HGH Injections Dosage

HGH Injections Dosage

So many people are partaking in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to relieve themselves of the nasty symptoms that occur due to the loss of the vital hormonal balance that is necessary for good health. One’s HGH injections dosage will be determined by the physician in charge of the patient’s therapy and will depend upon what the client specifically needs in order to create transformation. There are many different human growth hormone (HGH) medications on the market from different manufacturing companies right here within the United States. Again, it will be up to the prescribing doctor in charge as to which medication, what dosage, what length of time and which delivery apparatus a person will need. The traditional syringe and needle is still used by many and it is very effective. In this case, the patient will need to prepare their own formula by mixing vials of medication and solution and then filling their syringes. There are many online videos that reputable clinics will have available to teach patients how to do this simple task. Some medications are available in pen form which can be pre-dosed, premixed and ready for client use without much guess work. These already have the proper dosage of HGH injections for adults ready for usage. There are 5 main high quality, brand name medications that are used by reputable clinics to help transform patient’s life. They help to balance hormonal levels and in return help rid of the awful symptoms such as lethargy, lack of endurance, slowed mental cognition, lost sexual drive, erectile dysfunction, hot flashes, poor bone density, high cholesterol levels, slow metabolism, loss of muscle, poor skin elasticity, a weak immune system, weaker eye sight, depression, lack of emotional stability and difficulty sleeping  amongst many other symptoms that keep them down and out as they grow older. One of the more popular reasons people love HRT is that they get HGH injections dosage for weight loss to help as well. The medication is not given just for shedding those unwanted and unsightly extra pounds, but this is a well desired side effect of the medication. The company Pfizer makes Genotropin, Serano makes Saizen, Sandoz creates Omnitrope, Eli Lilly manufactures Humatrope and Novo Nordisk brings Norditropin. Two of the most popular medications that people use in pen form are Genotropin and Norditropin and they are well tolerated, accepted and actually preferred.

HGH Injections Daily Dosage

A study from the Online Wiley Library shared patient perception, acceptance and evaluation of the injection pen. Receiving medication when self administering through a delivery device such as the pen, gives a relatively full proof experience of getting the exact HGH injections daily dosage that has been prescribed by the physician in charge. However, do people like these newer apparatuses that come prefilled and pre-dosed with the accurate amount of medication or do they prefer to prepare the medications themselves to ensure they are using the right amount? The aim of the research was to evaluate how patients felt about the multi-dose injection device called the Genotropin Pen ® for recombinant growth hormone. They used the two chamber cartridge with a very thin needle. Medication is measured in both IU (international units) and in mg (milligrams).  The treated adults were given the injections subcutaneously, once daily in the thigh for 2 weeks. In that time, a total of 95 percent of the patients preferred the Genotropin® Pen to the pre-study device.  These were the reasons they liked this pen:

  • They had no worries about how much is the daily dosage for HGH injections because the pen was super easy to set. That certainty brought a certain kind of confidence that was helpful to them.
  • They liked the digital display which afforded them the opportunity to set the dose exactly where it needed to be.
  • They liked the lock function on the device that made it clear when the injection was completed.
  • The apparatus was easy and comfortable to hold because of its unique design.
  • There was not as much pain because the needles were so thin.  

Clinical Therapeutics published an article that researched how subjects felt about disposable self injections pens versus reusable injection pens. With both, they did not question what is the proper injectable HGH dosage because the pen could set that easily for them. Overall, about three quarters of the subjects and their caregivers reported that they did not prefer one pen over the other. They shared that the pens were both easy to use and no safety concerns were recorded.

How Much Growth Hormone Should I Take?

