HGH Injections For Men And Women

HGH Injections For Men And Women

Rules, laws and regulations may vary around the globe, but everywhere in the United States the sole way to legally purchase and/or use HGH injections for men or women is as prescribed treatment for the medical condition that is commonly referenced by the US medical community as adult GH (growth hormone) deficiency. Injectable HGH can do amazing things for those who have demonstrated a clinical deficiency in their growth hormone levels. An impressive group of peer-reviewed studies has indicated that HGH injections for men and women provides numerous benefits that can mitigate the various symptoms associated with decreased GH levels. However, it should be emphasized that the only reason for doctors to legally prescribe a treatment program of HGH injections for men or women is to restore an insufficient hormonal supply, as determined by a specific yet simple to perform test that measures the amount of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) in the blood. A desire to improve athletic performance or to enhance bodybuilding efforts are not legal or valid reasons to receive a prescription for HGH injections for women and men here in the US. Growth hormone for sale in Kingsber Medical

HGH Injections for Men

Why is there a need for medically prescribed HGH injections for men? Over the course of a lifetime, the human body produces more than fifty different hormones that are responsible for a diverse range of functions. However, many of the body’s hormonal levels, which affect everything from growth rate to sexuality to cellular repair, decline over time and that is when many adults start to become interested in the advantages of using prescription HGH injections for men and women. HRT medical specialists and researchers know that know therapeutically low growth hormone levels can be responsible for an array of detrimental symptoms such as decreased sexual desire, reduced vibrancy and endurance, joint pain, and mental sluggishness, along with many other indications. Yet they also know that using a carefully prescribed and supervised program of HGH injections for men, any man over age thirty who has been diagnosed with a verified deficiency can effectually banish these obstacles to health and happiness. Interestingly, while HGH injections for men have been prescribed for a lengthier amount of time, an expanding amount of adult females using prescription GH therapy have ensured that it is no valid to consider it a “for males only” zone.

HGH Injections for Women

Why is there also a need for prescription HGH injections for women? Many women understand that between feeling young at heart and feeling trapped inside a body that is no longer youthful, there is a world of difference. Even though initially HGH therapy was only prescribed for males, and often in tandem with TRT (testosterone replacement therapy), hormonal replacement doctors have confirmed that HGH injections for women can supply them with similarly revitalizing benefits. Stronger bones, more toned muscles, smoother, more supple skin, faster healing from injuries and rapid recovery from common ailments; these are all results that are shared by HGH injections for women and men. Another benefit that is shared, often between couples that want to regain the spark in their relationship, is the dramatic boost in romantic desire and performance that injectable HGH can provide. Results like these are due to the all-encompassing rejuvenation that is proactively maintained by using HGH injections for men and women who have therapeutically insufficient GH levels.

Injectable HGH for Men and Women

One of the ways in which the use of doctor prescribed injectable HGH for men and women is viewed by adults “of a certain age” is as a better alternative to becoming dependent on an assortment of pharmaceuticals. Many people, not just here in the US but in many other countries as well, rely on a variety of both prescribed drugs and over-the-counter products to combat the symptoms that are now attributed to declining GH levels. However, the direct approach with therapy that uses the same biological compound, formulated as authentic HGH injections for women and men, as that which is naturally produced by the human body provides much greater results. So it follows that utilizing a prescribed program of HGH injections for men or women seems like a very natural decision to many people. Unlike drugs for erectile dysfunction, Botox injections, cosmetic surgery, or any other “quick fix” for the signs of premature aging, HGH therapy is the natural and lasting solution to what is now recognized as a simple to treat condition.

Doctors Who Prescribe HGH Injections

It is now quite effortless for adults to supplement deficient growth hormone levels using therapy provided by qualified doctors who prescribe HGH injections in their own local area. The HRT physicians who are affiliated with HT Medical Center are trusted providers of comprehensive testing and therapeutic replenishment programs nationwide, and they have many years of combined professional experience in prescribing HGH injections for women and men. Anyone living in the US who is thirty or older can, and should, consider getting tested if they are exhibiting the problematic symptoms caused by hormonal deficiency. Kingberg Medical can arrange local testing as well as prescribe treatment using HGH injections for men and women; they can be reached at their toll-free line and clinical advisors are available to provide helpful and up-to-date information.