Proper Dosage of HGH Injections

Proper Dosage of HGH Injections

It is proper dosage of HGH injections that ensures the best possible treatment with the least side effects. The most effective dosage is the amount calculated by the doctor, after he or she has evaluated the results of the blood exams and patient’s chemical background. In spite of what other companies may want the consumers to believe, there is no static, generic dosing for medication like this. A hormonal imbalances personal and unique to the individual, and cannot be effectively regulated with a one-size-fits-all dose of medication. Just as every person has taken each individual step on their own path to get to where they are now, every cell in their bodies has experienced a different metamorphosis, beginning from their genetic birth all the way through to the chemical balances now. Snowflakes, fingerprints, and humans; no two are exactly alike. Proper dosage of HGH injections is specifically what the doctor has ordered for treatment. Attempting to determine dosage amounts of a drug according to the generic recommendation that “this will work for everybody” from a company or business that is interested more in making a sale than in the health of the population is counterproductive to the initial impetus behind taking the medication in the first place. The only place for health-related advice and health-related treatment is from a medical facility or physician.

How Much HGH Should I Take?

Depending on where you buy your medication, the question, how much should I take? May come up. If you are getting into a treatment program through a doctor or hormone replacement therapy clinic, you will not be the one deciding how much to take. Your prescription, a prescription that will be fit to your needs, will be handled by the physician. If any problems regarding the dosing come up during treatments, your doctor will also be able to make the necessary adjustments. If you are purchasing your HGH from a nutrition or fitness company, they will provide instructions on dosing on the label of the medication; however, the dosing schedule recommended may not be what is right for you. Hormones are chemicals in the body that are required by your body in specific amounts. How much your body needs depends on your own body chemistry. Random dosing and dosing strengths devised by a generic mathematical equation based on body weight does not guarantee that the dosing is exactly what your body needs; it can also not guarantee that the dosing will not be too high for any individual. This dosing procedure does not cover the correct length of treatment, either. Even if symptoms become alleviated with initial use, if the amount of time the medication needs to be taken is in adequate the benefits will wear off soon. How much HGH should I take? Get your prescription the legal way from a physician, and follow the treatment plan that was designed especially for you.

Safe Dosage Of HGH Injections

In discussing safe dosage of HGH injections, the key to understanding the importance of prescription lies in understanding the differences in people. Humans are unique. Yes, when arguing the differences and similarities a common example is that underneath it all we all bleed the same color. Take that example a little deeper, and explore the blood and the chemical history of each person, going back further into their own ancestry. We are not one pure race, with everyone having the same genetic history, the same family origins; our ancestors came from all over the world, from places with different climates, different food sources and styles, and environmental atmospheres. The races began to intermingle with each other. There are still many ‘first generation Americans’ being born in this country even now. Societies have lifted previous bans on interracial marriages. All of these elements combined give birth to unique individuals with equally unique chemical (hormonal) histories. This is what gives importance to the benefit of a specific dosage of human growth hormone to each individual, that is, built around that person’s distinct body chemistry. Not every person has the same history or the same chemical balance. With this information, it can be stated that the safe dosage of HGH injections is the prescription dose and strength (including duration of use) that is totaled by the doctor rooted in the information hidden in the blood.

How To Determine Proper Dosage Of HGH Injections

It is not up to any person, or fitness expert, or nutrition guru, or company how to determine proper dosage of HGH injections. The only person who is qualified to make that assessment is a doctor, a specialist in hormone replacement therapy. Why? Because the amount of medication needed for each individual varies from person to person. Human growth hormone is not to be dosed to people based on their weight—alcohol tolerance and resistance to anesthesia are at times measured that way because a heavier person has a larger volume that can dilute the alcohol/anesthesia before it hits the system in a way to effect changes in the capacity for normal body function—changes that will only last for a set number of hours. To make these changes last longer, the amount would have to increase steadily, because after a while the body builds more tolerance and resistance. Dosage of HGH injections for growth hormone deficiency is not measured that way or delivered with that concern of body tolerance. The body goes from childhood to adulthood initially with a set balance of hormones that first control the rate of actual growth in size to maintaining and sustaining the body once the growth cycle is completed. The fully grown body relies on that maintenance that is managed by the growth hormone. When the growth hormone is no longer produced at the initial rate, upkeep of the body function slows down. Dosage of HGH injections for growth hormone deficiency is indicated for raising the level of growth hormone to what it once was. That amount—that level of where it should be—is different for every person. For example, pretend the “normal” range of growth hormone in an adult 40 year old male could be 400-1500 in measurement units. That is a very wide range, and all that means is that if 100 men had their hormone levels measured, the lowest one was at 400 and the highest was 1500. Another man could be tested, and his level could be at 750. What does this mean? It only means that he falls within the normal range for a 40 year old man. But what if his body functions properly when his levels are at 1100? That would mean his levels would be considered low, or deficient, and not normal. So which is it, is he deficient or normal? And if everyone’s body chemistry is different, and the ‘normal’ hormonal measurement for one person different from another, how is it that anyone could believe that anyone other than a doctor (with access to the measurements of a blood test) could possibly know how to determine proper dosage of HGH injections?

What Dosage Of HGH Should I Take?

