How Do You Start Testosterone Therapy: Step By Step Chart

How to start testosterone therapy

There are certain steps that a patient of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) must follow in order to have a safe and legal experience with treatment. Here you will learn how to start testosterone replacement therapy with a step by step chart that shows everything that you will need to do to get a prescription for this innovative and remarkable kind of therapy.

How To Start Testosterone Therapy


  • The very first step is making the decision to call our toll free phone number to speak about your issues, about TRT and to make the decision if this kind of treatment is for you or not. You will be able to ask all your questions regarding TRT, what is involved in therapy, when to start testosterone therapy and everything you need to do to get a prescription.

You will discuss your symptoms and your goals for therapy too. Our clinical advisors will immediately make you feel comfortable. They will be understanding and compassionate because they know all about the symptoms of having low T and they know what life can be like when your hormone levels are too low. They will be your first point of contact and they will be there for you throughout your therapy if you are a qualified candidate and make the choice to become a patient of HT Medical Center.


  • If your advisor and you decide that you will take the second step in starting the therapeutic process to raise and balance your low testosterone levels, you will need to get testing done. Testing will determine if you have low T and what kind of medications and dosages you will need.

Our clinical advisor will set you up with an appointment at a nearby local clinic in your city for a physical exam and blood work to be taken.


  • You will attend your scheduled appointment to see a qualified practitioner for your testing. When it is all completed, the results will go back to HT Medical Center.


  • At your convenience, you will fill out a medical history form from our website that will be sent to our clinic through a secured online connection.


  • Our fully trained and licensed doctors will analyze all of you test results, including your self disclosed medical history. They are looking at blood work to confirm that your symptoms are most likely being caused from low T and they are looking at your physical exam and medical history information to make sure that your health is good enough for TRT.

We just want to make sure that you are not dealing with any serious, chronic illnesses that could impede upon getting great results from testosterone replacement therapy.


  • After a full analysis of all your information is completed and it is appropriate, the doctor will diagnose you with low T and write your prescription.


  • You will get an individualized treatment plan created specifically for your needs.


  • Your medication and supplies will be shipped directly and discreetly to your home or office. You can give us the address for where you would like your TRT kit to be shipped.


  • Once your TRT kit arrives to you, you can begin self administering your shots immediately. You are always welcome to call us here for assistance in the preparation and delivery of your injections.

Do You Need A Prescription To Start Testosterone Therapy

You will absolutely need a prescription to start testosterone therapy. It is not legal nor is it safe to partake in this kind of treatment without getting a doctor’s expert diagnosis of low T and his or her prescription for exactly what you need for therapy as an individual.

The US government puts strict rules and regulations on this highly controlled hormone to keep people from abusing and misusing it. Of course people will still attempt to get a hold of testosterone injections illegally, but this is never safe and can lead to trouble with the law and disastrous and dangerous results.

When Should You Start Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Many people are not sure and will ask when should I start testosterone therapy? This is a great question with several answers.

  1. You can only begin TRT after the age of 30
  2. You must go through the testing process to check for low T and otherwise good health before you can start testosterone therapy
  3. HT Medical Center advises people who believe that their symptoms and ailments might be caused from a testosterone deficiency to start the process of getting tested for therapy immediately upon feeling less then optimal

Why would you want to wait a single day longer than you must to begin testosterone replacement therapy that can help you to feel strong, healthy and alive again? We are here to help you feel like you are in your 20’s with proven successful testosterone replacement therapy.