Do HGH Injections Work

Do HGH Injections Work

There’s a basic theory behind the question, do HGH injections work?

  • Human growth hormone plays a crucial role in how the body functions, starting at the cellular level.
  • Natural HGH production declines after puberty, and the rate of decline accelerates as the person ages (environmental and lifestyle factors exacerbate this decline)
  • Too-low levels of growth hormone slow down the metabolism of the cells, and every function they are associated with.
  • Using bio-identical, natural human growth hormone to replenish the decreasing measures of growth hormone in the body will reset the body back to where it was functioning optimally.

Do HGH injections work? Yes, the body takes them into the system, accepting them as natural and using them for all the processes that bio-available (naturally occurring) growth hormone, beginning with the base cellular metabolism, and branching out into its other functions from there, keeping the heart rate healthy, managing cholesterol levels, adding energy, enhancing the immune system, controlling how the body stores fat, keeping joints, bones and muscles healthy and strong, supporting better mental acuity, controlling moods, promoting collagen production in the skin, causing regrowth of hair and it growing in healthier. There are too many other interrelated functions to list here. The bottom line is the accomplishment of balanced hormone levels is overall health. Of course, this is all dependent on the correct dosage of HGH, which must be assessed by the doctor who prescribed the HGH Injections based on the results of the blood testing and patient’s physical chemistry.

How Do HGH Injections Work?

A brief explanation of how do HGH injections work? Growth hormone is at the root of body maintenance. This is why people age in appearance and function as they get older—the cellular metabolism slows down; the energy created by management of fat stores doesn’t happen as fast because the cell rejuvenation that is needed to control how the body stores fat has slowed. Basically, all of the functions that rely on the cells slow down along with it. HGH aids in tissue and joint regeneration, keeping the muscle mass lean and strong, keeping the bones strong and dense and preserving the skeletal structure. Body cells have only so long a shelf life and have to replicate before they die off; this is where body rejuvenation begins. When growth hormone is low, the cells begin to die before they all have a chance to replicate, slowing down rejuvenation, maintenance, and healing. How does HGH Growth Hormone injections work? They get into the blood and raise the deficient levels of growth hormone, this gets the cells restored and functioning properly so that the body can function as well. The need for replication of the cells shows immediately in the major organs like the heart, liver, kidneys, and the largest organ in the body—the skin. When the cellular rejuvenation gets slower, the organs shrink. When the skin shrinks this is when its elasticity goes, wrinkles begin to appear, and the healthy glow becomes sallow.

What Works Better HGH Or Testosterone?

There is no contest between HGH and Testosterone. What works better HGH or Testosterone? Neither one works better than the other; they work together. HGH will only work better when HGH levels are low, and the same goes for testosterone. The doctor does not make a prescription based on which one works better; he makes a prescription base on the need of the patient for either one. If growth hormone is low, growth hormone is replaced. If testosterone is low, that is replenished. If both are deficient, both will be prescribed. They are both hormones and share many of the same functions with muscle mass increase, weight loss, and enhancement of sexual drive. Testosterone has more anti-inflammatory properties, but they work in conjunction with each other, growth hormone boosts the qualities of testosterone. Asking the question what works better HGH or testosterone? Is moot; the one that works better is the one that is needed. If both are needed (and that will show up in the blood test), both will be prescribed in the dose that reflects how much is needed. A deficiency in testosterone can show up in women as well as men, since their bodies produce it as well, although not in the same amounts.

HGH Injections – Do They Work?

The question of HGH injections do they work? is common. But yes, they do. Because they are bio-identically created—a molecule by molecule match to natural hormones—once they are in the body they are indistinguishable from the natural hormones, and the body takes them in, mixing them with the bioavailable hormones and puts them to work. The body will not recognize them as foreign substances; what the body will recognize, or notice, is that the hormone levels are balanced and is able to carry on, business as usual (just like the body notices when hormone levels are unbalanced). The hormones go right to work, increasing the metabolism of the cells, enhancing the immune system, suppressing the stress hormone cortisol (which stops the body from converting food to energy, and instead uses it to store fat). Bones, joints and muscles are restored back to prime function, and healing (if needed) from illness or injury is sped up. Sleeping patterns are restored to a more beneficial time period, with less waking up. Since the most of the body’s natural hormone is produced during heavy sleep, this will increase more of the secretion of original growth hormone. The same goes for exercise—that is the second peak time of natural production of GH; when the measure of growth hormone is where it should be, the body has an increased capacity for exercise and physical exertion, which increases more naturally grown growth hormone. HGH injections do they work? They certainly do.

How Fast Do HGH Injections Work?

After learning that HGH injections is not an overnight medication in needs to take time before it gets into the system, many people want to know how fast do HGH injections work? Averagely speaking, after the first month sleep should start improving, and the patient will notice having better stamina and more energy. After two months, muscle tone can begin to increase, hair and nail growth will be better, sexual performance will improve, and there will be some weight loss. During the third month, an increase in sexual desire may be noticed, greater flexibility, and the mind becomes sharper as mental processes improve. The fourth month will show an enhancement in these changes. Then the skin will begin to improve (showing more elasticity and less wrinkles), hair will be growing in thicker, and there will be a greater reduction in weight by the end of the fifth month. By the sixth month after beginning treatment, still be a more obvious reduction of cellulite, improved eyesight, more flexibility in joints with less pain, better cholesterol levels, a greater capacity and tolerance for exercise, more emotional stability, a better heart rate, and a very noticeable strengthening of the immune system. How fast do HGH injections work? results vary from patient to patient, and depend strongly on each individual’s lifestyle. Another factor in how fast changes will be noticed have to do with each patient’s initial levels of HGH. Patients on the low-end may notice improvements somewhat faster.

