Are HGH Injections Safe

Are HGH Injections Safe

When being prescribed any medications, a patient will always be informed by the physician of the possibility of any side effects, and what to be on the lookout for by way of negative reaction to medication. Are HGH injections safe? HGH injections are an extremely safe medication. Human growth hormone is created bio identically to body-produced growth hormones. Bio-identical hormones are identical on the molecular level to natural hormones. What this means is that they are accepted by the body as natural, unlike synthetic hormones which can be rejected when the body perceives them to be foreign substances or toxins. As natural as they are, care should still be taken with use. HGH is still medication and both the effectiveness and safety of it are dependent on proper use. When an individual asks, are HGH injections safe? The answer is yes, providing they are only taken for a growth hormone deficiency and as prescribed by a doctor who has evaluated blood tests from the patient. There are little to no side effects when taken as directed. Testing that has been done on side effects of HGH has proven that side effects only tend to occur with overuse of the medication. This is another reason why the prescription is so important, because the dosage is dependent on the level of deficiency.

How Safe Are HGH Injections?

It’s natural to wonder how safe are HGH injections? Misinformation abounds in the media and all over the internet. Confusion between HGH and synthetic hormones is common, because both are a part of hormone replacement therapy. Human growth hormone is not a synthetic drug. While synthetic drugs can have nasty side effects due to the body’s mistrust, growth hormone is both natural and naturally received and supported by the body. Instead of treating it like a toxin, like it may with synthetic hormones, it uses it as if it were naturally produced by the body. All of the systems affected by HGH (or lack thereof) respond to bio-identical hormone in the same way they respond to bio-available growth hormone. Cellular metabolism is still increased, weight is lost, mental acuity is enhanced, moods are still stabilized, the heart rate improves, and so on. Regarding the question of HGH injections are they safe to use? The answer is yes, providing they are taken correctly and that actual HGH injections are used—meaning, get the supply of medicine from a medical facility, and not the first random company or website that is come across in an internet search.

What Are HGH Injections And Are They Safe?

Let’s start at the beginning: what are HGH injections and are they safe? HGH injections are the injectable form of the plant-derived human growth hormone, somatropin, which is created using the rDNA technology (recombinant DNA technology). It is a molecule by molecule duplicate of naturally occurring growth hormone used to replenish a lacking supply in the human body, created in an exact chain in a specific sequence. The sequence of amino acids is so detailed, that any change or mishandling of it will change what it is. Its delicate nature prevents it from being compounded into any other method of receiving it; forcing it into pill form will damage the molecule. Even if it were able to be formed that way it would be ineffective, because the stomach would swallow it up and digest it. The safety of the medicine lies in the fact that it is bio-identical. It is not synthetic (the negative press of 20 years ago regarding HRT therapy had to do with synthetic hormones—primarily estrogen—and not growth hormone), and should never be confused with synthetic steroids. Unlike steroids, HGH is non-addictive and carries none of the side effects of the steroids. So, what are HGH injections and are they safe? They are natural hormones with no proven side effects outside of those that occur when the dosage is too high. If one is seeking treatment the right way, from a medical facility, and begins to experience any side effects, if the doctor is told in a timely manner, he or she can immediately alter the dose.

How To Take HGH Injections Safely

A patient that is prescribed any type of medication will follow the doctor’s orders. The same rule applies to HGH and how to take HGH injections safely. Because growth hormone levels vary person to person and the severity of the deficiency has to do also with the person’s lifestyle, the prescription is highly personal. Its strength, dose amount and time of treatment are all figured after the doctor reads the results of the patient’s blood test and assesses the patient’s need after also carefully scrutinizing the patient’s medical history, to make sure the dose matches the need. When HGH was being tested for side effects, it was shown that side effects only occur when the dosage is too high. Even with a natural drug like HGH, too much can be a bad thing. When proper dosage is followed—when the patient is taking the dose that is what will provide optimum benefits for him or her—there are no side effects. When a doctor prescribes a certain amount and strength, this is what the patient should be following. Following his orders to the letter, without ever changing the dosage is how to take HGH injections safely.

Where Can I Get Safe HGH Injections?

Obviously, nobody wants to take medication that is unsafe. When a doctor prescribes medication to a patient he is obligated to inform the patient of any possible side effects of whatever drug he is prescribing. Because HGH is considered a natural drug, side effects are little to none, and have only been proven to occur in cases of using too much. This does not mean that purchasing HGH from any source is safe. Where can I get safe HGH injections? The many studies done on the safety of HGH that back up the claims that human growth hormone is safe and natural are the tests that have been done on groups of people using legally prescribed and obtained HGH, in the exact prescribed amounts, and under a doctor’s supervision. Medical facilities like HRT (hormone replacement therapy) have doctors with extensive knowledge of rejuvenation therapies. These doctors, and physicians who specialize in hormone replacement therapy, and endocrinologists are the best sources to get safe and legal HGH injections. Purchasing HGH from random fitness websites, general nutrition stores, and homeopathic helps stores is not safe for two main reasons:

  • Their sources of the medications are unknown, or unauthorized for sale in the United States. By purchasing these medications, you are taking great risks with your health.
  • They do not require a prescription for purchase. There are two main reasons prescriptions are needed. First, to ensure that the medication is obtained from a legitimate pharmaceutical company (where the process of manufacturing the drug is done correctly, and the purity of the medication can be validated); second, to assure the correct dosage is given. Many of these other companies have a static recommended dosage based on an individual’s weight alone. What is safe dose of HGH and how is it determined? Is determined first by the measure of growth hormone present in the blood stream. The level of deficiency a person is at is the starting point for determining the strength of medication needed, and the combined evaluation of the level of natural growth hormone with a study of the individual’s medical history figures the dosage for that individual, and that individual only. Each individual needs to be assessed uniquely.

