How to Raise Growth Hormone Quickly – the 9 Best Ways

How to Raise Growth Hormone Quickly

If someone told you how to raise growth hormone quickly – in less than 30 minutes – you would probably jump at the opportunity – literally.

High-intensity exercise can do just that! Engaging in 8 repetitions of 20 to 30-second sprints, stair climbing, or even jumping jacks that leave you winded interspaced with 2 minutes of low-intensity movement for 20 minutes can increase HGH levels by a whopping 771%!

You would embrace this method because GH is one of the most valuable commodities in the human body, as shown in the graphic image. This vital hormone affects:

  • Metabolism
  • Immunity
  • Cell reproduction
  • Libido
  • Brain functions
  • Heart health and more

Is it truly possible to raise HGH quickly for long-lasting effects?

That is the magic question. You can engage in short bouts of high-intensity exercise that will stimulate a burst of growth hormone into your bloodstream. There is a problem with that scenario, however. GH lasts only a few minutes in the bloodstream and then it is gone. After racing to deliver crucial signals to growth hormone receptors, somatotropin (its other name) disappears until the next burst – typically 3 to 5 hours later.

This method of how to raise HGH quickly will work, but it will not bring you the long-lasting results you need if you are dealing with adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD). Additionally, too much exercise can have the reverse effect.

If, however, your body is not yet showing the decline symptoms associated with AGHD, you can use all 9 of the methods listed here to rev up growth hormone production.

Once somatotropin decline is noted, through multiple symptoms of AGHD, then your best way to increase HGH levels quickly is with human growth hormone therapy.

9 Best Ways to Raise Growth Hormone

When it comes to the best ways to raise HGH naturally fast, the 9 methods below provide the biggest impact:

  1. Intermittent Fasting – this method helps keep insulin levels low while aiding in weight loss. Numerous options for intermittent fasting exist so find the one that works best for you.
  2. Lose Weight – the more belly fat you have, the more likely you are to have lower GH levels.
  3. Exercise – when it comes to how to raise growth hormone quickly, the exercise described in the first section is the best option.
  4. Sleep – go to bed by 11 pm and get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night. Nearly half of the day’s secretion of HGH occurs during deep, slow-wave sleep with the biggest burst coming between 11:30 pm and midnight.
  5. Reduce Stress – the stress hormone, cortisol, inhibits growth hormone production.
  6. Try Supplements – some of the best options to try are GABA, melatonin, arginine, glutamine, and vitamin D.
  7. Eliminate Sugar – increased insulin can lower HGH levels, and sugar can cause the release of somatostatin, a hormone that decreases GH production.
  8. Eat Protein – eating a high-quality, lean protein before bed can help boost HGH levels while you sleep.
  9. HGH Therapy – there is no better way to raise HGH levels fast than with doctor-prescribed human growth hormone injections.

HT Medical Center can help you discover how to gain HGH quickly in the best way for your body and personal needs.

How HGH Therapy Increases Growth Hormone Levels

For adults over 30 who are dealing with AGHD, the body needs to raise HGH fast in a way that is going to last long enough to reverse the symptoms that are present. For that, most people in this situation will benefit from HGH therapy.

If you are looking for how to raise HGH fast to improve your appearance, immunity, libido, brain functions, metabolism, and more, you want to provide supplemental human growth hormones that are biologically identical to real somatotropin.

Since HGH therapy has the same molecular structure as growth hormone, it provides the same crucial signals to the GH receptor cells.

There is no better way for how to raise growth hormone quickly than using HGH injections. Most people start to see changes taking place within a few weeks, and the results continue to grow over the typical six months of treatment.

If you feel you might have AGHD and want to increase HGH very fast in the safest manner possible, please contact HT Medical Center for a complimentary consultation.