Impact of Low HGH Levels and Sex Drive Decline

Low HGH Levels and Sex Drive

It is possible that low HGH levels and sex drive decline have one very important thing in common – the brain.

Human growth hormone has a tremendous impact on your brain in many ways that can affect your sex drive.

For example:

  • When you have low HGH levels, you probably get less than the recommended minimum 7 hours of sleep each night. Being tired is certainly a “mood-destroyer” for sexual desire.
  • Low HGH is often seen in conjunction with higher levels of cortisol. As a stress hormone, cortisol lowers HGH production and makes it difficult for you to relax and fall asleep. Feeling stressed also decreases feelings of sexual desire and arousal.
  • Low growth hormone also negatively influences the metabolism. Instead of feeling energized, the body stores fat and feels lethargic. You do not have the energy for sex.
  • With low levels of HGH, no sex drive is common. What is even worse is that we see physical manifestations such as vaginal dryness in women and erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Depression is also common when adults suffer from low levels of HGH. HGH signals to the brain can help boost mood and feelings of well-being.

How does HGH help sex drive in adults?

Think of it like this – when you give your body what it needs, it can function properly. Since increasing HGH levels improves metabolism, brain functions, and energy, and reduces cortisol levels, you will have an easier time of “feeling in the mood.”

Why Adults Need HGH for Sex Drive and Satisfaction

Adults need human growth hormones for many reasons. The HGH effect on sex drive can be seen in the brain.

Many people think that their sex drive is regulated by hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, and that is partly right. However, hormone production for these chemicals begins in the brain – the same place where growth hormone originates.

So, what is the connection between growth hormone and our “sex hormones?”

First, let us examine how hormone production works. You begin with signaling or stimulating hormones then send trigger messages to various glands and organs to release other hormones. Growth hormone, testosterone, and estrogen all require signals that initiate in the hypothalamus. Upon release, the originating hormones deliver their signals that then result in the essential hormones that we require for sex drive.

In turn, those newly released hormones travel through the bloodstream to our sex organs and brain. It is there, in the brain, that receptors await that will ultimately send signals of arousal down to the sex organs.

How does HGH lower sex drive when it is in decline?

HGH binds with receptor cells in different areas of the brain that can influence sex drive, such as:

HGH Influence on Sexual Desire in Brain Regions
Amygdala Hippocampus
Amygdala activation can trigger sexual feelings, ovulation, uterine contractions, sexual memories, penile erection, pleasure sensations, and orgasms The hippocampus receives signals from the orbital frontal cortex (OCF) that may increase sensory stimuli when growth hormone activates receptor cells

Consider this about low HGH levels and sex drive and when are you most likely in the mood:

  • Is it when you are stressing over something that happened at work or the illness of a loved one, or do you feel sexual desire when you are relaxed?

Chances are you feel most inclined for sex when you are not stressed – although sex is excellent for reducing stress. The brain has built-in mechanisms that can help put you in (or take you out of) the mood – hormones.

How HGH Therapy Can Increase Sex Drive

Another impact of low HGH levels and sex drive decline can be seen by examining the HGH effects on circulation. Human growth hormone improves exercise capacity, circulation, and heart health. As the primary promoter of cellular regeneration, HGH helps rejuvenate smooth muscle tissue. HGH sends blood moving more freely and abundantly to the sexual organs, increasing erectile strength and vaginal secretions. The result – more pleasurable sex.

How does HGH improve sex drive?

If low HGH can decrease sex drive that would mean that if you raise the level of HGH to increase sex drive, everything could change. That is precisely what we see here at HT Medical Center. Barely a day goes by when someone does not tell us about the positive changes in sexual desire, performance, and pleasure.

Low levels of HGH in the adult body leads to many physiological changes, including sexual decline. Aging appearance, low self-esteem, weight gain, fatigue, lack of sleep, increased stress, and declining health can all impact sex drive. Boosting HGH reverses these issues, allowing you to feel better about yourself, physically, emotionally, and sexually.

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