What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is the use of molecularly identical (to human endogenous hormones) injections that are delivered into the body to replace hormones that have depleted. Clinics such as HT Medical Center work only with those over 30 who have been blood tested to be low in growth hormones (GH) due to aging.

Our doctors will prescribe this kind of treatment for those who qualify and are experiencing symptoms from this depletion that can take away all quality of life. BHRT has been clinically proven to be safe and extremely effective when done correctly according to the doctor’s prescription.

In order for this kind of therapy to be legal and safe, it must be done with licensed physicians who test, diagnose correctly and prescribe an individualized, tailor made treatment plan and medications for each patient. In addition, these professionals must provide medical supervision throughout the entire course of treatment.

A clinic must have certain elements in place in order to be considered safe and recommended.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses injectable hormones that are molecularly identical to what the body already produces.

These different factors include:

  1. They only work with licensed doctors who are experts in this field of medicine.
  2. They require patients to be tested by giving a blood sampling, by getting a physical exam and by sharing their medical history.
  3. They have clinical advisors that follow clients through their therapy process from the beginning until the end.
  4. They offer a free first consultation with an educated advisor to teach about HRT and all that is involved in treatment.
  5. Doctors give accurate diagnoses before writing prescriptions for correct injectable medications.
  6. Medications are bioidentical injections that are 191 amino acid sequences. They are top quality and 100 percent pure.
  7. Doctors medically supervise treatment from the beginning until the end.

All of these factors must be in place for a person to trust any BHRT clinic. Only using a place that follows the rules of the law and what is considered to be safe and honorable when dealing with any medical treatment program is imperative. That includes any clinic for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits, Side Effects, Doctors And Cost Of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy:

Physical Sexual Emotional / Mental
Boost in energy Loss of erectile dysfunction Lifting of depression
Less fatigue Great sexual desire Less anxiety
More stamina Boost in sexual libido Minimal irritability
Greater endurance Less hot flashes Less agitation
Stronger immunity Less night sweats Less fogginess
Less sickness Longer and stronger erections More emotional stability
Quicker healing Higher sperm count Better memory
Stronger bones Stronger sperm potency Less forgetfulness
Less risk of osteoporosis More intense orgasms Better concentration
Lower bad cholesterol Less vaginal dryness Better focus
Less risk of heart attack   Excitement for the future
Less risk of stroke    
Better sleeping patterns    
Stronger skin elasticity    
Less wrinkles    
Weight loss    
Muscle gain    
Less hair loss or balding    
Better nail growth    
Better organ growth    
Lower triglyceride levels    
Lower occurrence of diabetes    
Better management of diabetes    

Here is a comprehensive list of the possible side effects of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy:

Swelling of hands and feet Hives Fatigue
Swelling of lips and tongue Rash Weakness
Swelling of mouth and face Weight gain Joint pain
Nausea Blurred vision Muscle pain
Vomiting Dizziness Joint stiffness
Stomach cramps Headaches Redness at injection site
Blood in urine Numb feeling Tingling feeling
Pain behind eyes Changes in vision Racing heart beat
Swelling at injection site Itching at injection site Unusual bruising
Breast enlargement (in men) Breast pain Increased thirst
Increased hunger Dry mouth Fruity smell of the breath

Which doctors provide BHRT?

The best bioidentical hormone replacement therapy doctors are ones who are fully trained and licensed in endocrinology. Endocrinology is the study of the hormones. Doctors can also be trained and licensed in a very closely related field and be considered experts in BHRT too. They must work with clinics that follow the law, test, diagnose, prescribe and provide medical supervision for all of their patients.

How much does bioidentical HRT cost?

There are many different factors that go into the cost of HRT. These include which medications are being used, the dosage of medication and how long a person will be using the injections prescribed.

HT Medical Center costs are approximately:

  • Human growth hormone injections can start at $800 per month
  • Therapy based on Depo-Testosterone can begin at $49.00 per week
  • Therapy based on Copmaind can start at $41.00 per week

Costs may seem high to some, but it is important to remember that good health and gaining quality of life should never come with a price tag. The amount of money people waste on over the counter useless oral supplements, enhancers or boosters is high. These forms of HGH simply do not work. In addition, the amount of money people waste on scams by trying to get cheap injections that turn out to be not real, fake and dangerous is something that is very high too. It is wise to stay away from the black market, websites that are not reputable and buying from overseas.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has changed countless numbers of lives safely and legally. As a clinic that provides this service to patients all over the country, HT Medical Centers hopes that you will call us free for more information on how to change your life with a proven treatment that is healthy for the body.