Do HGH Injections Work For Weight Loss?

Maintaining healthy weight is a challenge for people at every age. It gets harder as people get older. For both men and women, weight gain is a big issue between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five, commonly during the periods of perimenopause and menopause in women and andropause in men. Weight gain and hormones tend to go hand in hand. Weight gain during andropause and menopause is actually hormonal weight gain. Do HGH injections work for weight loss? Yes, they do. HGH is a natural booster to what’s considered the male and female hormones, estrogen and testosterone, hormones that both men and women produce. Estrogen enables a protein hormone called leptin that helps control the way the body stores fat by making a person feel full and eat less and increases the rate at which the body burns calories. Hormonal imbalances cause fluctuations in moods and increase stress triggers. High stress increases the body’s production of cortisol, which is coincidentally called “the stress hormone.” Heightened levels of stress prologue the increase of cortisol which introduces the production of fat cells as well as the decline of metabolism and the body stores food for later use, instead of using it for energy. Cortisol also increases appetite. Cortisol also will diminish levels of testosterone, causing even lower energy and fatigue. When HGH levels are balanced, they properly support the production of both estrogen and testosterone in men and women, preventing the added weight gain of menopause and andropause.

How Long Does It Take For HGH To Work?

Once patients begin a regime of treatment, they usually want to know how long does it take for HGH to work? The general time frame is six months. While that may seem like a long time, it is important to remember that years may have gone into the development of a growth hormone deficiency; by comparison, six months is almost instant. And, it does not take six months to see any progress; it takes six months to see total progress. The changes begin happening by as early as the second week. This is an average estimation, based on studies performed. Each patient will see his or her own results at their own body rates. A person with an extreme deficiency, because their body will be so starved for hormones, the dosage will be higher. This would mean that they may notice changes sooner than someone with a less severe deficiency. How long does it take for HGH to work? The following list is a quick (and average) breakdown:

  • Month one: minor weight loss, improvement in sleep, noticeable increase of energy and stamina
  • Month two: more weight loss, increase in muscle tone, enhanced libido, hair grows in healthier
  • Month three: noticeable difference in mental processes (including focus and memory), sexual desire becomes more evident, joint fluidity and flexibility improves
  • Month four: an all-over enhancement of the improvements being made
  • Month five: skin begins to smooth out and loss of weight is more extreme
  • Month six: (the bulk of the overall changes take place) better eyesight, enhanced immunity, mood stabilizes, cholesterol levels normalize, heart rate better, capacity for physical exertion improves, and all other changes are enhanced even more.

Again, this is not set in stone. The most common improvement for everyone across the board no matter the level of their deficiency is that immediate change in energy levels that last. The rest of the breakdown, how long does it take for HGH to work? is a little more general of a list; actual results depend on each individual patient.

Do You Have To Work Out When Taking HGH Injections?

The large majority of patients in an HGH therapy regimen notice weight loss and better muscle tone even without changes in diet and exercise. Do you have to work out when taking HGH injections? Technically speaking, no. However, what will happen is you will be noticing not only an increase in energy, but better ease of movement, and a greater capacity for physical activity, as well as a more enthusiastic outlook. You may find that you want to exercise, or that you feel like it, and getting into an exercise regimen with regularity may just sort of happen. Natural (body-produced) HGH is secreted at its highest levels first during the deepest stages of sleep, and second during exercise. If this happens, that you do begin working out, the added increase of human growth hormone that is produced by your own body will increase the results of treatment. Do you have to work out when taking HGH injections? Your physician may recommend it, but you may end up wanting to do it naturally when the energy increases and you realize that it will actually be easier than it had been earlier. This added ability to exercise—and need less breaks during workouts—also improves overall general outlook.

How Do You Know If HGH Injections Are Working?

Once treatment has begun, you will be able to answer your own question, how do you know if HGH injections are working? The overwhelming majority of our patients express happy surprise that almost immediately they felt energetic, and that that energy sustained itself during the day. The mood-stabilizing effects show when you begin to realize that you are less stressed generally, or handling the daily grind with more resistance to what used to get you stressed. If you were depressed before treatment, you will notice that you are feeling better, more positive, and less isolated. You will notice fat seeming to melt off, even if you have not made any changes in your diet, exercise habits and/or smoking. Well, then, how do you know if HGH injections are working? Keep a journal or record; pay attention to what you were feeling before treatment and note what changes are occurring during treatment. Look for the feeling of extra energy first, during the first two weeks after treatment’s begun. You can discuss your progress with the doctor who is overseeing treatment.

What Works Better HGH Pills Or HGH Injections?

Without the understanding of what real HGH is, people question what works better HGH pills or HGH injections? Real HGH is an exact 191 amino acid protein chain. Any change in the order or sequence changes the formula and the outcome. It is also a very delicate and very large molecule. To safely compound the molecule into a deliverable form without damaging it, it can only be compounded into an injectable form. Making it into a pill form will damage the molecule. This means that any pill form of HGH is not HGH. The pill forms of HGH, although advertised to be or contain real HGH do not (they cannot), yet further perusal of the label shows that in the fine print, it is admitted that the product does not contain any real HGH and instead is a supplement of vitamins and minerals designed to increase the body’s own natural production. Something else to heed: growth hormone is a protein molecule; if it were to be swallowed, the stomach acids. What works better HGH pills or HGH injections? Since pills are ineffective and contain no real HGH, injections win hands down. This argument also holds true for any other form of HGH, including nasal sprays and topical creams. They will not contain any HGH and neither are sufficient methods to deliver HGH into the bloodstream.