How to Take HGH Injections

How to Take HGH Injections

There are strict medical guidelines for those who wish to find out how to take HGH injections. It is not possible to call up one’s own physician and just ask for a prescription the way a request for a sleeping aid or antibiotic may be attained. In truth, even these types of requests often require a visit to determine the reason why they are needed before an order is given. In the case of HGH human growth hormone therapy, specific blood analysis is required to determine if there is a true need for this medication. Only those who are shown by these results to have authentically decreased levels of this crucial chemical will be prescribed this treatment. For those who need it, learning how to take HGH injections can change their life. The people who are shown not to be deficient in this chemical will not receive their desired benefits, and in fact, may suffer from adverse side effects that can accompany an increase in growth hormone (GH) higher than what the body should have. That is why it is imperative to seek out the guidance that a trained hormone replacement therapy (HRT) specialist can provide. Only this type of doctor should be used to determine and diagnose this condition and provide the correct treatment. Following these guidelines will result in a positive experience that can bring rejuvenating effects to the body.

Take HGH Injections Safely

It is vital to understand the need to take HGH injections safely. This is a form of therapy that requires medication to be administered directly into the body under the skin. Some people choose to go the intramuscular route, although most opt for the easier, and less painful, sub-dermal approach. Guidance is provided before a person begins their prescribed course of treatment. It is the guidance and support of trained medical professionals in the field of hormone replacement that will make the difference between receiving the desired benefits and not seeing a change at all. Ensuring that only the highest quality brands of HGH are used is one of the ways to achieve success. This means avoiding websites with foreign addresses that offer to circumvent the law by illegally selling and shipping human growth hormones in from overseas. This is a dangerous practice and can result in the receipt of substances that are not what they claim to be, or that are tainted with bacteria or other toxic chemicals. Instead of improving health, a number of these products have actually created medical problems for those who self-administered them. It is crucial to take HGH injections safely to accomplish one’s health related goals. This is not a treatment that should be used by athletes or those engaging in body building practices. Not only is the use of this medication for those purposes illegal, but it can bring a number of serious side effects, as well as increasing the chance that the body will cease its own production of this chemical in response to the influx of HGH. There is a point when too much growth hormone can cause the pituitary gland to shut down secretion on its own and throw the entire system into a sort of upheaval. Working with a doctor who knows which blood tests to order can provide the correct diagnosis and therapy plan of action.

How Long Should You Take HGH Injections?

One of the reasons why working with a trained professional in the medical field is beneficial is for the determination of how long should you take HGH injections. No two people are alike in how growth hormone deficiency affects them. The level of decrease in production of GH will vary greatly from one person to the next. That is one of the reasons why there are so many different products offering a wide range of dosing possibilities. The dosage that any one person receives will be based on a wide range of factors, including level of deficiency, age, height, weight, gender, overall health, and lifestyle activities. The duration of time this therapy will be needed will also be determined during the medical file review. Even after the initial prescription is provided, nothing is ever set in stone. There is no way of knowing in advance how each individual will respond to their treatment. How long should you take HGH injections will be addressed both before the therapy begins, as well as down the road once the body has begun to achieve results. It is at this time that a clearer picture of how one is responding to the increase of GH through bioidentical supplementation can be made. There are times when a doctor may raise or lower the dosage of HGH in response to how one is accepting and processing the human growth hormones. As for an average estimate for most people, the prescribed course of action will be for six months, with a review at the end of that period to determine if further action is needed.

What Time of Day to Take HGH Injections

Is there any real difference as to what time of day to take HGH injections? Why would some people choose morning instead of night, and does it make any sense to opt for one over the other? The only time that it is not recommended for adults to administer this therapy is before bed. The reason this caution is brought to the table is to prevent interference with the body’s own innate natural ability to produce and secrete growth hormone. This one particular chemical is unique in how it is manufactured by the pituitary gland. Throughout both day and night hours, short rapid bursts release a bit of this hormone into the bloodstream. GH then races to locate its targeted receptor cells to be processed and put to use. Then it is gone. If the body senses that there is enough of this crucial substance already present, as in the case of HGH supplementation, it will hold off on secreting any further supply. Those asking what time of day to take HGH injections will benefit by knowing that approximately half of the daily natural production takes place at night after falling into a deep sleep. It is not advisable to interfere with this time of secretion. Those who opt for evening administration of this medication should time it so that they have a window of three hours after treatment and before bedtime. This will provide the body with enough of an opportunity to process the therapy and remove it from the bloodstream so that natural production can take place. It is also important to set aside eight hours for sleep. This is what is required for the maximum supply of GH to be released at night.

How Often to Take HGH Injections

Every type of medical intervention has its own set of guidelines and rules. This is for the benefit and well-being of the person engaging in the treatment. Human growth hormone replacement therapy is no different. There may be some confusion over how often to take HGH injections. Even though most people may find that they have been prescribed a plan of action that requires daily self-administration of their bioidentical medication, others may be told to skip one or two days each week while a few may learn that they are going with even fewer applications. This all has to do with the determination made by the attending doctor upon completed review of the physical examination and blood test results. Careful calculations go into the decision making process. How active a life a person leads may also be figured into the final equation during this time. The final decision that is provided is what must be followed by the individual who is preparing to embark upon this course. Learning how often to take HGH injections is just as critical as learning how to give the shot and how much to administer. Each of these factors plays a role in how well the treatment will be received and what benefits and outcomes will appear. The goal of hormone replacement is to provide the body with the tools it needs to function the best way it can at all times. This means increasing vitality, healthfulness, and overall well-being for optimum functions of all internal organs and systems. When this occurs, a person will experience a feeling of rejuvenation and revitalization that they may not have felt in years.

