HGH Injections For Weight Loss

HGH For Weight Loss

The most talked about benefits attained from increasing clinically deficient growth hormone levels is the remarkable effectiveness of HGH injections for weight loss. Some have the impression that it is possible to simply make a doctor’s appointment and instantly receive a prescription for HGH weight loss shots. In the US, it is legally required that injectable human growth hormone only be prescribed for patients with a clinical degree of growth hormone deficiency. The inescapable diminishment of GH levels is standard operating procedure by the time one has reached the age of approximately thirty. Slowly but steadily, these critical levels decline each year and that causes the body’s interconnected systems to become progressively less efficient. One of the first and most obvious signs of HGH deficiency is the unwelcome appearance of very stubborn excess fat around the mid-section, which is often when thoughts of using HGH injections for weight loss can seem like a good idea. However, it must first be established that a clinical diagnosis of GH deficiency exists before that idea can develop into a sound plan of action. A medically prescribed program that can successfully restore insufficient hormonal levels is not the same thing as a series of weight loss injections; however, weight gain is one of the most commonly experienced symptoms associated with a deficient growth hormone supply and HGH therapy definitely results in the rapid reduction of unwanted and unhealthy excess body fat.

Weight Loss Injections

It is totally understandable that because of its exceptional effectiveness, people would begin using the terms weight loss shots and weight loss injections as familiar names for HGH therapy. Nevertheless, these terms tend to overlook the other significant health advantages that using a physician prescribed and supervised program of injectable human growth hormone treatments can supply. Along with the very notable results produced by HGH injections for weight loss, there is a wide range of additional benefits that are just as satisfying and life enhancing. Intensified energy and endurance; stronger sexual passion; greater amounts of vitality; shaper mental clarity and focus; and, of course, a much more youthful and healthier appearance are all consistently reported results from men and women who are currently using or have recently used HGH therapy. So while some people will probably continue to refer to them as weight loss shots or weight loss injections, the adults who actually use them, as part of their doctor prescribed HRT program, know that they are so much more than that. It is not wrong to want to try HGH injections for weight loss; but there is definitely a right way to approach the testing and treatment process involved in receiving a prescription for HGH replacement therapy.

HGH Weight Loss for Women

Some of the exceptional results that have been reported in medical journals regarding the function of HGH weight loss for women and men include a nearly 50% reduction in belly fat and a visible tightening of loose, sagging skin of more than 60%. While these statistics confirm the remarkable ability of HGH therapeutic treatments to serve as extremely effective weight loss injections, the women who use them can expect to see and feel many other positive changes. The consistently exhibited benefits include a higher level of emotional wellbeing and a renewal of vitality, stamina and enthusiasm. These popularly referenced weight loss shots could more appropriately be called youth-restoring shots, because the purpose of HGH therapy is to restore low growth hormone levels to the youthful amount that most people have throughout late adolescence and early adulthood, when these levels are naturally at their highest. A reduction in wrinkles; improved bone density; and increased resistance to common maladies are also generated by what some women think of as simply HGH injections for weight loss. So it is a mistake to sell HGH therapy short by thinking of it as strictly an exceptionally successful treatment for weight loss; knowing the whole story of its benefits is even more exciting.

HGH Weight Loss for Men

Men struggle just as much as women do when confronted by the weight gain that often announces middle age; and an interest in HGH weight loss for men it is not simply a matter of vanity. The stubborn adipose fat that accompanies reduced metabolic activity is more than a blow to the ego; it can also be a warning sign of future health problems that it would be wise not to ignore. That stubborn and sometimes embarrassing pot belly that many men develop as they enter mid-life can be a precursor to a whole host of medical problems and complications down the road. With HGH therapy, even if the treatments are thought of as weight loss injections, the fact is that they are helping to ensure a healthier future for the people who use them. Maintaining optimal hormonal balance is essential to feeling wonderfully vibrant for life and the HRT specialists at HT Medical Center have been coming to the aid of adults with HGH deficiency for many years. It is not surprising that prescription human growth hormone injections are thought of as weight loss shots; but as more people personally experience the benefits of treatment, many new nicknames are sure to emerge. That is fine, just as long as adult men and women know all the facts about HGH therapy and what it can do, which is something that the clinical advisors at HT Medical Center are always happy to share with any adult who wants to learn more about using medically prescribed HGH therapy.