In order for HRT to be successful across the board, therapy requires daily consistent treatment for the length of time on the doctor’s prescription. It also requires the correct dosage of the correct medication. How much growth hormone should I take? This is a question that can only be answered by the prescribing physician. A patient should never have to worry about their dosage amounts nor should they ever self medicate and take a dosage that is not recommended by their doctor. Adhering to a treatment plan protocol is often difficult for those who are living extremely busy lifestyles. People usually respond best to instructions that are simple, uncomplicated and quick. This is why pre-dosed injection pens are so popular for hormone replacement therapy these days. The pens come prefilled with medications that have already been prepared correctly in the pharmacy before they are shipped to the person’s home or office. This makes self administration extremely fast and mistake proof for most. When treatment is difficult, this often leads to suboptimal clinical results. A study published in the Expert Review of Medical Devices aimed at making sure that daily HGH injections dosage and the force of the injection from the device was optimal for patients. Practically speaking, injection force is something important to look at when taking into consideration that some patients may have reduced hand strength because of weak muscles or that they simply have too small or too large of a hand size that makes it difficult to work an injection apparatus. For instance, the Norditropin FlexPro®  by Novo Nordisk is an easy to operate device with reduced injection force, very closely related dose accuracy and greater dose exactitude compared to Norditropin NordiFlex® or the Genotropin pen® from Pfizer Inc. The study proved that the easier the injections were to use, the better outcomes of overall therapy were. Why? The reason is mainly because the ease of self ministering the shots kept most people on their treatment plans. The fastidiousness of using these pens that offer very exact HGH injections daily dosage also helped clients to adhere to the treatment protocol and get great results.

What Is The Recommended Daily Dosage Of HGH Injections For Women?

The amount of medication that a person is required to take for HRT will depend on many factors including age, weight, body size, body chemistry and body composition. What is the recommended daily dosage of HGH injections for women or men will depend upon the aforementioned elements, but not necessarily gender. The prerequisite for beginning treatment is that a person is clinically determined to have a growth hormone deficiency. This is discovered through full testing of blood work and getting a physical examination. The client is held responsible for returning a fully filled out online medical history form to the clinic via the clinic’s website. Through checking IGF-1 levels, doctors can determine if hormonal levels are clinically low and if bio-identical human growth hormones can reverse the problem. Reputable clinics will have their clinical advisors set the appointment up for the patient for testing within their home city or town. Test results are sent back to the clinic and the physicians analyze the results very closely. This is exactly how doctors determine HGH dosage that is appropriate for each individual patient. They then make a tailor made HRT program specifically for the person in need. For injection pens such as the small and very easy to use Genotropin Miniquick®, dosing is simple. The pen itself comes prefilled and premeasured, so the patient hasn’t any work to do at all. It is a one-time usage device and gets disposed of right after the injection takes place. The single dose apparatus comes in 10 different dosage strengths. These are .2 mg, .4 mg, .6 mg, .8 mg, 1 mg, 1.2 mg, 1.4 mg, 1.6 mg, 1.8 mg and 2 mg. This gives the doctor many choices to get a completely accurate dosage for his or her patient. With this kind of device, a person does not need to ask what dosage of HGH injection should I take? The pen is already set to go when it arrives via direct shipment from the clinic’s pharmacy. Some clinics may work differently, but with this medication, a person will usually get a 7 day supply at a time.

What Is The Recommended Daily Dosage Of HGH Injections For Men?

Once again, gender is usually not a factor in how much medication a person will be prescribed when they begin hormone replacement therapy. What is the recommended daily dosage of HGH injections for men and women can be exactly the same depending upon what the unique individual needs. Another very well thought of injection device independent form is the Genotropin Pen 5 and the Genotropin Pen 12. With the former pen, a person can select dosages in .1 mg steps. The second pen can be dosaged in .2 mg steps. Since this apparatus is reusable, the patient is responsible for clicking to the correct dosage as prescribed by the doctor. A digital dose display window will show the amount being used and the automatic dose dial is used to set that dosage. The patient will hear a clicking sound to know that they are going from one amount to another and when they have reached their prescribed amount needed to be self administered. The medicine is mixed right inside the pen easily by the patient. The Genotropin Mixer® is another pen that is reusable and will need to be manipulated by the patient to set the device to what is the proper injectable HGH dosage prescribed for that client. With this pen, the medication automatically mixes the medicine before administration. It comes in 5 mg or 12 mg steps and uses cartridges and standard syringes. So, as one can see there are many different options to choose from when a person wishes to use an HGH pen for their HRT needs. Many growth hormone deficient adults will be prescribed the Norditropin FlexPro® Pen. This device has a push button delivery system for very easy usage. It is simple to learn. It would be quite difficult to make any mistakes when using this pen as it comes prefilled and preloaded. One does not need to be tech savvy in order to use this quick to set up, convenient and easy to dose pen. It is easy to hold and very compact. With 3 different sized pens to choose from, a doctor can prescribe the proper dosage of HGH injections for adults with ease. This pen comes in 5 mg, 10 mg and 15 mg, with different increments for increasing amounts and a maximum dosage of 2 mg, 4 mg and 8 mg, respectively. The pen has a dose selector, pointer, dose button, growth hormone scale, display window, needle thread, front stopper and pen caps. The devices come in different colors too.  The 50 mg pen is green, the 10 mg pen is blue and the 5 mg pen is orange.

