What Is Compounded Testosterone and Who Needs It?

What is Compounded Testosterone

Most every adult has heard of testosterone replacement therapy, but not everyone knows about compounded testosterone.

What is compounded testosterone, how is it different from regular testosterone, and who needs it?

Compounded testosterone is identical in structure to similar pharmaceutical testosterone medications. The difference is that special compounding pharmacies manufacture the medication rather than larger, well-known companies.

Who needs compounded testosterone?

Anyone who is suffering from symptoms of Low T and has blood test results to support a diagnosis can benefit from compounded testosterone.

Does compounded testosterone work the same as a similar brand-name product?

Yes, the medication is prepared to the same standards, so you will get equal benefits. The difference is just at a significantly lower cost.

How is compounded testosterone made?

All drug manufacturers and compounding pharmacies begin by purchasing a raw testosterone base. The testosterone is then taken and combined with other products to create the finished product.

For example, testosterone in the form of an injectable attaches to an ester that enhances its release time into the bloodstream.

Transdermal (skin) preparations have a variety of possible bases, including:

  • Hydro-alcohol gel
  • Lipoderm (cream)
  • Versabase (cream)
  • HRT cream base (oil-in-water emulsion)

Is compounded testosterone safe to use and does it have the same regulations?

When provided by a legitimate US compounding pharmacy, testosterone in this manner is extremely safe to use. Unlike pharmaceutical manufacturers that follow federal regulations, compounding pharmacies are subject to state boards of pharmacy.

HT Medical Center prescribes both brand-name and compounded testosterone based on each client’s needs. Compounded testosterone is much lower in price than brand name medications. For those individuals who are on a tight budget, a compounded medication can make treatment affordable. All compounding pharmacies we use pass the most stringent guidelines and provide superior products.

What Are the Different Types of Compounded Testosterone?

Bioidentical compounded testosterone comes in many forms. The hormone specialist will make recommendations following blood analysis that helps determine each person’s needs.

What is compounded testosterone for women going to provide?

Due to the lower level requirements for testosterone concentration, HT Medical Center recommends testosterone cream. The compounding pharmacy will mix the preparation to the doctor’s dosage prescription. A woman will then be able to apply the cream to a small part of her skin daily, or as prescribed by the doctor.

For men, compounded testosterone injections are frequently recommended. This is an excellent way to save money over the cost of Depo-Testosterone, Delatestryl, Watson, or other brand names.

An added benefit of specially compounded testosterone is the ability for the pharmacy to replace an ingredient that could cause an allergic reaction for an individual.

Men can also use compounded testosterone creams and gels. Compounding can also allow the pharmacies to mix medications if deemed necessary by the doctor.

How Do You Get Compounded Testosterone?

Before you can get compounded testosterone, dosage, type of treatment, and frequency must be determined by the doctor. Blood testing and physical examination are requirements of the diagnostic process for Low T.

When the doctor determines that an individual has low testosterone, the next step is determining the dosage and treatment frequency.

After that, the prescription will go to either a compounding pharmacy or a regular pharmacy if a brand name product is chosen.

Once the doctor prescribes testosterone therapy, how long is compounded testosterone good for before it expires?

Compounded testosterone will be given an expiration date by the pharmacist based on the life expectancy of all products used during the compounding. Dates vary per item, but will typically be beyond the time it takes to use the medication as prescribed.

What is compounded testosterone going to cost?

The price is determined by the type of testosterone, the amount needed to meet the dosage, and the quantity purchased.

Where Do You Get Compounded Testosterone?

HT Medical Center does not recommend going out on your own to find a compounding pharmacy. Although strict state regulations must be followed, not all pharmacies are the same. You want to know that the pharmacy that fills your compounded testosterone prescription provides the appropriate strength. We choose pharmacies with great care to ensure that our clients always receive superior medications.

To buy compounded testosterone with confidence, always work with an experienced hormone clinic to receive treatment. They have done the research for you in advance.

If you still have questions about what is compounded testosterone, how to get it, costs, or treatment options, please contact us. HT Medical Center is your choice for superior hormone replacement therapy. Consultations are always confidential and provided with no charge or obligation.