HGH Benefits for Memory Improvement

HGH Benefits for Memory Improvement

Fear of conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s among today’s active adults is very real. Loss of memory risk is increased with age – as is a decline in human growth hormone production. What do these two situations have in common?

The HGH benefits for memory are not surprising when you consider that the brain is home to an abundant supply of growth hormone receptor cells. These receptor sites are present in the areas of the brain connected to learning and recall.

If you think of the brain as an equivalent to the engine of a car you know that the car needs to have gasoline in order for it to run. Oil is also necessary to avoid breakdowns. Hormones are the gas and oil of our brains. So, how does HGH help memory?

Human growth hormone release occurs in pulsatile bursts throughout the day and night (during deep, slow-wave sleep). Once released into the bloodstream, HGH zooms to its receptor sites to deliver its signal. As it reaches the brain, it stimulates the receptor cells responsible for learning and memory.

A good example of this is how well you retain something you are reading when you are feeling sluggish as opposed to when you are alert. HGH helps you to focus your attention and commit to memory what you have read – rather than having the need to reread the same passage over again.

At night, HGH allows the brain to process, compartmentalize, and store away all of the day’s information and activities for later recall. If HGH secretion is reduced at night due to poor sleep or anything less than 7 hours, the brain will not be able to process and store these memories with the necessary accuracy.

The Impact of HGH Decline on Memory

When the brain does not receive enough of an allotment of HGH during the day and night, it will not perform as needed to initiate memory and recall functions.

Further impact of HGH decline on memory is witnessed when brain injury or opiate abuse destroys brain cells and neuron connections. By looking at the effects of chronic opiate use on memory, researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden discovered that new brain cell growth in the hippocampus associated with memory was disrupted. The researchers compared these effects to the same ones that aging has on the brain as HGH levels decline and noticed similar responses.

Among the many HGH benefits for memory, we find a strengthening of current information storehouses. Think back to why you can easily recall the words to a song you learned decades ago, but cannot remember what you had for breakfast this morning. Your brain processed the earlier learnings with greater ease due to higher levels of human growth hormones. As the age-related decline of HGH reduces the brain’s ability to process and transmit information, memory storage decreases.

How HGH Can Improve Your Memory

How does HGH improve memory once growth hormone decline begins to interfere with brain functions?

HGH helps to increase nerve growth factors even though it cannot regrow brain cells directly. What HGH will do is produce new dendrite connections that link the neurons for the process of communication and transmitting brain signals and thoughts. These neurotransmitters are the cell phones of the brain, carrying information from one brain cell to another.

HGH benefits for memory include repairing damaged brain tissue and assisting the production of crucial proteins in the brain that help store our memories.

Not only will HGH therapy help improve memory, but it will also increase focus and attention span, aid in the performance of cognitive functions and mental calculations, and support better emotional mood and outlook.

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