You ask, what dosage of HGH should I take? and go online to research dosing for HGH. Before you get into the nitty-gritty details, think about a few things. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, is there? To wake up feeling refreshed and energized and ready to start the day? How often do you think most people really feel that way? When was the last time you felt that way? We take naps to rejuvenate ourselves in the middle of the day. Power naps became quite popular for a while. Why it is that everything feels better after a good night’s sleep? It’s because natural HGH is produced in our bodies the most while we are sleeping, specifically during the deepest stages of sleep. And growth hormone is what’s responsible for metabolizing our cells. The cells that we rely on to grow and replicate themselves to sustain our major organs and their functions (excluding the brain). Getting older means that our bodies are secreting less and less growth hormone every single year. When we have children we are told it is so very important for them for their growth that they get a full eight hours sleep a night and at that time in their lives their bodies are producing more growth hormones than ours are. Technically speaking, this would mean that adults need more sleep than children do, since we are already operating at a deficit in the secretion of growth hormone. If our bodies are already not secreting enough growth hormone simply because of our age alone, and we compound that by not getting the sleep that we need we are essentially shooting ourselves in the foot. We need adequate secretion of growth hormone to keep the body cells living long enough to replicate before they die off to keep our organs from shrinking, to keep our immune system fully defensive, to be able to heal our bodies from sickness and injury faster, to keep our bones and muscles strong, and to keep our mental faculties sharp and our attitudes positive. Also unfortunate is the merry-go-round affect that this creates; and proper sleep habits discourage the growth hormone secretion, insufficient levels of growth hormone interfere with the ability to get a good night’s sleep. Someone with the growth hormone deficiency could attempt to naturally boost the body’s own natural production of growth hormones by getting a full night’s sleep, however if that person is already deficient he or she will be working against the tide. The rate of increase would not be effective enough to restore the body back to its original state of health because the levels are already too low. The information you will find an abundance of regarding dosing is from companies selling medication, and not treatment, who have listed static dosing schedules for every person as if they were all created the same. Now, with only one seemingly small benefit of correcting a growth hormone imbalance showing a large life impact, make sure you take that question, what dosage of HGH should I take? off of the internet and bring it to a doctor who will make that important determination from the results of your blood test and medical history. And sleep well.

How To Properly Administer HGH Injections

The basic protocol of how to properly administer HGH injections is to always use an area of skin where there is more fat underneath, where it is possible to pinch an inch of skin between the thumb and forefinger. The best areas are usually the buttocks, thighs and belly. Because there are a few options of devices to use for injections, from the traditional syringe and vial to auto-mechanical devices, detailed instructions for administration will be given by the doctor depending on the device to be used (also included will be instructions for reconstituting the medication and storage of it between injections). Each device comes with a set of written instructions as well. If the patient is still uncomfortable with administering his or her own injections, the staff at HT Medical Center can be reached by phone to help, even offering videos for patients to watch that show real people giving themselves injections with each specified device. Once a patient learns how to properly administer HGH injections, like learning how to ride a bike or drive a car, the process becomes easy and automatic.

Dosage Of HGH Injections For Men And Women

Whatever the patient’s gender, the dosage of HGH injections for men and women is still up to the physician’s assessment of the blood test and chemical makeup of that person. As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, there are too many elements to combine to randomly choose a dose amount. When a person is concerned about the state of his health because of problems he may be experiencing, what should he do? When age and everything that goes along with it begins negatively hindering his day to day activities? The obvious answer is to go and see a doctor; that is where to get dosage Instructions for HGH injections. Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency is now classified as a medical condition. While the majority of adults in the world may technically be considered at least somewhat deficient due to natural declination of the hormone production, it is the severity of that imbalance that determines both the need for the HGH medication and how much medication is needed. And that severity, the degree of difference between individuals, has so many influences behind it—not just the normal decline that happens with age. This is part of why the dosage of HGH injections for men and women don’t vary on gender alone. Other components that can change the fluctuation and rate of fluctuation in hormone production are:

  • Lack of physical activity. Production of bioavailable growth hormone is at its peak during the deepest times of sleep; the second peak time is during exercise. People have different exercise routines; some have none at all. This will create varying degrees of deficiency in people. Even time is involved. A 50 year old man who works out regularly should be putting out significant levels of growth hormone, right? But what if that same man was severely deficient at age 40, and did not begin any exercise regimen until he was 48? His body may be secreting more of his own growth hormone, however it’s working backwards to repair the damage that was done to his body up until age 48.
  • Nutrition. A woman who consumes a diet with a large volume of sugar or sodium affects insulin levels and blood pressure. When insulin levels are affected, how the body processes fat is impaired, and she gains weight (an added point is that the heavier a body is, the harder movement is, including exercise). Added weight on the body puts more pressure on the back (bones) and muscles. High blood pressure affects the heart. If the hormone levels are already low, the body is unable to properly repair the damage and weakening of the system caused by the strain of excess weight, or the added burden on the heart, and the damage to the body-system increases.
  • Environmental factors. The person who grew up on a farm will have been breathing in a different air than the person who grew up in a large industrial city surrounded by manufacturing plants emitting polluting smog.

With so many details contributing to the decline of growth hormone, it is in the patient’s best interest to trust the experts to determine what is the recommended dosage of HGH injections?