Where To Buy HGH Injections Safely

How to safely take HGH injections is to follow the doctor’s orders, where to buy HGH injections safely is another matter. HGH injections should be purchased from a doctor. Not only will his dosage be safe, but the medication itself will be as well, since it will be purchased from a manufacturer whose drugs are approved for use by the federal government. There are too many counterfeit forms of HGH on the market due to its popularity as an anti-aging medicine. The cheap ones that are sold are either direct counterfeits or illegally manufactured overseas; both are dangerous, because neither are true forms of bio-identical human growth hormone. When you want to know where can I get safe HGH injections? Contact a doctor or a medical facility only. That way, you won’t be taking chances on receiving an impure medication, nor will you be put in a position of determining the dosage on your own. HT Medical Center’s expert advisors can lead you down the right path. When you call, your symptoms will be talked about, and if the advisor feels that you may indeed be deficient in growth hormone, you will be referred to a nearby clinic for the blood work and physical examination. After our physician reviews the results of the labs and physical, he will put together a prescription program that is geared to exactly what your body needs to restore your hormone levels back into the correct balance. You will discuss the different brands of medication we offer, and choose an injectable delivery devices that suits your lifestyle. Do you need an easily portable device? We have it. Do you need a device that hides the needle during the injection because needles make you uncomfortable? We can offer you that, too. Do you need a device that doesn’t require much refrigeration because you travel a lot? We have devices like that, as well. We take all of the guesswork out of your treatment; the dose, the strength, how long you will be taking it, and where to get it. HT Medical Center is the facility where to buy HGH injections safely.

Is It Safe To Take Testosterone With HGH Injections?

When the doctor reviews the patient’s blood, she may notice that other hormone levels may be deficient as well, like testosterone, and recommend a stacked treatment of both testosterone and HGH. Is it safe to take testosterone with HGH injections? Absolutely. Again, the only problems that can arise with either hormone or a combined treatment of both stem from misuse of the drugs. Testosterone is found in both men and women, although men do produce more of it. Both hormones share similar functions in weight loss, sexual drive, and muscle mass and bone density. Human growth hormone supports testosterone in its functions. If a patient is severely deficient, a treatment of both together is like a double-whammy and can be quite effective and show results very fast. This does not mean that if one is HGH deficient that testosterone will always be prescribed (or necessary), however a deficiency in one can mean a deficiency in the other—but only the blood test can support the need for either. Is it safe to take testosterone with HGH injections? As long as both are prescribed with specific instructions for use, and those instructions are followed, yes. Take the blood test first to see what the results are.

Is It Safe For Adults To Take HGH Injections?

Originally, when studies were first showing the benefits of HGH, it was taken quite literally by its name “growth” hormone, and was prescribed only for children who weren’t growing enough according the average. In the 1980s, after numerous studies were done and medical scientists realized how many more functions HGH support, and that it declines with age, they began conducting studies testing adults. Is it safe for adults to take HGH injections? The scientists realized that the decline in growth hormone that occurred naturally was having adverse effects on adults, and their studies were proving that reversing that decline was reversing the effects the adults were suffering. By 1985, when the first bio-identical growth hormone was created, the federal government approved it for use in adults, providing they had a legitimate need for hormone replacement. That legitimate need is measured by the level of growth hormone in the blood. Safety with medication, for people of all ages, still comes down to proper use. Is it safe for adults to take HGH injections? When the medication is used under medical supervision, it is safe. HT Medical Center only treats adult patients with AGHD (Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency); for children with hormonal deficiencies, we refer them to pediatric endocrinologists. HT Medical Center will only treat adults with verified hormone deficiency and will not treat anyone who does not need it, including bodybuilders and sports figures who wish to use (read overuse) the medication to claim a physical edge.

What Is Safe Dose Of HGH Injections?

Proper dosing is key to safe and effective treatment. What is safe dose of HGH injections? The only dose that is safe is what the prescription is for. The length of treatment, the dosage strength and amount are figured on a case-by-case foundation. People are different, their body chemistry is different because their physical ancestry is different. There is no random dose measured by body weight; that alone is not enough to be able to assess the body’s needs. It must first be seen how deficient the blood is (that is the starting point; that is what measures whether or not the body really needs replenishment), and then calculated together with the patient’s medical history and lifestyle to see what it would take to fulfill that need. HGH injections are they safe to use? As long as there is a medicinal need for them, treatment is monitored, and the patient doesn’t vary from the doctor’s dosing schedule, yes, they are safe to use. One must be smart about taking medication, and follow protocol; it would be a large waste of money, time, and possibly health to seek treatment for a medical problem and throw caution to the wind and take whatever medication is the cheapest.