Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Natural hormone replacement

For decades, natural hormone replacement therapy (NHRT) has been helping both men and women with low hormone levels to safely, legally and effectively raise levels into normal ranges. For NHRT, licensed doctors put eligible patients onto the correct dosage of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) injectable bio-identical medication and medically supervise their progress throughout their treatment plan protocol.

The right treatment regimen will help to eliminate the negative symptoms that come from not having enough of these important growth hormones (GH) in the body. As highly qualified physicians work together with the most knowledgeable and compassionate clinical advisors, HT Medical Center is hailed as one of the top HRT clinics in the US.

Since GH is responsible for good health physically, emotionally, sexually and mentally, it is very important to keep it balanced. If living a healthy lifestyle is just not enough, natural replacement therapy can add just what a patient needs to reach optimal health. The key is finding a clinic that is honorable, honest, trustworthy and reputable. Yes, HT Medical Center has been known to be one of the best natural hormone replacement clinics in the US and it continues to grow in popularity as they never stop educating people about NHRT and all that it involves.

Natural Hormone Replacement For Men And Women

Both genders will lose their growth hormones and testosterone naturally as they progress in age. This is something that cannot be stopped, as it is a part of life, but the symptoms that can become life altering can be eliminated with natural hormone replacement for men and women. How can this be done?

Here is a simple chart to help people to understand what is involved in an HRT program:

These Are The Steps For Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy For Men And Women At HT Medical Center

  1. Call the clinic of choice for a free first consultation with one of their expert clinical advisors. Share symptoms, ask questions and learn all about what will be involved in HRT
  2. Get tested – Testing involves getting blood work done, a physical exam and sharing a medical history. Your advisor will set up a one time appointment for you to get this done at a local clinic in your home city
  3. After testing is completed, the results will go back to the clinic for a complete analysis by the licensed doctors
  4. If a growth hormone or testosterone deficiency is found, the doctor can then diagnose the patient with low GH or low T
  5. A prescription for the correct medication will be written
  6. All medications and supplies will be shipped to the patient’s address quickly and discreetly
  7. Clinical advisors will be available to help patients to understand their individually created treatment plans and to prepare and self administer their injections
  8. Advisors will be a great support technically and morally for their patients. They will also give clients an education on healthy lifestyle habits to help increase their hormones faster
  9. Doctors will be medically supervising their patients throughout therapy
  • Natural hormone replacement for men

When a man loses his growth hormones, this is called andropause. It has been related to what most people already know as menopause for women. Men and women have different genetic make-ups, but they both need their hormones to remain at normal levels throughout their life cycle in order to be able to function at optimal performance, to feel great and to look as youthful as possible.

Unfortunately, in past years, men’s health has not gotten as much attention as it has deserved. Men grow older just as women do and when they lose their GH or their testosterone, they can have symptoms what will impede upon their quality of life. These problems can be:

Loss of energy Night sweats
Loss of stamina, endurance and vitality Balding or thinning hair
Muscle loss A weaker immune system
Fat gain Memory loss
Fatigue Inability to concentrate or focus well
Forgetfulness Higher cholesterol and triglyceride levels
Irritability Danger of having a stroke or heart attack
Agitation Shrinking organs
Depression Wrinkled and old looking skin
Anxiety Weaker bone mineral density
Erectile dysfunction Inability to recover quickly from workouts
Loss of sexual libido Slower metabolism
Hot flashes Slower metabolism

What can help these symptoms? Natural hormone replacement for men can be what turns a man’s life around as he gives his problems the attention that they deserve. Now that the medical community is recognizing male menopause as a true problem, it can be treated and a man can live his later years feeling like he did when he was in his 20’s with the same amount of self confidence and self worth.

  • Natural hormone replacement for women

Women’s issues in general have always gotten a great amount of attention in the medical community. HRT has been helping them to gain back their confidence, good health and ability to function as they did years prior. It does this by balancing their hormones with the correct injectable HGH medications and by giving them an education on how to live healthy.

Menopause has always gotten a great amount of awareness and women often turn to HRT to help replace their missing hormones to relieve their symptoms of this aging issue. Menopause is more than just the well known hot flashes, sleepless nights, vaginal dryness and night sweats that most people know it to be.

Most of the symptoms listed above for men who are losing their hormones are what women experience too. Natural hormone replacement therapy for menopause with HT Medical Center has helped a countlessnumber of females to feel “normal” again without the following symptoms that bring them down as their hormone levels deplete:

Gaining weight A weaker immune system with difficulty fighting sickness
Slower metabolism Memory loss and forgetfulness
Hot flashes; Loss of ability to concentrate or to focus well
Night sweats Depression
Loss of sleep and sleep disturbances Anxiety
Vaginal dryness Mood swings
Loss of sexual libido Fatigue
Weak skin elasticity leading to wrinkles and older looking skin Endometriosis
Weak bone density that can lead to fractured bones, broken
bones and osteoporosis

Advisors from HT Medical Center will also teach about proper nutrition, stress reduction, exercise and sleep for both men and women. Earlier signs of hormonal loss in both genders can be attributed to lack of taking care of the body with healthful every day habits.

Since imbalance and depletion of hormones are the cause of so many uncomfortable symptoms and even many chronic health problems, HRT is a very good form of treatment to consider. As long as it is done with a reputable and honest clinic that works on the right side of the law, a patient can have remarkable results that give them back the life they had been missing since their hormones dropped.