Functions of HGH in Your Body

Functions of HGH in Your Body

HGH provides more functions in the body than any other hormone, making it crucial to protect its production levels throughout your life.

One of the most important functions of HGH in your body is its ability to stimulate tissue growth. This includes muscles, internal organs, and the bones. Without enough human growth hormone, you may find yourself at an increased risk of osteoporosis, lean muscle mass decline, and shrinking organs that cannot keep up with the body’s demands.

We will list the functions of HGH according to their physical, emotional, and mental aspects. This will help you isolate specific issues you may have in your quest for an answer as to why certain changes are occurring in your body. Please know that the hormone specialists at HT Medical Center are here to answer any questions you might have, as well as provide simplified testing and affordable treatment options for human growth hormone deficiency.

The functions of HGH include:

Cells Regeneration and reproduction of new cells – muscles, bones, blood, organs, skin, hair, nails
Muscles Stimulates skeletal muscle and tendon collagen synthesis, increases muscle strength
Bones Enhances bone mineralization and bone forming cells, speeds up fracture healing
Skin Increases collagen production, reduces appearance of wrinkles and sagging, decreases cellulite, tightens and firms
Hair Encourages thicker hair, regrowth, color retention
Nails Strengthens nails to resist chipping and peeling
Organs Supports internal organ tissue growth and functions
Metabolism Accelerates lipid breakdown, improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulates loss of visceral fat
Heart Lowers LDL cholesterol, reduces cardiovascular risks, lowers blood pressure
Immunity Strengthens immune system, shortens recovery times
Sexual Enhances erectile functions, sexual desire, arousal, performance, pleasure responses
Insulin Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake, reduces diabetes risk factors
Temperature Better regulation of temperature sensitivity
Energy Increased energy and endurance
Eyes Improves night vision and overall eyesight

Mood Improved feelings of well-being, reduced stress and anxiety
Outlook Higher HGH levels associated with positive outlook for future
Depression Reversal of depression feelings
Socialization Desire for socialization rather than isolation
Sleep Improved sleep, both at onset and throughout the night
Self-image Enhances self-image and worth

Learning Increases retention
Recall Improves memory
Concentration Enhances focus
Performance Stimulates cognitive functions and mental task abilities
Drive Improves motivation and productivity

HGH and the Male Body

Stronger, leaner, firmer – these are signs that the functions of HGH hormone in males are working at their peak. When a man suffers from human growth hormone deficiency, he may discover that it takes longer, harder workouts at the gym to maintain his lean muscle mass and strength. Sometimes, nothing he does can keep his body from putting on excess fat mass while losing muscle tone. HGH therapy can change that when a deficiency is present.

The overall functions of HGH in males are much the same as in females – except for aiding erectile functions. In fact, many men report a rekindling of the sparks in their relationship – similar to when they were in their twenties.

Since the purpose of HGH hormone is to support the core functions in the body, a man may soon see increased risks of diabetes, osteoporosis, dementia, heart disease, obesity, and other health concerns if he does not check his HGH levels when some of these symptoms appear.

How HGH Benefits Females

While the functions of HGH in females are relatively the same as with males, the impact is often different. Some men find that a decline in sexual prowess or workplace drive is the worst possible scenario. They may overlook the gray hair and wrinkles around the eyes. That may or may not be the case for women.

This has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with self-image. The workplace and the world can be cruel, especially to women. It is a terrible double standard, but one that cannot be overlooked or discarded just because we do not like it. Unfortunately, appearance does impact financial gain in the workplace. Studies have proven this point.

Thanks to the functions of HGH hormone, the sight of wrinkles, dry, sagging skin will disappear as a more youthful glow takes hold. Weight loss, thicker hair, and firmer muscles help to improve a woman’s overall appearance.

From increasing energy to improving mood, the many functions of HGH can be life-changing. To learn more, please contact HT Medical Center for a free consultation.