Where Do You Inject HGH Injections?

One of the other questions that often has varying answers is where do you inject HGH injections. On the whole, this is a matter of personal preference. There are two main ways of introducing this medication into the body – sub-dermally and intramuscularly. What is the difference between them? Sub-dermal means under the surface of the skin. This occurs in an area that does not have muscle close to the surface, which, for most people, is the abdominal zone. One of the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency is weight gain – predominantly belly fat. That makes the stomach an ideal spot for administering this therapy. A person will use locations above, below, and to the sides of the belly button, leaving approximately an inch of space from this centralized point. For those asking where do you inject HGH injections that prefer the intramuscular route, the muscles in the upper and outer thigh, as well as the buttocks are the better choice. These large surfaces provide a wide range of options in order to ensure that the same spot is not used day after day. The same movement applies to those who go with the abdominal region. Alternating locations from above to below, and from side to side will eliminate overuse of one particular area. In either situation, the same tiny needle is used to provide a nearly painless dose of human growth hormones into the body. These are the same needles used by diabetics for their insulin treatments, and most people do not need to use a bandage of any kind after their treatment.

How to Administer HGH Growth Hormone Injections

Apprehension is normal in the beginning but the steps for how to administer HGH growth hormone injections are so simple to follow that most people toss those feelings aside within a day or two. One of the many benefits of working with a clinic that specializes in HRT, such as HT Medical Center, is that trained professionals are on staff to help people begin this process. There are a number of different options available as to the type of delivery system that will insert the medication into the body. Standard syringes that are used with vials of powdered medication that require reconstitution before their first use are the most economical choice for those looking to save money. Those who choose convenience as the greatest factor for how to administer HGH growth hormone injections often opt for the click pen style that most pharmaceutical companies now offer as alternatives to the vials. Many of these products come premixed, premeasured, and preloaded and ready for use after one simply priming. These all-in-one systems are the easiest method of administering HGH either sub-dermally or intramuscularly. Complete written directions are provided for the specific brand and product chosen. Online links to videos that also demonstrate the preparation and use of each item are also available. Finally, the highly trained clinicians here offer their services via phone call during the first injections for added support. This is just part of what ensures the highest level of customer service and satisfaction for each person.

Best Time of Day to Take HGH Injections

When determining the best time of day to take HGH injections, keep in mind what was mentioned earlier about leaving a three hour span between the treatment and bedtime. That is one of the reasons many people opt to administer their medication first thing in the morning. There is no reason to worry about whether or not food is consumed in conjunction with this therapy since it is not taken orally. The biggest factor here is ensuring that a fairly consistent hour be chosen. Those who have erratic wake up schedules may have difficulty adhering to a set period. It is preferable for the chosen spot to be as regular as possible for maximum benefits. The body will become used to this treatment being administered, and having a regular routine will help bring the best results. Ultimately the best time of day to take HGH injections will be when it is most convenient and easily remembered. Since this will be new in the beginning, it is recommended that some type of alarm be used as a reminder. Most people use their cell phones or watches to provide this subtle hint that their therapy is due. Human growth hormone replacement has been shown to strengthen memory, focus, heart health, bone density, immunity, eyesight, and so much more that it is vital to follow all instructions and guidelines as prescribed by a specialist. Doing so will result in the achievement of the desired goals.

What is the Best Place to Inject HGH?

For those who may still be unsure what is the best place to inject HGH on their own body the choice needs to be one that can comfortably be reached. Another problem that can often occur when a person has low levels of growth hormone is that their flexibility and movement may decrease. Bones and muscles feel the effects of low GH production, and this can cause joint pains and stiffness. That may make it hard for some people to reach their buttocks with their needle. Most people do find that the abdomen and thighs are the easiest spots to get to without exerting unnecessary effort. There is a benefit to choosing the abdomen over the thigh since the medication can be processed at a higher rate of speed from the sub-dermal method rather than the intramuscular one. One key point to remember no matter which method is used when asking what is the best place to inject HGH is that under no circumstances should the area of treatment be massaged or rubbed following the application. This will cause the medication to be processed too quickly, and can result in a decrease in benefits. There is no need to apply pressure of any kind to the spot. The needles used are so tiny that there should not be any noticeable blood or fluid if administered correctly. At any time when questions arise, please contact the experienced advisors at this clinic for answers. Support is offered during normal business hours by highly trained professionals.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from HGH Injections?

Of course, the number one question is how long does it take to see results from HGH injections? After all, it is the reversal of current symptoms that everyone is waiting for when they contact doctors who prescribe hormone replacement therapy in the first place. Most people are thrilled to hear that an increase in energy, one of the most anticipated benefits, occurs within days, if not the same day. This can have untold effects on a person’s personal and professional life. Imagine what can be done with more energy on a daily basis. Within weeks of starting on a doctor prescribed course of HRT, most people report better sleep and improved mood and outlook. Feelings of well-being can change how each day is lived. Seeing friends, completing tasks, enjoying quality time with loved ones all take on new meaning. Those wondering how long does it take to see results from HGH injections that others can notice will be happy to learn that by the second or third month, changes in skin, hair, weight, muscles, and overall appearance will take place. With every passing month, the benefits increase, and the changes can be transformational. Ensuring the best results is easy when a phone call to HT Medical Center is made. This nationwide hormone replacement clinic is the answer to receiving the finest care, support, testing, diagnosis, treatment, and guidance for all adults over the age of thirty who suspect that changing hormone levels are affecting their life.