Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT

Over the years, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has helped people from all walks of life from all across the country to continue living their lives into their later years while feeling strong and healthy. It is a scientific fact that aging occurs in all multicellular organisms. That means that anything living will age including animals, animate or inanimate matter and humans. What causes aging? Aging is an arbitrary loss of molecular dependability. In other words, as people grow older, molecules break, caramelize, oxidize, cross link and unravel – they just do not work correctly. When this happens, repair mechanisms in the body such as growth hormones (GH) kick in to fix the issues. However, after people reach about the age of 30, these random molecular changes are no longer repairable because the GH is not there to fix them due to depletion. That is when male hormone replacement therapy doctors can help. When a doctor is not educated about treating hormone deficiencies specifically, he or she will often only treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes of them. More professionals in the medical field should be learning about how to help their patients who are dealing with damage caused to the body because of aging and hormone deficiencies rather than automatically prescribing medications to mask symptoms for temporary relief. They will need to learn about HRT and how bioidentical medications of HGH injections can help replace the GH that has decreased within the body and can no longer repair the tissues and cells that become damaged with age. Hormone replacement therapy for men can be the answer to elongating a person’s lifespan by restoring the growth hormones that are needed to eliminate symptoms such as lack of energy, all the way to serious and life threatening issues such as the prospect of heart attack or stroke.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Cost

Male hormone replacement therapy cost will depend considerably on many factors. Since these HGH medications are controlled substances, they will need to be prescribed by a doctor in order to be purchased legally. Visiting a local doctor’s office in different cities could slowly become extremely expensive as the price of each visit will start accumulating. If a patient’s specific insurance company does not cover any necessary hormone replacement therapy needs, all costs will come out of the client’s pocket. When working online with the clinic such as HT Medical Center, many of the costs of the entire treatment plan protocol are diminished due to savings of travel, multiple visits to physician’s offices that charge for each one, expensive medications that an online clinic can sell for less and other factors. Many professionals suggest that to keep male hormone replacement therapy cost down, one should order the prescribed medications in larger quantities to avoid multiple shipping charges. With the one price a person will pay for therapy online with a reputable clinic, they will get:

  • A free first time consultation with an expert
  • Comprehensive IGF-1 blood testing
  • A full physical examination
  • Analysis of all testing and of a medical history form
  • An accurate diagnosis
  • The correct medications and dosages for a full hormone replacement therapy program protocol
  • Complete medical supervision from a licensed doctor
  • Constant contact with expert clinical advisors for questions or concerns
  • Shipping of medications and supplies door to door to the client’s home or office from the clinic’s pharmacy

Most believe that one cannot put a cost on quality of life and adding longevity without worry of disease and sickness. Whatever the cost may be for HGH therapy, if a person is looking for the safest and most effective and rewarding way to replenish lost growth hormones and enjoy life, HGH injections are the way to go. When working with a reputable clinic, negative side effects should be nonexistent as a person follows the exact prescription from the doctor. Positive effects will show quickly and prove that a client has made the right decision to partake in hormone replacement therapy.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctors

Male hormone replacement therapy doctors have been doing research for decades on the best HRT programs available. HT Medical Center has many of these physicians working for them. With the correct practitioner who has full knowledge of the aging process and how it affects the body physically, emotionally, mentally and sexually, more men and women can be properly diagnosed. They can then be correctly treated for low HGH levels with the appropriate bioidentical HGH medications and dosages, rather than having their symptoms mistaken for sickness or disease. When speaking of male hormone replacement therapy cost, online clinics that are honest and authentic will only sell clients exactly what they need and keep prices down as much as they possibly can. Putting a price on health and longevity of life filled with quality seems unimaginable; however, people do have to watch their wallets in today’s economy. Online male hormone replacement therapy cost is often more affordable then walk-in clinics or doctor’s offices since most of the work is done online and over the phone with the highest quality staff of professional HRT experts of doctors and advisors. Women and men all over the country are looking to find relief from so many of the symptoms that low GH in the body can bring about. Many professionals will warn against using any other professionals, except for fully trained and licensed hormone replacement therapy doctors. These professionals will help patients learn how to balance their hormones with HGH injections in combination with naturally good lifestyle habits. The right doctors will do complete hormone testing profiles to make sure there is a GH deficiency, will be able to prescribe the correct medications and dosages and create a tailor made regimented protocol for each individual person looking for help. Use HRT doctors that will only prescribe pharmaceutical grade supplemental HGH injections for their therapy practice.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone replacement therapy for men will often be needed around age 30 or above when weaning growth hormones can no longer control normal functions of the body such as muscle growth, weight stability, sex drive, energy, memory, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, sleep, the immune system and more. GH cannot help symptoms when production of the vital chemical compound is no longer being produced as it used to. This can be easily remedied with clinically proven (by one clinical study after another) male HRT therapy. Men often worry about their looks (as women will too) and lose their self confidence when hair begins to thin, their skin begins to sag and their muscle tone begins to fade away. They may also experience fatigue, erectile dysfunction and lethargy which can affect their self esteem as well. When the growth hormones that are often extremely instrumental in repairing problems caused by aging are depleted and unavailable to help reverse symptoms, hormone replacement therapy for men can do the trick just as well. Doctor prescribed medications by those who are well versed in hormone replacement therapy know how extremely effective HGH injections can be to help the body to restore what it is missing. When these injections are used, the body will not even recognize that it is not producing the GH itself. This is how closely the bioidentical medical formulas are that are produced in specialized laboratories. It is time for members of the medical field to understand the basic facts of aging and not be so quick to write prescriptions for expensive chemically filled medications to help with the problems of aging that hormone replacement therapy for men can eradicate safely, quickly and effectively.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Hormone replacement therapy for women is truly not that different as HRT treatment for men; however, it is true that women do have different needs than men. In general, all people will use different medications and dosages depending upon blood testing of IGF-1 levels by qualified licensed doctors who are well versed in hormone replacement therapy. Besides high levels of growth hormone within the body being vital repair mechanisms for aging symptoms, proper nutrition should also be a large part of what goes into a hormone replacement therapy for women treatment plan protocol. Popular studies have shown that the American diet mostly consists of junk food. Many studies have revealed that most people in our country do not eat wholesome foods that are filled with vitamins, minerals and omega-3 oils that are necessary for proper and necessary nutrition for the body to function at its optimal level. This can be obviously seen in the number of overweight men and women living within the USA. In comparison to other countries, our residents are not as lean and healthy and experience more coronary heart problems than people in any other part of the world. Female and male hormone replacement therapy doctors should raise their voices to get the word out that proper nutrition, exercise, lowering stress levels, never smoking and only drinking a moderate amount of alcohol are all imperative factors to help keep GH levels high in the body for longer periods of time. Since women have the propensity to gain weight very quickly, especially around the stomach area thighs and buttocks, they should particularly stay away from foods such as hamburgers, French fries, sugary sodas and cakes, cookies and donuts, just to name a few. It has been scientifically proven that eating these kinds of foods completely undermine the jobs of our GH hormones and will quicken the path for poor health and fast tracked aging. It is understandable that changing lifestyle habits can be difficult; however, it is important to do it. When on a hormone replacement therapy program with a clinic such as HT Medical Center, female or male HRT therapy will include the use of high quality medications as well as the teachings of proper lifestyle living habits.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women

The benefits of hormone replacement therapy for men and women can be plainly obvious by the clients themselves and others who see them. To the observant older patient who is suffering with lethargy, low sexual libido, unattractive and sagging skin, weight gain and loss of muscle, dropped mental acuity and other symptoms, these insidious inevitabilities of aging are blatantly apparent. They become more obvious as people continue growing older, but can be stopped, reversed, or even eliminated by hormone replacement therapy for women and for men. Aging can cause such severe cellular damage that it can cease the body’s ability to repair problems due to the pituitary gland’s inability to produce enough growth hormone. By using doctor prescribed HGH injections as part of a hormone replacement treatment plan that is medically supervised, the above mentioned obvious symptoms of aging can be abolished. Many times problems become undetected as being caused by the depletion in growth hormone levels, but are mistaken for being something else. Many doctors are simply unaware of the scientific proof that hormone replacement therapy for women and for men can be highly effective as well as safe. Physicians are often unaware that Mother Nature’s repair mechanisms, such as high levels of HGH within the body, will become highly reduced and unable to keep the body strong and vibrant as the years pass by. Doctors will often not diagnose issues such as high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, slowing of the body’s organs, including the brain for strong mental acuity and other medical complications as a result of low GH. They only see patient’s medical struggles as sickness or disease, not depleting vital hormones. This is why getting diagnosed with the correct female or male hormone replacement therapy doctors is imperative. Practitioners who are unaware of the incredible potency of growth hormones and how they help to keep the body healthy, do not study female or male HRT therapy, but maybe it is time that they do.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinics

When looking for the best male hormone replacement therapy clinics for your anti aging needs, it is most important to do one’s due diligence and lots of research in order to find the correct fit. Whether it be a lot of individualized one on one attention that a person needs on a recurring basis throughout therapy or a clinic that has an affordable male hormone replacement therapy cost, these are important factors that one should seek out to be afforded the best experience possible. Some most imperative things to look for when searching for the right HRT clinic are licensed and fully trained doctors who are experts in hormone replacement therapy and believe that human growth hormones added to depleting GH within the body can reverse major symptoms. Unlike some doctors who believe that all ailments are consequences of disease or sickness, male HRT therapy has been proven to be extremely effective as demonstrated in a plethora of research studies using many subjects with low GH levels within their bodies. These subjects flourished and enhanced their overall health in many ways when working with some of the best online HGH clinics in the USA. HT Medical Center is proud to boast their extremely successful track record in helping to save lives in highly acclaimed ways that are documented in some of the most popular and well known medical journals.