5 Ways How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is too important a hormone to ignore as its levels start to decline. Whether you are a man or woman, learning how to increase testosterone naturally with the top five methods listed here can help to preserve this hormone’s production and protect your body from breakdown and illness.

Why is there so much emphasis on testosterone? Isn’t it just the male sex hormone?

The importance of learning how to increase testosterone naturally is frequently discussed because testosterone stimulates the production of red blood cells. In its role as an androgen hormone, testosterone also supports the following functions:

  • muscle and bone growth
  • brain functions
  • heart health
  • metabolic activities
  • emotional well-being
  • hair growth
  • productivity and drive
  • sperm production
  • libido
  • vaginal lubrication

Through the use of food, exercise, vitamins, and sleep, you can even increase testosterone naturally after 40. The biggest problem people have is taking action too late in life. Once testosterone levels start to decline significantly, it may be necessary to find a direct way of raising the level of testosterone in the body. Testosterone replacement therapy prescribed by a hormone specialist is often the best route. At that time, adding the changes listed here will help the body jumpstart its way back to robust well-being.

5 Ways to Increase Testosterone

Being overweight is a problem for testosterone. An increase in body fat leads to the overproduction of an enzyme called aromatase. This substance, secreted by belly fat, searches out free testosterone in the bloodstream and converts it into estradiol. This form of estrogen slows down metabolic functions, forcing the conversion of food into fat rather than energy. In turn, you have more belly fat, increased aromatase, and lower testosterone levels.

In addition to losing weight, here are the 5 best ways for how to increase testosterone naturally at home:

  • Exercise

The right type of exercise is crucial for testosterone stimulation. Weight-training is the optimal type of workout for testosterone. Engaging in a high-intensity interval training routine that brings muscle failure by the time you reach 10 reps is ideal. Your focus should be on the large muscle groups, using the following exercises:

    • Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • Bench presses
    • Pullups
    • Sprints
  • Nutrition

When it comes to using nutrition to increase testosterone, the best place to begin is with what you should avoid: sugar and alcohol. Both of these substances can decrease testosterone levels.

What should you eat? Add the following foods to your daily diet for optimum testosterone benefits:

    • Coconut and extra virgin olive oils
    • Avocados
    • Grass fed butter and meats
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Plenty of fruits and vegetables – organic when possible
    • Healthy carbohydrates – to optimize testosterone during resistance training
    • Eggs – your body needs cholesterol before it can synthesize testosterone
    • Dark chocolate
  • Vitamins

The following vitamins and minerals can all help boost testosterone production:

    • Vitamin D
    • B vitamins
    • Zinc
    • Vitamin C
    • D-aspartic acid
  • Reduce Stress

Stress is the hormone destroyer. Not only does stress increase the level of cortisol in the body, but it then also stimulates the hunger hormone ghrelin that causes you to consume more calories that will then turn into fat.

High levels of cortisol inhibit the ability to fall asleep at night and the body’s production of testosterone and human growth hormone.

  • Sleep

You have probably already heard about the circadian rhythm, but did you know that to optimize this you have to be asleep by midnight? Your body requires between seven and nine hours of deep sleep each night to optimize testosterone and HGH production.

If you are serious about finding the best way increase testosterone naturally, incorporating as many items as possible from the list above will make a difference in your hormone production.

When to Choose Testosterone Therapy

For some people, making the changes above is either not enough, too difficult, or just not desirable. We get it; lifestyle changes can be frustrating. There are other options, especially when blood analysis shows a diagnosis of low testosterone.

To increase testosterone naturally in females, the best option is compounded testosterone cream. The pharmacy produces this cream in the exact dosage each woman requires based on the hormone specialist’s prescription.

Because testosterone levels are crucial for males to maintain, it is vital to find the best ways to increase testosterone naturally. Men’s health relies on testosterone so opting for doctor-prescribed testosterone replacement therapy is often the best choice. Testosterone cypionate injections are the number one option, but other choices include:

  • Testosterone enanthate injections
  • Testosterone patches
  • Testosterone gels

Doctors and males alike choose testosterone cypionate injections when the best results are desired at the lowest cost.

To learn more about your options for testosterone therapy or how best to increase your testosterone levels, contact HT Medical Center for a free and confidential consultation.