HGH Injections Dosage For Weight Loss

America is a country where most people strive to be thin. Some people even turn to hormone replacement therapy to attempt to get medications to shed those extra unwanted pounds. However, HGH injections dosage for weight loss is not something that is just prescribed to lose fat. A person must be dealing with a bona fide growth hormone deficiency in order to get this kind of medication legally. It does indeed have the side effect for increasing metabolism and hence, decreasing the number on the scale without diet or exercise. In an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine it was stated that human growth hormone, when used correctly, can deplete body fat without producing much nitrogen loss. Nitrogen loss is not preferred, as it can cause bloating and weight gain. Another article published in Clinical Endocrinology studied the effects of exogenous recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) on ability to exercise; hence, losing weight. How much is the daily dosage for HGH injections in order to make a change and can a weight change be made were the primary focuses of the article. The hypothesis was that by increasing growth hormones, and IGF-1 levels, this would blunt the GH response to exercise. The aim of the research was to compare and examine the impact of HRT on the exercise induced GH response in healthy adult men and women. Subjects were randomized to receive low doses, high doses or a placebo. They were also put into groups depending upon their age and their body mass index. Subcutaneous injections were given for about a month and participants were asked to exercise until they reached their maximal oxygen consumption (or until exhaustion). The conclusion was that both male and females were responsive to rhGH treatment, but men more than women. When asking what is the recommended daily dosage of HGH injections for men, it seems that the amount would be different for males than for females. Overall, it seemed from the study that exercise may be a great stimulus for natural secretion of growth hormone in both sexes, but more in men. This is one of the few studies that shared a difference in HGH treatment results based on gender.

How Doctors Determine HGH Dosage

Insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) is the major indicator of whether or not a person is dealing with a growth hormone deficiency. It is checked through blood work and is how doctors determine HGH dosage when they write a prescription for a patient. IGF-1 is responsible for the overall health promoting effects of growth hormone (GH) and is produced by many different tissues. The liver; however, is where it mostly circulates. The secretion of IGF-1 and its respective synthesis is controlled by GH and that is how a doctor knows if there is a deficiency in the body. By checking the former, it can be discovered whether the latter is low, high or in the appropriate range for that person. According to the Mayo clinic, IGF-1 measurement from blood tests has exceptional diagnostic specificity and is the best way to check for a growth hormone deficiency. Once testing is completed, the results should only be analyzed by a fully licensed professional; either an endocrinologist or a doctor in a very closely related field of practice. What is the recommended daily dosage of HGH injections for women? This will of course depend upon what those test results say. Doctors also look closely at the results from a physical exam that has been conducted and read all about the patient’s medical and family medical history. The same goes for figuring out the precise dosage of medication for men. There is not one single recommended dosage to give a person. Everyone is unique with varying needs. That is why there are different name brand medications that are used and different amounts and delivery methods; because not all people are the same and have the same needs. How much growth hormone should I take? This will be very specifically stated on the prescription written by the professional. If a person is preparing their own medication, they will learn exactly how to do so to make sure that they are taking the exact amount of medication that is prescribed by the doctor in charge. If they are using one of the pen devices, they may have to dial to the correct dosage or the pen will already come prefilled for them. Clinical advisors are always available when using a clinic like HT Medical Center to help with dosaging and to answer any questions that a client has about HRT or about their individualized treatment plan. This clinic gives a full education on hormone replacement therapy, will explain what dosage of HGH injections should I take after the prescription is written and they will also teach healthy lifestyle living habits. This is all done to get the best possible results from HRT. That is done by changing habits to help increase the normal production of GH within the system, which also helps the person to feel healthier knowing that they are practicing healthy living.