What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy

There are different pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). People usually partake in HRT when their hormone levels drop to a level where it is impacting their health in physical, emotional, mental and sexual ways.

The symptoms they can have can affect their lives and cause them to lose quality to their everyday existences. HRT can stop this. However, it is always good to be aware of the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy so that you know what you can possibly expect.

We are going to discuss the benefits and side effects of HRT in regards to the following:

  • After a hysterectomy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Menopause
  • General health

The following charts should give a great idea of how HRT can impact a person who is committed to the process and is working with a reputable clinic with consummate professionals. There are quite a few pros and cons of natural hormone replacement therapy.

We are going to start with the benefits and risks of HRT for mostly female issue such as after a hysterectomy, for osteoporosis and for menopause. We will then discuss the pros and cons of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for both males and females.

  • The pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy after hysterectomy

There is usually a sudden onset of menopausal symptoms after a woman has had a hysterectomy. When the removal of ones ovaries takes place (called salpingo-oophorectomy) usually within 48 hours to a few weeks after surgery, symptoms will start to happen. Levels of hormones drop and this is what causes the issues.

Experts say that HRT for women after a hysterectomy is very common and suitable. Once the hormones causing the problems are naturally and safely replaced and balanced, the symptoms stay away. This kind of treatment is only legal and safe; however, after testing takes place and a woman is in otherwise good health.

There are main pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy after hysterectomy. Some of the pro are: the improvement of sexual libido and desire, the lessening of vaginal dryness and the occurrence of natural vaginal lubrication. HRT can lessen mood swings, irritability, anxiety and depression and it reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Some of the cons are: allergic reactions, swelling, irritation at injection site, nausea, vomiting, rash, hives, blemishes and even some more serious issues that are rare, but will be discussed later.

  • The pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy for osteoporosis

When hormone levels drop with age, bone mineral density reduces. This can lead to weak and brittle bones that have a greater chance of fracturing or breaking. This loss of bone mass is called osteoporosis. The main benefit of HRT for bone health is stronger bones that can lead to less risk for the disease that causes bones to break easily. The cons are the same as above.

  • The pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy after menopause

Once again the cons of HRT are the same for any issue related to the loss of hormones due to the natural aging process. The pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy during menopause should be learned to be a fully educated consumer. Here are the pros of HRT for menopause: less hot flashes, less night sweats, less danger of developing weak bones and osteoporosis and less vaginal dryness, less uncomfortable sexual relations and a higher sexual desire.

What Are The Pros Of Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Chart

Of all of the pros and cons on hormone replacement therapy, here is a comprehensive chart of the benefits of this kind of natural treatment in general. If a patient follows their treatment plan exactly as written and adheres to their prescription written by our licensed doctors, they should get great results.

The Pros Of Hormone

Replacement Therapy



Increased energy

Bursting vigor and vitality

Increased endurance and stamina levels

An overall better emotional stability

Less depression

Less anxiety

Less irritability

Less agitation

Less mood swings

Less anger outbursts

Less body, muscle and joint pain

Less of a mental foggy feeling

Better concentration and focus

Better memory

Better sleeping patterns

Less sleep disturbances

The elimination of erectile dysfunction

Stronger erections

Longer lasting erections

Stronger orgasms

Longer lasting orgasms

More desire for sex and an increase in libido

Less vaginal dryness

Less hot flashes

Less night sweats

Lower cholesterol levels

Lower triglyceride levels

Lower risk for heart attack or stroke

Less risk for developing diabetes

The ability to manage diabetes better

A stronger immune system

Less instances of getting sick with colds or the flu

Faster healing from sickness

Faster healing of injuries

Stronger bone density

Less chance for bone fractures or breaks

Less risk for developing osteoporosis

Stronger skin elasticity

Less facial wrinkles

Less appearance of crow’s feet

Less sagging skin

A fresher and healthier glow to the skin

Less appearance of cellulite

Weight loss (especially fat around the belly)

Muscle gain

Better ability to recover after physical activity

Hair growth

Nail growth

Balding will slow

Organ growth

These are all pros and cons of male hormone replacement therapy and female HRT as well, respectively. HRT is for both genders, as aging does not disqualify either sex from losing hormone levels and experiencing the symptoms that go along with that.

When talking about specifically females, there are definite menopausal symptoms that can be rectified with HRT treatment. Men will experience some of the same issues as well. This is why is important to learn all about the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy for menopause and in general, the pros of hormone replacement therapy.

What Are The Cons Of Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Chart

In our discussion about what are pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy, we talked about the benefits so far. Now we must discuss the cons of therapy; things that could go wrong. It is important to be educated about these issues. When working with a clinic that is well versed in this kind of innovative medicine, negative side effects are very rare, but they can occur.

Possible Negative Side Effects

Of Hormone Replacement Therapy





Stomach cramping


Bad breath

Fruity smell to breath

Dry mouth

Ulcers in the mouth




Chest pain

Chest pressure

Blurry vision

Shortness of breath


Swelling of gums

Swelling of hands, legs, ankles or feet

Redness at injection site

Swelling of mouth or tongue

Itching at injection site

Irregular heart beat

Irritation at injection site

Bleeding gums



Fatigue and lethargy

Lack of energy






Mental fogginess

Bleeding gums

Difficulty focusing or concentrating

A dizzy feeling

A numb feeling


Breast pain (in men)

Dark colored urine or stool


Swelling of breasts

A deeper male voice

Ejaculations issues

Shrinking of the testicles

Male patterned balding


Being aware of both the pros of hormone replacement therapy and the cons as well is important when going into HRT, as with any other kind of treatment. Being aware of negative side effects does not mean that they will happen to you, but awareness can make you ready to face them and take care of them if they do.