conservation technique). Set the needle aside.

It is now time to prepare your injection site for delivery of the medication. There are three different muscles that are used for testosterone shots:

  • The muscles of the deltoids
  • The muscles in the gluts
  • A muscle in the thigh (the outer muscle)

Here is a guide to how to inject the medication into the body using the outer thigh muscle:

  • Choose your injection site.
  •  Remove a bandage from it paper and stick it to your arm. This way it is immediately ready to cover your injections site after the delivery of your medication is completed.
  •  Remove an alcohol pad from the packaging and wipe the area of skin in a circular motion from the inside outwards. This will move any bacteria away from the injections area.
  • Using your fingers, pinch the area of skin where you will inject the needle and as most people do, slowly press the needle into the area until it cannot go any further. (Some people push the needle in quickly.)
  • Push the plunger until all of the medication is out of the syringe and into your body.
  • Pull the needle out and immediately put a bandage on the injection site.