Side Effects of HGH Injections

HGH Injections Side Effects

With all the information out there on the side effects of HGH injections, it is a no wonder that people get confused and have difficulty understanding if human growth hormone is safe for the body. One very well known published study in the New England Journal of Medicine confirmed that prescribed HGH when given by injection does a remarkable job in reversing or eliminating the symptoms caused by low amounts of GH in the body. One thing no human can do is beat the aging process, but what we can do is defeat the ailments that are caused by it with a combination of HGH injections side effects and holding off the deterioration of the mind and body with healthy living. Sources have cited studies which demonstrated that people did not have to exercise, to eat well or to stop smoking, and yet they still benefited from HGH injections at the right dosages for the right amount of time. With injections alone, they lost weight, increased their muscle mass, their skin became tighter with less wrinkles and their bone density increased. The evidence has been overwhelming as to how many people have gotten desired HGH injections side effects by keeping to a regimented HRT program protocol as prescribed by a licensed doctor.

HGH Injections Side Effects

Science is incredible and has come a long way as far as how well people’s lives have been changing due to HGH injections side effects. Somatotropin is another name for human growth hormone. What is it and what great advantages does it promote? According to the experts, HGH is a protein hormone that is composed of approximately 190 amino acids that are secreted by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. The pituitary gland tells the body what it needs and when to give it what it needs. When the body is young and full of GH, it has energy and heals quickly. It has a high sexual drive and the person has a wonderful attitude and a high mental acuity. However, when it ages, it slows down and GH drops. This leads the body to stop being stimulated towards growth, energy, mental functioning and healing. One of the very important HGH injections side effects is the enhancement of the body’s metabolism. What does that mean? Added HGH through prescribed injection allows the body to break down fat cells very quickly and efficiently without exercise or diet. It allows the body to stay slim and helps to encourage muscle growth. People who have low HGH levels find that the fat around their stomachs, hips and thighs becomes very difficult to lose. They will notice their muscles atrophy, their hair becomes thinner, nails become brittle and do not grow well and their skin loses its shine and elasticity. New research is constantly being conducted and backs the findings that prove HGH injections that are prescribed by a licensed physician help people to balance out their hormone levels and feel great.

Positive Side Effects of HGH Injections

What are the positive side effects of HGH injections? It is quite amazing how technological science has come so far as to help people fight the symptoms of aging. With the most natural way possible, injecting a bioidentical substance that the body does not even recognize as foreign, lives can continue on as if the person was 20 again. That is, when given at the correct dosage of medication by a qualified doctor. Medical science has proven time and again that HGH injections side effects include:


  • Increased energy and zest
  • Bursting sexual desire
  • Elimination of erectile dysfunction
  • Restored muscle development
  • The elimination of excess fat stores
  • Improved sleep and elimination of sleep disorders
  • Lowered cholesterol
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Help with growth of cells, tissues and organs
  • Sharpened eyesight
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Improved bone density
  • Thicker growing hair and nails and skin that look healthier and younger


  • Improved mood
  • Decreased irritability
  • Eliminated depression


  • Improved memory
  • Help with concentration, focus
  • Help with easing or ridding of mental disorders

There are so many HGH injections side effects that consistently work to change a person’s life when they are dealing with low HGH levels. Not only does science prove that HGH injections are safe and effective, but clients who experience therapy themselves are the best testimonials.

HGH Injections Side Effects for Intimacy in Women and Men

One of the more popular reasons people look to experience HGH injections side effects for intimacy in women and men are for their ability to enhance one of the most integral parts of life – intimacy and sexual performance. Yes, sexual encounters can be extremely enjoyable; however, they do also play other roles in people’s lives. The act of making love has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, enhance mood and help people to look more youthful. Unfortunately, sexual function does decrease with age. Clinical studies have shown that the deficiency of growth hormone is directly correlated with loss of interest in intimacy and even the ability to maintain erections. One of the most popular HGH Injections Side Effects is the boosting of libido and performance. Not only do HGH injections help with sexual issues, but they also help ease the symptoms of menopause. Hot flashes become less frequent and vaginal dryness decreases. Skin elasticity strengthens and less wrinkles and sagging occurs. Men are able to maintain erections for longer periods of time and their sexual potency increases. All these positive side effects, work hand in hand to increase self esteem and self confidence in both men and women. With a healthy sexual life, relationships flourish and life becomes overall much more pleasant.